Legislative Newsletter

Week of January 20-24, 2014

Bills Introduced to Remove Affordable Housing Assessment Language

Three bills have been introduced that would strip the language in the current law that provides the assessment procedures for affordable housing.  In short, HB 1077, HB 1080, and HB 1364 would remove the language that was made law in 2005 giving affordable housing rental properties their current assessment structure.  Representative Gene Alday, former Mayor of Walls, introduced HB 1080 and Representative Randy Rushing, former Mayor of Decatur, introduced HB 1077. Representative Bobby Shows of Ellisville introduced HB 1364.   Both bills are referred to the House Ways and Means Committee Chaired by Jeff Smith of Columbus.  The deadline to report non-revenue bills is February 4th or the legislation is considered dead.


Affordable Housing Trust Fund Bills Introduced


Senate Housing Chairman, Hillman Frazier, introduced SB 2610 this week in efforts to create an affordable housing trust fund.  The Fund would be administered by the Mississippi Home Corporation.  Funding for the program calls for 2.5% of all taxes collected by the Department of Revenue on lumber and building material go into a housing account at the Home Corporation.


The purpose of the Fund is to assist extremely low-income to moderate-income persons in accessing affordable rental and home ownership housing, to provide for the development, rehabilitation and preservation of decent, safe and affordable housing for extremely low-income to moderate-income persons, and revitalize distressed neighborhoods and build healthy, vibrant communities.


Senator John Horhn and Representative John Hines have similar bills, SB 2241 and HB 1107, with the same goals to create a Fund to help with affordable housing.  Senator Horhn's bill has the administration of the Fund going to the Mississippi Development Authority.   Senator Horhn's bill calls for the State of Mississippi to put $3.5 million in state revenues to fund the program.


Both senate bills have been double referred to the Senate Housing and Finance Committee.  The House bill has been referred to Ways and Means.

Deadline Brings On New Bills


The deadline for introductions of general bills was Tuesday of this week.  With the deadline, there are now 2,295 bills that have been introduced.  Every bill that is introduced is reviewed by MAAHP's lobbyist to determine the potential impact on members of the Association.  That was certainly the case with HB 1077, HB 1080, and HB 1364 which would do away with the current law on the assessment of affordable housing in Mississippi.  We will keep you posted on the legislative process with these newsletters.


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