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 Greetings All

 Summer is here!!!  After Hurricane Sandy and loss of heat for almost 2 weeks you won't see me complaining about the heat!   I just returned last week from Spain and I come back with learnings to share with you all.  As always the hospitality at Can Riu Farm is incredible, and how Mario and Julia Calcagno tolerate me is even more remarkable!  On this trip I met with Victor Alvarez, a Spanish Olympic dressage rider.  What a treat!  He is one of the few riders competing on Iberian horses.  Click here to watch him rider the Andalusian stallion Curioso XXV. 
Meet Harry, our latest stead!   This critter is easy to please.  Harry, the mechanical horse, is the latest addition to my lesson program.  These days I am bringing him along to all my clinics.  Folks have had some major breakthroughs sitting on this steady Eddy.  Let me know if you want to learn more about how sitting on him can help advance your horsemanship. 
I hope you find something in the readings below that you can connect to and bring to your horse.    

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Maria with my new friend Harry 


Join us for the New Jersey August 24-25-26 clinic
We are two months away from joining up again at Riverbend Farm for the second clinic of the year here in Jew Jersey. The NJ clinic is one of the most supportive group around and would make any newcomer and their horse feel welcomed.  Please consider joining us as a participant or as an auditor. 
Read more about the topics covered under "services-clinics" and find out how you can organize one at your facility...... Learn more
Clinic with Dr. Maria Katsamanis New Jersey August 25-27
Clinic with Dr. Maria Katsamanis New Jersey August 25-27
Horse Connection June Issue
Check out this month's issue.  It is entirely devoted to women equestriennes.  Read Joan Ranquet's article titled, "Women & Horses- the Passion that Drives the Lifestyle."  It's an article you'd want to share with a husband or boyfriend...hint hint. 
This month's issue also covers the Rolex Kentucky 3 Day Event.  And if you have time check out the centerfold.  You'll find me with some of my equine friends.  Click here to learn more about this equestrian lifestyles magazine.

Transformations in Spain 


A few months ago my friend and colleague, Mario Calcagno, in Spain came across a horse dealer (a bit of a shady guy) who was selling an Andalusian.  The horse was unbelievably emaciated and sickly looking that Mario purchased him just to get him away from his current situation.  I have watched this "Pegasus" transform over the last few months.  With patience, love and correct flatwork his mental and physical state slowly have started to repair.  In future postings I will include "before" pictures.  He was the first horse that, when I first lunged him, made me cry.... 

Situations like his are not uncommon when financial strain is present.  Thank you to Mario Calcagno for believing in the higher blueprint.    
Let me introduce Wendy Hess and her boy Capestan.  "Cappy" is a Trakehner/TB cross with the biggest heart. This team has recently joined our equifamily and I wish to welcome them.  Wendy is an incredible writer and philanthopist.  Her blog posts, San Damiano Daily Giving are inspiring and thought provoking.  Click here to read her latest post which mentions two organizations worth reading about.    
Accepting Horses in Training
Individualized training board packages are offered to ensure that you and your horse are "herd."  Please visit our website for more information on how you can start or restart your horse in lightness learn more

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This is the latest text that Dominique Barbier and I collaborated on titled, The Alchemy of Lightness: What Happens Between Horse and Rider on a Molecular Level and How It Helps Achieve the Ultimate Connection. It is set to be released by September 2013 but you save 36% by pre-ordering it.  Click here to read more...