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Leaders' Newsletter January 2015
Welcome to this month's issue of "Leading from the Field."

Welcome to our first  2015 issue of "Leading from the Field."   

Happy New Year!



In this issue:
  • Leading From the Field - Reflecting on last year. Gearing up for 2015
  • Winter Catalog
  • Author Page
  • A preconference workshop on Emotional Intelligence: February 18, 2015 in Orlando Florida and other Upcoming Speaking Engagements
  • Enabling Decision-Making In Others
  • 3 Common Work Email Mistakes to Avoid
  • What I'm Reading: the 5 Choices - The Path to Extraordinary Productivity
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Leadership from the field 


Reflecting on last year. Gearing up for 2015


It is the beginning of a new year, always a time of great hope and new possibilities. In closing out 2014, I find these reflection questions helpful.

  1. What were my major accomplishments this year?
  2. What goals did I not achieve? Why? Is the goal still relevant? Do I want to carry any of these forward? How will I approach them differently?
  3. What was a major theme or words that characterized my year?
  4. What were some of my biggest learnings this year?
  5. What am I most grateful for?
  6. What do I want to continue doing in the coming year?
  7. What do I want to stop doing

Looking forward to 2015, how can I work to make it one of my best years ever? Success and goal achievement don't just happen. I find that I must be intentional about what I am wanting and then put plans into place to achieve I aim for. Here are some questions to consider.

  1. What are my top 2-3 priorities for 2015? Are they challenging enough?
  2. What are some specific tactics I will need to achieve these priorities?
  3. What resources or learning will I need to get from where I am currently at?
  4. How will I know I've been successful?
  5. What process and outcome goals should I set?
  6. What theme(s) or 1 to 2 word phrases do I want to focus on? Or do I want to set resolutions? How can I ensure that I will be successful

I offer these reflection questions to help start your year off right. For each of us, this will be a very personal exercise. I recommend that you have goals that are both personal and professional. On the personal level I include goals in all four dimensions: physical, emotional, mental and spiritual.  


To help me more aggressively learn, make course corrections and achieve my goals, I've incorporated principles from the book, The 12 Week Year: Get More Done in 12 Weeks than Others Do in 12 Months by Moran, Brian P. and Lennington, Michael (May 15, 2013) which I reviewed in January of last year. I highly recommend it. It is guaranteed to help you make 2015 your most productive year ever.


Have a safe, healthy, happy and prosperous New Year.


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New Winter Catalog

Winter Workshop Catalog  


If you're interested in a copy of the Winter Catalog, send me a note at info@jalarson.net with CATALOG in the subject line.


"Don't be afraid to take small steps. There's something powerful about momentum ... no matter how small. Many times the impossible is simply the untried." ~ John Mason



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Speaking Engagements


Workshop -- Mastering Your EQ - Emotional Intelligence - The Key to Change Leadership Success


Join me at the Society for Health Systems Conference in Orlando in February 2015. I am offering a 4-hour preconference workshop: Mastering Your EQ - Emotional Intelligence - The Key to Change Leadership Success


Better EQ will help you more effectively lead teams while facilitating organizational change. The workshop will be on Wednesday, February 18th from 1-5 pm.


It will include a pre-assessment and a personalized development plan to ensure your success in leading change. For more information, click here  


At the Society for Health Systems Conference in Orlando, February 18-20th

  • A panel discussion entitled: The Change Conundrum - Why do some organizations get it right while others crash and burn? (I am the moderator)
  • Using Appreciative Inquiry Techniques to Jumpstart Your Improvement Initiatives


At the American College of Healthcare Executives Congress in Chicago, March 16-19th
Click here

  • Maximizing Healthcare Process Redesign Engagements - Improving Processes, Getting Results and Engaging Others (A 3 hour workshop with Derk Pronger, COO of Munson Medical Center in Traverse City Michigan


At the Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society (HIMSS) conference: Chicago, April 13-16th  
Click here  

  • The Future of Healthcare Management Engineering: Improving Your Organization's Processes, Outcomes & Technology Benefits Realization (I am the moderator)
  • A workshop on Managing Your Own Professional Transition


At the Dallas Business Women's Council Luncheon, Dallas, February 11th

  • Orchestrating Success: Growing Your Organization Against the Odds

At the Institute for Industrial Engineering Annual Conference and Expo 2015, Nashville, May 30 - June 2

  • A workshop on Managing Your Own Professional Transitions

For more information, click here 


Jean Ann Larson & Associates

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Enabling Decision-Making In Others


Business owners and upper management have tremendous opportunities to train their staff for success. A company can only be as successful as those working for it. When you have well trained staff that are capable decision makers, you can be confident that your business will grow.


Enabling Decision-Making in Others


There are guidelines that you want to put in place in your business for employees. However, there are many things that happen in the day to day which require your staff to think quickly and make good decisions. You will not be successful if you micromanage everything in the company.


Being a leader requires you to help others excel in their jobs by providing them with the resources they need to make good decisions.


Give Team Members Guidance


Allowing your team to make decisions does not mean that you shouldn't give a lot of guidance to them. Here are a few ways you can provide your staff guidance:


Have clearly defined values - your company values should be used as a decision-making guideline. Values that provide positive emotions will affect behavior and influence positive decision-making. Ideally if your values are well defined and understood by everyone, decisions would be congruent amongst team members.


Let them shadow you - in situations where you need your team to make confident choices, they need to shadow you. When your employees are able to see the way you make choices in these instances, they will be able to have the confidence to strike out on their own.


Stand back while they lead - once your shadow has had a chance to see you in action, it is their turn to take the lead. Give your protégé the chance to make decisions with you as the safety net. Not only does this build their confidence in themselves, but you can feel certain they will make the right choices when on their own.


Establish Perimeters - when you feel your employee is capable of making good choices, you should establish perimeters. Give them free reign in certain areas to decide.


Back them up - after decisions have been made by your team, be sure to back up the choice they made. If you didn't agree with the choice, give further guidance out of hearing range of others.


Breeding team members that are confident in themselves and feel they have your backing, will help you and your company be more successful.


If you have any questions about this article or would like more information on Enabling Decision-Making In Others, contact us today!

Jean Ann Larson & Associates

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 Written by our associate Gary Sorrell, Sorrell Associates, LLC. All rights reserved worldwide.

3 Common Work Email Mistakes to Avoid


Likely it has happened to you at one time or another, you click send on a business email and you immediately regret it. There is no way to get back email correspondence that you sent once it has gone out. It is important for the sake of your job to make sure that you avoid these common mistakes when sending out messages.


Sent to the Wrong Person:


It can be easy to send an email to the wrong person when you are handling multiple responses at the same time. This causes a great deal of confusion to the individuals that receive the email in error. It can also mean that you are giving private information to unauthorized parties. To avoid this mistake, leave the recipient field blank until you have completed the email. When you hit the send button, it will not immediately send your information, instead, you will have to stop and manually input an address. This is a particularly good thing to do when you work in a field where sensitive information is being shared through email communications.


Being Unclear:


When you are addressing information that you have received from someone, not giving a clear response is a common mistake. Often times, you respond to the last thing that was said in the correspondence instead of in the order in which the email was written. When you do this, it is easy to leave out pertinent information that recipient needs to know. Another problem is that you can easily respond to questions and comments without any indication to what you are responding to. It is best to copy and paste sections of the person's comments or questions and then post your response. You can avoid this problem on the reverse end of things by numbering your paragraphs so that when a person is formulating their response, they can use the same number system to respond to avoid being unclear.


Missing Information:


Often times, a mistake that happens when you are emailing others, is not including all information that is necessary for the recipients. When you leave out information, it brings about confusion to those who received the correspondence and can lead to a failure of accomplishing tasks. To avoid this mistake, it is important to always re-read your emails prior to sending. When you look back over what you have written, you will find grammatical errors as well as unclear phrases and missing information. Another good thing to do is create a document where you write down a bullet list of what things you plan to address in the correspondence.


These are a few email mistakes that are made in the business world. Making sure that you have clear communications with those you work with is vital to the success of your career and business.  


If you have any questions about this article or would like more information, contact us today!  


Jean Ann Larson & Associates

800-823-4330 (office)

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 Written by our associate Gary Sorrell, Sorrell Associates, LLC. All rights reserved worldwide.

Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful,
committed people can change the world.
Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.
- Margaret Mead

What I Am Reading 

 The Five Choices: The Path to Extraordinary Productivity, by Kory Kogan, Adam Merrill and Leena Rinne 


The time management experts at FranklinCovey share their five critical techniques for avoiding distractions and paying focused attention to our most important goals and tasks in our daily lives.

Every day brings us a crushing wave of demands: a barrage of texts, emails, interruptions, meetings, phone calls, tweets, blogs-not to mention the high-pressure demands of our jobs-that can be overwhelming and exhausting. The sheer number of distractions can threaten our ability to think clearly, make good decisions, and accomplish what matters most, leaving us worn out and unfulfilled.

Now Franklin Covey offers powerful insights drawn from the latest neuroscience and decades of experience and research in the time-management field to help you master your attention and energy management through five fundamental choices that will increase your ability to achieve what matters most to you. The 5 Choices is time management redefined for the twenty-first century: it increases the productivity of individuals, teams, and organizations and empowers you to make more selective, high-impact choices about where to invest your valuable time, attention, and energy.

The 5 Choices are:
1. Act on the Important, Don't React to the Urgent
2. Go for Extraordinary, Don't Settle for Ordinary
3. Schedule the Big Rocks, Don't Sort Gravel
4. Rule Your Technology, Don't Let It Rule You
5. Fuel Your Fire, Don't Burn Out

The 5 Choices will not only increase your productivity, it will also provide a renewed sense of engagement and accomplishment. You will quickly find yourself moving beyond thinking, "I was so busy today, what did I actually accomplish?" to feeling confident, energized, and extraordinarily productive.


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