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Klassical, Kind, Konnected
January 2013 issue
Clinic schedule 2013
Join me in Spain!
Accepting horses in training


Greetings, Bonjour, Bom dia, καλησπέρα
Happy happy New Year and what an exciting year we have ahead of us!!!  We come with a clean slate, "new horse-new rider" reminded by the ancient Greek horseman Xenophon:  
A horse is a thing of beauty...none will tire of looking at him as long as he displays himself in his splendor
When a horse wants to display himself he lifts his neck up high and flexes his poll haughtily, and picks his legs up freely, and keeps his tail up
In an effort to ensure that the horses beauty is indeed displayed I am adding a ΦΟΤΟ CORNER where every month you can submit a photo of you and your equine to share.  We all especially love before and after pictures!  This month I share the photo story of Annais and her mare Damoiselle.  My travels to Spain have allowed me to work with this pair and their transformation is remarkable.  I love to share you and your horse with other enthusiasts.  Photos inspire hope and encourage us to stay patient, consistent and focused with our equine partners. 
I am excited about the documentary clip, being finalized, from my last clinic trip to Spain by Ferran Serra, the young and talented filmaker. The trailer should be released soon. 
After two years in the making I am particularly proud of my book with Dominique Barbier which is, at long last, on pre-sale by Amazon!  The hardcopy is set to be released July 2013.  Read more about it below.   
Once again I am crafting my 2013 clinic schedule and gearing up to meet old friends and new ones. The New Jersey dates have not yet been confirmed but will keep you posted.  
Before you know it the summer will have arrived.  If you have not finalized any travels plans yet consider spending one week with me at a Catalan estate in Spain.  I have joined forces with the proprietors of Can Riu Stud Farm to organize a retreat for the first week of June where you can join us in a weeklong adventure full of surprises!   This trip will include a 3-day clinic, a horse-hunting tour, and trails into the magical forest of the Golden Coast of Spain.  The intention is for a full-week immersion in horses, horses, horses!


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Clinic Schedule for 2013
We are now creating the clinic schedule for 2013.  To date the following are upcoming clinics scheduled. For more information and registration email or call 732-921-0565.
February      TBA         New Jersey
March           TBA         New Jersey
June              5-6-7       Barcelona, Spain
Read more about the topics covered under "services-clinics" and find out how you can organize one at your facility...... Learn more
Clinic with Dr. Maria Katsamanis New Jersey August 25-27
Clinic with Dr. Maria Katsamanis New Jersey August 25-27
June retreat to Spain!
learn more
The dates are set!  Join us from June 3-9 for a weeklong adventure in sunny Spain.  There is something for everyone here.  As part of your retreat you will participate in the clinic scheduled for June 5-6-7.  The rest of the time i
ntensive lessons are offered where participants get to ride on the rare heart-shaped eared Marwari horses of India.  The view from the top is a once in a lifetime experience!  In the afternoon, you can enjoy a trail ride through Spains premier nature preserve.  For those interested we have time to organize a day horse-hunting tour to meet the magical Andalusian horses. Experience the timeless beauty of a Catalan adventure.  Limited space available for this very exclusive trip so plan ahead!  Contact us at  to discuss how we can customize your experience in Spain.  Read more about Can Riu



Accepting Horses in Training
Individualized training board packages are offered to ensure that you and your horse are "herd."  Please visit our website for more information on how you can start or restart your horse in lightness learn more

Let me introduce Annais Garsaball of Spain who is owned by her Anglo-Arab mare, Damoiselle.  This team continues to blow me away.  A picture is worth a thousand words.  Annais, bravo for your patience and your consistency. 
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New Book Release!











This is the latest text that Dominique Barbier and I collaborated on titled, The Alchemy of Lightness: What Happens Between Horse and Rider on a Molecular Level and How It Helps Achieve the Ultimate Connection. It is set to be released by July 2013 but you save 36% by pre-ordering it.  Click here to read more...                      
Still available for purchase are the Stubben Baucher bits.  These are elite bits essential for the serious classical dressage enthusiast. Made like a fine piece of jewelry it is a hanging snaffle bit with all the modern advances in bit engineering straight from Germany!   

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