Greetings to All,
Gearing up for the first New Jersey clinic of 2013 hosted this time at Riverbend Farm from May 25-27.  There is still time to sign up for anyone interested in spending three days together.  To learn more about clinic content click here.  For availability and accomodations for your horses please contact Ms. Eva Karkas.  Whether you ride or attend as an auditor please do join us.  Bring an open mind and a smile,
Hope to see you   
Enjoy peace in your day ,

Alchemy in Horsemanship with Dr. Maria Katsamanis [Trailer]
Alchemy in Horsemanship with Dr. Maria Katsamanis [Trailer]
Spend the next 15 minutes with me as we walk through some concepts that are key in this clinic series

Just in time for Spring!





Our elegant and functional dressage pads with logo are in just in time for spring.  Available in black with gold trim.  Pad manufactured by Pacific Rim International and priced at $40.  Matching cap for $15.
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