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              13 January 2012
St. Stephen's Episcopal Church
 Epiphany Tidings
At St. Stephen's, we are  committed to God's love expressed through our lives and common worship.
Bewcastle Cross   
8:00am Quiet Eucharist


10:00am Festive 
Choral Eucharist


 Sunday School 9:45am
Children's Choir Practice:
9:30-11:30am Childcare
Coffee Connections:
This Sunday - Team 9:  
chaired by Mimi Ogden
Next Sunday - 
20 January - Team 10:
 chaired by
Capucine Hoybach



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 Children Youth



  House on the rock      


Sunday School

9:45 am

In the Classrooms


Pre-K, K, 1st:

Godly Play & Holy Moly


The House on the Rock

(MaryAnn Kayser) 

2nd & 3rd:



The Boy at the Temple

(Elizabeth MacLean)




4th & 5th:

Live It!

Are you for Real? Media

(Melissa Prentis)




Middle School &

 High School


(Sam Gerner)



Interesting Bible Stories: Job















 Adult Programs
This Sunday

Sunday EvenSpark!   EvenSpark! 

This Sunday and next Sunday



Beginning this month, Sunday Second is no longer "Sunday Second" - because the Sunday evening service is expanding to two Sundays per month (the middle two Sundays). 


This growing service gives families who are busy on Sunday morning, people who like morning golf or to read the New York Times, and those who just plain like to sleep-in, the opportunity to enjoy church on Sundays.  The service is brief (30-40 minutes), includes songs and hymns that are fun to sing, and has a peaceful, casual feel. 


Mark your calendars for January 13 and 20 for 5:30pm, to attend EvenSpark, and bring your friends.

Anglican Tradition Class Love your Bible

Continues this Sunday

13 January



A Back by Popular Demand! Led by Rob Gieselmann, your staff and several volunteers are offering an adult education class to teach you about the Episcopal and Anglican traditions that we practice and carry forward at St. Stephen's. Topics will include Scripture, Worship, Spirituality, Prayer Book, Sacraments, Hymnody, Anglican history, basic theology, and Episcopal church history. This week, the subjects are An Episcopalian View of Scripture, and A Brief Church History.


Four more weeks of classes will be held at 11:15am, on Jan. 13, 20, 27 and Feb. 10th. For those interested, this class will lead to adult confirmation or reception (reception is for those from Catholic or Lutheran traditions.)

Coffee Connections  coffee with heart  


Coffee Connections has become such a vital part of St. Stephen's!  As you know, each member of the church is assigned to a team and asked to participate once every quarter, or so.  Our great team leaders deserve special appreciation - thank you!  You can tell how great St. Stephen's team leaders are by how long our coffee hours are lasting!  There is always a need for new team leaders.  If you are interested becoming a team leader, please let Rob Gieselmann or Andra Martens Nirenberski know.

New Year's Resolutions 


On December 30th, many parishioners offered New Year's Resolutions (of a Christian and spiritual nature), and these were blessed during the service.  Resolutions included adopting a new prayer practice, praying for an individual regularly, reading parts of the Bible or other inspirational book, reconciling with someone, etc. 


 For those who made resolutions, please know that your resolutions are between you and God and will reamain unread by anybody.  For those who did not attend, if you would like to offer a resolution, simply write it on a paper and give it to Rob or Shari for a blessing!

Youth Sports Day in the Park   

This Sunday

after the 10am service


The Middle and High School Youth Group will walk to the park this Sunday for a day of sports following the 10am service.  Bring your park shoes and meet Sam to walk down as a group.  Lunch sandwiches will be provided.

Important Happenings this Sunday      Come and Grow

This Sunday


Homeward Bound: " Second Thursday" group:  Meet Capucine and each other to share coffee and treats, and ideas on this ministry of care.  Sunday, 9am Conference Room.  All welcome.


St. Stephen's Gives Back:  Making bigger and better plans for 2013!  Sunday 11:15am, in downstairs classrooms.


Children's Choir (Ages 6-10)  Voices needed  

This Sunday



The Children's Choir will resume practice this Sunday, January 13th in the downstairs large classroom.  Parents are encouraged to quietly sit-in.  For more information email John K. Hirten at

January St. Stephen's Artist-In-Residence Alberta


Alberta Brown Buller, Wild Rose Photography:

  Wildrose website 


Alberta has had a camera in hand since she was a preteen following in the footsteps of her late, older brother, an accomplished photographer.  Besides family and friends, photography and traveling the world are her first loves.  It's a joy whenever she can combine the two.  Her photographs have appeared in numerous galleries and although working full time, she hopes to devote more time to photography in the coming year. Her business is named Wild Rose Photography after the slogan for Alberta, Canada, which is "Wild Rose Country".  She and her husband Dave, a commercial diver, love the ocean and spending time near the water.  She and Dave are a blended family of 5 adult children, 4 grandchildren and one big, goofy lab named Mako.

Upcoming at St. Stephen's

Keeping Spirits Alive

TellTale Souls WorkshopTellTale Souls   

2 February 2013


9am - noon


Reserve your place today for this memoir writing workshop by parishioner and award-winning author Lynn Cook Henriksen. TellTale Souls: Writing the Mother Memoir is about how to tap memory and write your story capturing character and spirit.


Call Lynn today at 415.435.6000 or email to reserve your space for $35.

Save These Dates!


St. Stephen's On the Gro Calendar:  




13 - Sunday EvenSpark!- 5:30pm

20 - Sunday EvenSpark!- 5:30pm

27 - Rotating Emergency Shelter Dinner-4pm



3 - Annual Meeting



   Wednesdays: 11am - Women's Group
    Thursdays: 7:30pm - Choir Practice
   Thursdays: 10am-1 or 1-4pm - Volunteers at the Thrift Shop
   Thursdays 8:15am:  Contemplative Prayer - resumes 1/10/13
January Adult Studies
     13, 20, 27 & Feb. 10~Anglican Tradition Studies 










Intra-Faith Education Series: ChristianityMIF logo

Sponsored by Marin Interfaith Council

4 parts February - May


Part 1 - Monday, 11 February


St. Nicholas Orthodox Church, San Anselmo


Part one Speakers include Father John Balleza, St. Rafael's Catholic Church and Father Stephan Meholick, St. Nicholas Orthodox Church

For more information call Allison Kirk, Admin. Assistant at 415.456.6957 or click here to register

Articles for submission are due by Wednesday morning at 11am.


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