April 2016 Newsletter
 Food Fight: Combatting
Food Mis-Education

am pleased to announce that we are teaming up with the producer of FED UP, in an effort to do our part to fight the growing nutrition crisis in America. 

We will be screening Laurie David's powerful documentary on June 21 at the Peterborough Community Theatre in Peterborough, New Hampshire. Admission is free.
Peterborough Community Theatre

Laurie David
(An Inconvenient Truth)
made the movie
FED UP  to help us all. But her focus is today's children--who are quite possibly 
the first generation of Americans who will live shorter lives than their parents, all because of the food they are eating. 

I have done research and have learned that there is a well-funded and efficient system at work every day to educate kids about food. The problem is, it's the food industry that's supplying the information and funding the teaching.

Students are served macaroni and cheese, a coke, and a brownie in their cafeteria. Their teachers have neither the time nor the resources to provide a thorough food education. In this perfect storm, a loud and deadly message about wrong priorities comes through. And unfortunately the health of our children is not the priority of our mega food producers.


I am hopeful.There is a global movement to take food education away from giant food corporations and Washington lobbyists. The movement's mission is to give educators the tools they need to teach children all about food, where it comes from, and how it affects their bodies. 
Sugary drinks and sugary, processed snacks are as addictive as cocaine. FED UP will open your eyes to the inconvenient truth of America's favorite foods, and why we are fat and unhealthy.

The J. Field Foundation is excited to team up with the makers of Fed Up to bring the film to as many children and educators as possible. We are reaching out to to local teachers and community leaders, with the goal of getting a copy of the film into as many schools as we can.

Without my mother's insistence on good nutrition, her relentless search for the best "brain foods," I am certain I would not have recovered to the extent that I have since my accident. My mission to help others suffering from Traumatic Brain Injury, would be incomplete if I didn't address nutrition. This is something that I believe in with all my heart!

I eliminated added sugar from my diet about two years ago. Long committed to eating organic, I didn't realize how some of my choices were still not so healthy. Very soon after eliminating sugar, I had more energy, and an overall calmness and sharper focus.  
I believe that by educating and giving our children the chance to have hands on experience to make healthy food choices, they will be able to say no to the misinformation and bad food choices being fed to them by the giant food corporations. Let's stop the epidemic of "sick kids" in 2016.

Education is the key:
  • Please come to our FREE screening June 21
  • Tell your friends/family about FED UP
  • Share with your teacher friends
  • Buy a copy and donate to your school or library
  • Start a 10-Day Sugar Challenge at home/work/school/church
  • Join the more than 67,000 who have done the challenge at http://fedupmovie.com/#/page/fedupchallenge
I would love to hear from you about your experience with the FED UP Challenge. Email me or share your comments on Facebook. The more we share our stories, the more people we will help avoid the dangers lurking in our grocery stores.

Thank you...and see you at the movies!

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