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Greetings All

With two months under our belt we are now officially in the New Year.  This year I am excited to introduce my one-day workshop series.  It serves as an introduction to concepts and exercises that I oftentimes never get to share in my private lessons and clinics.  Please consider joining me for a full day together.  
Photos inspire hope and encourage us to stay patient, consistent and focused with our equine partners. This months ΦΟΤΟ CORNER features the photo story of Peg Verguson and her gelding Joey.  This team has come a long way! A little patience, love and lots of carrots!    I often joke with Peggy that Joey is a magnificent war horse.  Our lessons always remind me of what the ancient Greek horseman Xenophon said: 
If you desire to handle a good war-horse so as to make his action the more magnificent and striking, you must refrain from pulling at his mouth with the bit as well as from spurring and whipping him
                                                                                  Xenophon on Horsemanship, p.55
Once again I am crafting my 2013 clinic schedule and gearing up to meet old friends and new ones. Hope to see you at some of the upcoming events.  Also,  please consider reading the Horses Helping Healers section below.  


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Clinic Schedule for 2013
We are now creating the clinic schedule for 2013.  To date, the following are upcoming clinics scheduled. For more information and registration email or call 732-921-0565.   

March      TBA                New Jersey
April          4                    Barcelona, Spain
April          27-28-29       Private clinic, New Jersey      
June         5-6-7             Barcelona, Spain
Read more about the topics covered under "services-clinics" and find out how you can organize one at your facility...... Learn more
Clinic with Dr. Maria Katsamanis New Jersey August 25-27
Clinic with Dr. Maria Katsamanis New Jersey August 25-27

New 1-day Workshop Series
I am excited to introduce our One-Day Workshop series where you can leave your better-half at the barn for this one.  For more information and registration Send us an email

Accepting Horses in Training
Individualized training board packages are offered to ensure that you and your horse are "herd."  Please visit our website for more information on how you can start or restart your horse in lightness learn more

Horses Helping Healers
 Every month I like to feature a charity or charitable cause that horselovers can contribute to.  This month I am delighted to share a very special cause.  This is a course I pioneered a few years ago at Robert Wood Johnson Medical School using horses to teach our medical students better bedside manners.  When we ran it for the first time last year a film documentary team came out and took some footage click here.   The feedback we got from students was overwhelming.  Therefore, once again this year we are gearing up to offer it in April. 


The issue, however, is that to fund a course like this would require students to pay a formidable fee.  The overhead (horses, staff, etc.) required to Co-partner with an equine facility necessitates that they are able to cover their costs for the duration of the course.   To make this possible for students we are opting to have a fund raiser!  Click here to learn more about how our future doctors can learn a lot from our steady steads. Indegogo makes it very easy to make a discrete donation on-line if you wish.  We ask that you team up with us and help raise funds to support this very necessary course.  Even $5 makes a difference.  Forward it to colleagues and friends who you feel may be open to making a donation.  We have 2 months to raise these funds!!!

Let me introduce Peg Vurgason of New Jersey who is owned by her gelding, Joey.   Peg is the author of the book, The American Riding System and is gearing up for the dressage arena this Spring!
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This is the latest text that Dominique Barbier and I collaborated on titled, The Alchemy of Lightness: What Happens Between Horse and Rider on a Molecular Level and How It Helps Achieve the Ultimate Connection. It is set to be released by July 2013 but you save 36% by pre-ordering it.  Click here to read more...