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Greetings everyone,
I start this note with many happy holiday wishes!  We have been together yet one more year and around this time of year I reflect on how grateful I am for our herd.  We have two more herd members for the winter at Weidel's Boxwood Farm.  Please consider visiting to meet and greet the two Marwari stallions that join us.  Whether horse or human, there is always a place for one in this herd.

Our last clinic was in November and was our best one yet.  I finally figured out how to use the PA system and Eva Karkas made sure we were well fed and warm.  The only missing ingredient was the Vergusons and Spoiled Stables .  The clinic was not the same without the team mascot, the handsome mule Billy John.

I am working on the 2014 clinic series updo and will be excited to share it with you all.  In the meantime, if you sign up as a Facebook friend you can access the folders with pictures from our 2013 clinic series. 

This year will be indelibly marked in my heart.  It is the year I formally am introduced to the equestrian community as an author.  But the highlight of the year is the honor of being awarded DVHA Trainer of the Year (  Thank you to those of you (and you know who you are)
that put your show coats on in the rain, heat and scorching sun sans spurs.  Your tenacity and committment to kindness did not go unnoticed.  Thank you also to all of you who showed up as the supportive peanut gallery. 

This month comes with some interesting Media coverage for me.  I was recently interviewed for Jane Savoie's Radio Show hosted by Kris Garret.  I am also including the link to the online version of an article that is in the December issue of Horse News.   
This months ΦΟΤΟ CORNER  features our team critter, the Fat Kitty.  She will surely greet you upon arrival at Weidel's Boxwood Farm, winter residence of the Marwari stallions.  This winter you may also get to meet Morgan Spencer, the latest addition to our team.  Just like our resident critter, Morgan brings sunshine to horses and humans alike.  

This time of year reminds one of the value in ceremonies and family traditions.  We choose how we celebrate and thereby perpetuate traditions and ideals that continue to speak to our soul.  There is a ceremony around being a custodian to the horse.  Whether it is polishing our tack, or our communion atop a horse we draw from centuries of traditions that were key in maintaining our ancestors survival by cultivating a symbiotic relationship with the horse.

Horses are our link to history 

They remind us of the past we did not know, demand our presence in the moment, and help us aspire to our highest self for the future.  They connect us to history and help to keep our hearts open and honest for our future.  How lucky we are... 





here with Elizabeth England's boy Demitri 


MEDIA corner 
Click here to read to read the December Horse News article

Click here to hear Jane Savoie's "Interview with the Experts" Radio Show

Saddle matters 
Excellent opportunity to own a Deluxe Bison Saddle.  This saddle is completely hand made in France. The fine Bison leather was chosen for its indestructibility combined with elegance and warmth. Yes, the brushed leather actually feels warm to your seat. This saddle has been designed by Dominique Barbier to allow for absolutely correct rider position. By placing the deepest part of your seat forward, and the stirrup bars back, your legs will naturally hang under your body where they are needed for the closest contact with the horse.  While it offers a secure seat it does not have the knee roll padding that often blocks one from building the muscling to hold oneself in balance on the horse.  Its classical close contact feel offers a glimpse of the centaur-like feel without going bareback!

A standard size (55 cms) elastic and leather girth made by the same French craftsmen is offered with the sale of this saddle along with a copy of my book.  The standard size tree fits 95% of horses.  This saddle has started many horses and has made its way to several exhibitions around the world including my trip to the Royal Windsor Show in England.  I have used it as a premier teaching saddle because it does not lie!  One feels like equestrian royalty sitting on it.
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Accepting Horses in Training
Individualized training board packages are offered to ensure that you and your horse are "herd."  Please visit our website for more information on how you can start or restart your horse in lightness learn more

Let me introduce the fat kitty.  She has the assistant trainer status at Weidel's Boxwood Farm where I have the two Marwari stallions in training for the winter.  She is a comfort to both horses and humans alike.  She joins Morgan Spencer, my working student, who is the latest addition to the team. 
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