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Klassical, Kind, Konnected
December 2012 Holiday issue
December NJ clinic
Join me in Spain!
Winter training board


 Greetings to all,
My hope is that everyone enjoyed a peaceful Thanksgiving holiday with family and friends filled with peace and gratitude.  The loss of electricity from Hurricane Sandy made me ever so grateful to those who let me take a hot shower in their homes, to enjoy a warm room and a hot meal. On my plane ride home from Spain yesterday I was grateful for the friends here and abroad.  We connect to horses and so to each other.  If not for the horses I would not have gotten to know all of you.

In my last clinic in Spain someone asked me if there is anything I do to prepare myself before "getting on."   It starts with a simple THANK YOU to the equine friend who is allowing me on his back.  Remember that....

We sit on a Kings mount every time we ride 

This month has ushered in an amazing array of surprises that I thought to share.  First, Alicia Anguera, a student and head instructor at a riding club outside Barcelona, Spain was interviewed on an equine horse radio program and talked about working with me.  If you are keen on practicing your Spanish here is an excuse to do so.  This link opens in Internet Explorer but not on any Apple Application....  Link to radio program

My latest trip included being filmed by the young and talented filmaker Ferran Serra who will be preparing some documentary footage from my latest clinic in Spain.  The upcoming December clinic in New Jersey gives me yet another reason to get people and their horses together in one place. I am particularly excited to introduce my winter crew at the clinic. I am blessed to have Elizabeth Crawford, Tina Stork and Allison Schulte by my side--- all incredibly gifted and passionate horsewomen. 


Before you know it the summer will have arrived.  If you have not finalized any travels plans yet consider spending one week with me at a Catalan estate in Spain.  I have joined forces with the proprietors of Can Riu Stud Farm, to organize a retreat for the first week of June where you can join us in a weeklong adventure full of surprises! 

It is also not too late to consider "coming in" for the winter.  Space is still available for anyone wishing to continue riding and training through the winter months.  

I hope that you can join us next week at Weidel's Boxwood Farm.  Bring some hand warmers and a smile.  It'll be fun! 

Warmest regards and happy holiday wishes in advance,



Upcoming December Clinic
in New Jersey
Join us for a 3-day clinic December 8-9-10 where participants begin to refine their ability to assess their horses physical comfort and enhance their mental connection. Watch as people learn to troubleshoot common but misunderstood concepts that block our equine partners development into a premier dance partner regardless of breed or age.  Learning and integrating classical principles with the help of some modern advances.  Watch as each horse and human transform over the three days. Overnight horse boarding available.  Auditors welcome.  For more information and registration email or call 732-921-0565.

Read more about the topics covered under "services-clinics" and find out how you can organize one at your facility......  
Clinic with Dr. Maria Katsamanis New Jersey August 25-27
Clinic with Dr. Maria Katsamanis New Jersey August 25-27
June retreat to Spain!
Join us for a week long adventure in sunny Spain.  There is something for everyone here. 
Intensive lessons where participants get to ride on the rare heart-shaped eared Marwari horses of India.  The view from the top is a once in a lifetime experience!  In the afternoon, you can enjoy a trail ride through Spains premier nature preserve on your way to the mediterranean sea. Experience the timeless beauty of a Catalan adventure.  Limited space available for this very exclusive trip so plan ahead!  Contact us at  to discuss how we can customize your experience in Spain.  Read more about Can Riu.....



Accepting Horses in Training
 Dont' let the winter months derail your training!  If what is keeping you from moving forward is lack of an indoor let us know.  Training board for the winter is available.   Individualized training board packages are offered to ensure that you and your horse are "herd." 

Please visit our website for more information on how you can start or restart your horse in lightness learn more

Tis the Season to be Charitable!
The holidays often make us reflect on how fortunate we are.  Consider contributing to a charity for a very special horse.......Learn more about Straw
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Still available for purchase are the Stubben Baucher bits at 15% off.
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This month's feature book is Dressage for the New Age by Dominique Barbier and Mary Daniels. This text, first published nearly 20 years ago offers new insights upon every reading.  It is a book I revisit time and time again.  A must for horse enthusiasts mastering the basics of classical dressage in the French tradition.  This is an essential prerequisite text to my upcoming book with Dominique titled The Alchemy of Lightness,
set to be released in April 2013.                                                           Priced at $35