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Greetings All

April showers bring May flowers!   Spring is here!  Time to reconnect with terra firma. I just came back from the other side of the Atlantic and things have begun to bloom there too.  This trip took me in the county of Aragon in the town of Yeguada and Huesca where I met breeders of the Andalusian horse.  Out of several incredible stallions that I had a chance to meet and ride there was one that was golden...literally. He is the 6 year old buckskin stallion Fluvi.  The perfect dance partner.  The pictures tell it all.  The process of bringing him to America has begun.  If all goes well many  of you will get to meet and ride him before he goes for sale to find his own personal human.  As always, I am humbled by the Spanish hospitality and love of horse.  
Notice the picture on the top left of this newsletter.  It is the famous drawing titled, "Ecuestre Molecular" from Salvador Dali.  I only recently became acquainted with his work and was struck by some coincidences.  First, my time in Spain has been in Catalonia which is also this artists birthplace.  Second, my Spanish constituents have baptized my work as Molecular Equitation since the focus is the magical process that occurs between human and horse explained.  Curious how nothing is ever new, just recycled.  Reminds me also of an old Indian adage that says: 
         learning is simply a process of remembering what we already know 
This months ΦΟΤΟ CORNER features the photo story of Eva Karkas and her gelding Wish. Photos inspire hope and encourage us to stay patient, consistent and focused with our equine partners.  They are also a way to connect all of you to each other.  Talking about connecting to terra firma, Eva is a master landscaper as well as a dedicated horsewoman extraordinaire.  She organizes all my New Jersey clinics.  And if poisonous plants are of interest she has a July 12 and October 25 "walk and talk" on just that!  Let me know if you wish to join us.   
Once again I am crafting my 2013 clinic schedule and gearing up to meet old friends and new ones. Hope to see you at some of the upcoming events.  

Warmest regards,




Maria with my new friend Neutron




Clinic Schedule for 2013
We are now creating the clinic schedule for 2013.  To date, the following are upcoming clinics scheduled. For more information and registration email or call 732-921-0565.   

April             27-28-29        Franklinville, New Jersey           Renee Porcellini   
May             25-26-27        Flemington, New Jersey            Eva Karkas
June            5-6-7              Barcelona, Spain
August         24-25-26        Flemington, New Jersey            Eva Karkas
September    TBA              Concord, New Hampshire         Jennifer Blaisdell

Read more about the topics covered under "services-clinics" and find out how you can organize one at your facility...... Learn more
Clinic with Dr. Maria Katsamanis New Jersey August 25-27
Clinic with Dr. Maria Katsamanis New Jersey August 25-27

New 1-day Workshop Series
I've officially introduced the One-Day Workshop series where you can leave your better-half at the barn for this one.  There are on-going full day workshops going on through the year.  If you missed the first one please send us an email  to find out about future ones that you can attend.  

Accepting Horses in Training
Individualized training board packages are offered to ensure that you and your horse are "herd."  Please visit our website for more information on how you can start or restart your horse in lightness learn more

Iberian dance partners 
I came back home with a gigantic smile on my face!  I met a fantastic boy who is the epitome of what an Iberian partner would be.  Meeting with breeder, Jose Angel Escalona and his crew was amazing.  Grab me and I will chew your ear about it.  At Yeguada I met Fluvi, the 6 year old golden boy gentleman stallion.  Visit my Facebook page and check out the pictures.   Mario Calcagno and I then traveled to Lleida where we meet the breeder of Yeguada IPA and my student Annais who is the trainer there.  Magnificent horses!

Let me introduce Eva Karkas of Riverbend Farm in New Jersey.  An avid horsewoman who continues to get lighter and lighter.  A master landscaper with the most tender touch---even with poisonous plants! Visit her website and find out about upcoming jumping, dressage and plant clinics! 
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Book Release!









This is the latest text that Dominique Barbier and I collaborated on titled, The Alchemy of Lightness: What Happens Between Horse and Rider on a Molecular Level and How It Helps Achieve the Ultimate Connection. It is set to be released by July 2013 but you save 36% by pre-ordering it.  Click here to read more...