"Patient Safety Support, Education and Advocacy"
Vol. 2, Issue 16
May 20, 2014
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CoLoKi, Inc 

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PULSE Awarded LIUUF Grant

PULSE of NY has been awarded a grant from the Long Island Community Foundation's Long Island Unitarian Universalist Fund, in the amount of $20,000. This grant will help PULSE provide health literacy and patient safety education to day laborers in the Freeport, NY area to empower them to be more informed about patient safety for better outcomes in their medical treatment. PULSE of NY has partnered with the nonprofit organization CoLoKi, Inc, headquartered in Freeport, on this project in order to provide this much-needed service.


CoLoKi operates The Freeport Trailer, a safe and accessible haven for local day laborers, offering them programs and services to ease their daily struggles. The programming PULSE of NY will be offering focuses on patient rights and safety, navigation of the healthcare system, and communication skills. Through education, this population of men will become more active participants in their own and their families' healthcare decision-making.



Mirna Cortes Obers (second from left) from PULSE of NY with Liz O'Shaughnessy, Executive Director, CoLoKi Inc. (second from right)







"We are very excited about this project," comments PULSE Director of Programs, Tenaya Parchment. "Many of these day laborers will not seek medical care, or put off care for as long as possible, for a variety of reasons including ineffective communication skills. This often contributes to negative outcomes or the need for more costly and aggressive treatment.The service PULSE of NY provides will empower these men through education. In addressing their health issues and concerns through early intervention, we hope to prevent the development or worsening of injuries or illnesses and give them the confidence needed to be more proactive in their own healthcare." 


Omar Flores received his card to get access to healthcare with the help of PULSE of NY. Living in the United States, and working in construction for 16 years, Flores recently needed emergency medical treatment but found he couldn't pay the bills. Flores now can receive medical treatment under the Affordable Care Act and is committed to helping others who are seeking the same opportunity. 


Tenaya added, "We are very grateful that the Long Island Unitarian Universalist Fund recognizes the importance of increasing health literacy amongst Long Island communities and the furthering of our mission to lessen health disparities in vulnerable populations." 

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