Anaheim City Council Appoints Interim City Manager
It's official - Anaheim City Manager, Marcie Edwards has been confirmed by the three agencies needed to approve her appointment as the new General Manager for the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power (LADWP). The City Council at its Feb. 25 meeting accepted her resignation for March 3, 2014 so she can begin assuming her new responsibilities at LADWP. The City Council also announced that current Assistant City Manager Paul Emery will serve as Interim City Manager beginning March 4. With more than 25 years of municipal management experience, Paul has been our Assistant City Manager for the past year and half. Prior to joining Anaheim, Paul has worked for the cities of Huntington Beach and Santa Ana.

Free Compost 

Your Public Works team, in coordination with the City's waste hauler, Republic Services, will be hosting its annual compost giveaway where residents can get up to 60 gallons of free compost. Visit the parking lot of Angel Stadium on Saturday, April 5 from 7-10 a.m. Please bring your own containers; proof of residency is required.

9-1-1 System Upgrade

This January, the Anaheim Police Department with the help of state funding, upgraded the City's 9-1-1 and business telephone lines. This has enabled the City to take advantage of next generation 9-1-1 features, which include the ability to send/receive text messages, and selective call routing once the infrastructure is in place throughout the State of California.

Enhancing our Neighborhoods

Park visitors can now benefit from some recent enhancements. Community Services in partnership with Public Works has completed sidewalk repairs and gazebo rehabilitation to Chaparral, Modjeska, and Sage Parks. Additionally, this spring, the parking lots at Edison and Modjeska Parks will be repaired.

Family Fun

Looking for a fun and free way to entertain your family? Don't miss out on the events offered by our Anaheim Public libraries: pajama story time, bedtime math, or partake in activities to learn about different cultures, like making origami. To learn about upcoming events, click here. Or to check out available recreational classes, click here.

Public Safety Board
The City recently announced the creation of a pilot Public Safety Board. The Board will be comprised of nine Anaheim residents to review fire and police budgets, staffing levels, service delivery mechanisms, police and fire policies and practices, and certain critical incidents. Anaheim residents are encouraged to apply; application opens in March, learn more.
Helmet Safety
Anaheim Fire & Rescue's "Wear Your Helmet Like a Pro" program encourages children, ages 5 to 14, to wear a helmet to reduce the risk of head injuries when riding bicycles, scooters, or skateboards. Partnering with Anaheim's seven school districts, helmets have been distributed to each district for school officials to encourage children to wear their helmets. Learn more.

Statewide drought- what can you do to help conserve water?


In light of Governor Brown's drought declaration in January, and because water in Southern California is a precious resource, Anaheim is encouraging all customers to reduce water use wherever possible. Water that customers save now will be available later in case the drought worsens. 


Following are suggestions on how you can help:

  1. Spend only five minutes in the shower to save up to eight gallons of water each time.
  2. Turn off the water faucet while brushing your teeth or shaving to save up to 2.5 gallons per minute.
  3. Wash only full loads of laundry and dishes to save up to 50 gallons per week.
  4. Fix household leaks promptly to save up to 20 gallons per day.
  5. Clean sidewalks and driveways with a broom instead of a hose to save up to 150 gallons each time.
  6. Water your lawn one to two days a week instead of five days a week to save up to 840 gallons per week.
  7. Water lawns early in the morning or evening to reduce evaporation to save up to 25 gallons each time.
  8. Install a smart sprinkler controller that adjusts watering based on weather, soil type, amount of shade and plant type to save up to 40 gallons per day.
  9. Repair broken sprinkler heads and correct overspray to save up to 500 gallons per month.
  10. Use mulch around plants to reduce evaporation and save hundreds of gallons a year.

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