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               27 January 2012
St. Stephen's Episcopal Church
 Epiphany Tidings
At St. Stephen's, we are  committed to God's love expressed through our lives and common worship.
Blue Cross    
8:00am Quiet Eucharist


10:00am Festive 
Choral Eucharist


 Sunday School 9:45am
Children's Choir Practice:
9:30-11:30am Childcare
Coffee Connections:
This Sunday - Team 11:  
chaired by
KoKo Peters
Next Sunday - 
3 February Annual Meeting - Team 12:
chaired by



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 Children Youth

Sunday School



The Sower

Sunday School

9:45 am

In the Classrooms


Pre-K, K, 1st:

Holy Moly 

The Sower

(Alex Norris) 


2nd & 3rd:


Jesus Goes to Nazareth

(MaryAnn Kayser)


4th & 5th:

Live It!

Reality Check: media

(Shari Young)



Middle School &

 High School


(Sam Gerner)



Interesting Bible Stories: Solomon










Coffee Connections  coffee with heart  


Coffee Connections has become such a vital part of St. Stephen's!  As you know, each member of the church is assigned to a team and asked to participate once every quarter, or so.  Our great team leaders deserve special appreciation - thank you!  You can tell how great St. Stephen's team leaders are by how long our coffee hours are lasting! 


There is always a need for new team leaders.  If you are interested becoming a team leader, please let Rob Gieselmann or Andra Martens Nirenberski andra.martens@comcast.net know.


Children's Choir (Ages 6-10)  Voices needed  

This Sunday



The Children's Choir will practice this Sunday,  in the downstairs large classroom.  Parents are encouraged to quietly sit-in.  For more information email John K. Hirten at johnkhirten@ststephenschurch.org

 Adult Programs
 Annual Meeting - Sunday, February 3 (read below)
This Sunday

Anglican Tradition Class gratefully Episcopalian 

Continues this Sunday

27 January



This adult education class,  led by Rob Gieselmann, your staff and several volunteers offers the opportunity to teach you about the Episcopal and Anglican traditions that we practice and carry forward at St. Stephen's. Topics will include Scripture, Worship, Spirituality, Prayer Book, Sacraments, Hymnody, Anglican history, basic theology, and Episcopal church history. This week, the subjects are The Book of Common Prayer (Rob), and Theology and the Sacraments (Zoila.)


Two more weeks of classes will be held at 11:15am, this Sunday and  and Feb. 10th. For those interested, this class will lead to adult confirmation or reception (reception is for those from Catholic or Lutheran traditions.)
Youth News  Acolytes  


27 January - This Sunday - Genesis video series in the Youth Room following the 10am service.  Don't be camera shy.


Acolyte Training: A mandatory training session for all acolytes will be held on Saturday, 2 February from 11am-12:30pm. Training is one hour, and pizza and fun follows.  If your youth would like to acolyte, please let Sam Gerner know: sam@ststephenschurch.org  Acolytes can be from 10-16 years old and the event is for current acolytes and new acolytes.

Rotating Emergency Shelter  loaves & fishes   


This Sunday

27 January



The Rotating Emergency Shelter Dinner is this Sunday.  Thanks to all who are donating food, and those who will be cooking.  Not to late to help: 4pm this Sunday in St. Stephen's kitchen.


Upcoming at St. Stephen's

The Annual Meeting

3 February 2013


following the 10am service


All members of St. Stephen's are encouraged to attend the Annual Meeting of the Parish, February 3, 2013, immediately following the 10am service.  Your participation is important, not just because you will review the 2013 budget of the parish and vote on new vestry members, but also because the management of the church is part of each member's parish responsibility.  Due to the SuperBowl, this annual meeting will be kept short.


St. Stephen's and its FutureChoir at Pentecost 2012 


You should have received an invitation to a wine and dessert gathering to be held during the first two weeks of February.  These gatherings will be an opportunity to obtain feedback from the entire congregation with respect to the future challenges facing St. Stephen's for the maintenance of our church buildings and the strengthening of our church and its mission.


These small gatherings present a great opportunity for socializing and sharing our hopes for the future of St. Stephen's.  Please make every effort to attend one of these gatherings.  These are not fundraising meetings.


We hope you can attend the gathering for which you received an invitation.  Please be sure to RSVP to the invitation you received (or advise your host if you have a conflict and would prefer to attend a gathering on a different date).  If you did not receive an invitation, please contace Janice Dalzell-Piper at jan.piper@comcast.net or 415.755.7615


Keeping Spirits Alive": The Memoir Writing Workshop

2 February 2013Lynn Henriksen





Parishioner and Telltale Souls: Writing Mother Memoir award-winning author Lynn Henriksen, will present a workshop at St. Stephen's on Saturday, February 2nd, beginning at 9am.  Capture a memory gem of a loved one and turn it into a moving memoir. Please make your reservations as soon as possible: lynn@telltalesouls.com

The Letters of Paul    Paul-writing

3 February 2013




PAUL! Paul's "Letters-of-the-Month-Club" will hold its next meeting at St. Stephen's for a potluck chili dinner and lively discussion on Sunday, February 3rd from 5:30-7:30pm.  We will be reading 1 Corinthians.  Please join us if you won't be watching the Super Bowl.  All welcome.


The Outdoor Club    Rodeo Beach Sausalito

4 February 2013




The Outdoor Club has resumed a schedule to include outings on the first Monday of each month.


On February 4, we will be meeting at the Rodeo Beach parking lot at the end of Mitchell Road in the Marin Headlands at 9:30am to visit the Marine Mammal Center.   For info about the Center, visit their website at: marinemammalcenter.org


Monday, March 4th will be our next outing - TBA


January St. Stephen's Artist-In-Residence Alberta


Alberta Brown Buller, Wild Rose Photography:

Wildrose website 


Alberta has had a camera in hand since she was a preteen following in the footsteps of her late, older brother, an accomplished photographer.  Her business is named Wild Rose Photography after the slogan for Alberta, Canada, which is "Wild Rose Country". 

Save These Dates!


St. Stephen's On the Gro Calendar:  



27 - Rotating Emergency Shelter Dinner-4pm




2 - Acolyte Training - 11am-12:30pm

2 - Memoir Writing Workshop - 9am-Noon

3 - Annual Meeting - after the 10am service

4 - Outdoor Club Hike at Rodeo Beach - 9:30am

10 - EvenSpark - 5:30pm

13 - Ash Wednesday - Noon & 7pm

15 - Family Movie Night - 6pm

17 - EvenSpark - 5:30pm

20 & 27 - Quiet Lenten Wednesday Eucharist - 5pm

24 - Rotating Emergency Shelter Dinner - 4pm



   1st Monday - The Outdoor Club Hike - 9:30am
   Wednesdays: 11am - Women's Group
    Thursdays: 7:30pm - Choir Practice
    Thursdays: 10am-1 or 1-4pm - Volunteers at the Thrift Shop
    Thursdays 8:15am:  Contemplative Prayer - resumes 1/10/13
January & February Adult Studies
 27 & Feb. 10~Anglican Tradition Studies
3 Feb.-  Letters of Paul - 5:30pm
17, 24 - Bible Studies between Sunday Services
17, 24 - Lenten Reader's Theatre series following the 10am service




Intra-Faith Education Series: ChristianityMIF logo

Sponsored by Marin Interfaith Council

4 parts February - May


Part 1 - Monday, 11 February


St. Nicholas Orthodox Church, San Anselmo


Part one Speakers include Father John Balleza, St. Rafael's Catholic Church and Father Stephan Meholick, St. Nicholas Orthodox Church

For more information call Allison Kirk, Admin. Assistant at 415.456.6957 or click here to register

Articles for submission are due by Wednesday morning at 11am.


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