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Bi-Weekly Summer Issue - June 29, 2016
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Upcoming Events
July 4 & 5
Building Closed for 4th of July holiday
No camp.

July 6-8
Camp Montessori
Week 3

July 11-15
Camp Montessori
Week 4
Specialty Camps - 
Books & Cooks, LEGO Ranch, Poetry
Limited Spaces Available

July 14
Camp Field Trip to Brandywine Creek State Park for Kangaroos, Tigers, Meerkats, Dragons

July 18-22
Camp Montessori
Week 5
Specialty Camps -
Tumbling, Yoga, Team Spirit, Chemistry, Stitchworks 

Message from 
Cass Winner, 
Director of Extended Day & Camp Programs
Cass Winner
As we begin our second week of Camp Montessori, I have been enjoying the buoyant energy of another new season. Visiting the camp groups as they hold their morning meetings showcases the experience and the enthusiasm of our staff. I love to pop in and appreciate how different they are, and yet how each one is meeting the needs of the children in their care. Some children are shy and uncertain, while others are so full of excitement about what the day ahead will hold that they can barely sit still on the rug.  
We need all of those children to be whole. Wilmington Montessori School is all about community: building trust and mutual respect in a diverse group of children and adults, working together to grow into our best selves.  Whether we are learning computer coding, ballet, swimming, drama or cooking, the real lessons are in the process.  How do we work as part of a team?  What if we don't agree? What if I grasp something right away, but my partner doesn't understand it yet?  What if I want to learn more about red pandas and share what I learn with my friends? 
Camp Montessori is a place in which children and adults come together to learn, play, hike, explore, swim and, most of all, become who we really are.  Nurturing that growth is not about herding groups of children from place to place, intervening only when there is trouble.  Our counselors are getting to know the children as individuals, giving each one the support he or she needs to build friendships, learn new skills and explore new ideas.  Since there are some new campers each week, that intentional focus on building community lasts all summer long.  
So we welcome all of the families who are returning to camp, and all of those who are with us for the first time. It's going to be the best summer yet.

News & NotesNews
Demolition and construction in the lobby and library

Progress on the gym floor
Construction Update
Thanks to funds raised through the Marie M. Dugan Fund for the Future Comprehensive Campaign, a variety of improvements are being made to our building and campus this summer.  Construction is currently underway in our lobby area, library and gym!

Thank you for your flexibility during this process. We truly appreciate everyone's patience as we work to make WMS an even more beautiful and welcoming place for you and your children!
Today's LearnersLearner
Cooking Science Camp Combines Research with Culinary Arts
by Cass Winner, Director of Extended Day & Camp Programs
In camp week 1, camp staffer Kevin DeCusatis led the Cooking Science specialty camp.  Kevin, who is now a high school teacher at Salesianum School, has always brought his graduate school research skills to bear on even the simplest of camp projects, and he brings any subject to life with his sense of humor and obvious love for teaching and learning.
Last week's Cooking Science campers created experiments of their own using control groups. One group prepared the recipe as written, and another group decided on one or more elements to change.  They might use water instead of milk, use more salt and less sugar, or eliminate an ingredient entirely.  They kept notes in laboratory books, performed tests - including, of course, the all-important taste test - on the products of each experiment and discussed the reasons behind the results.  
When I asked a camper what her favorite part of the camp had been, she said, "I like that we had different kinds of groups to try making the recipes in different ways and that we experimented!"  
Many camps include science experiments in their activities, but they don't always document their work, draw conclusions, ask more questions, or develop a real understanding of either the subject or the process. These campers got all of these things, cooked their own dishes and had a great time.  
We look forward to Kevin's next specialty camp, Spanish by Nature, in July.
Tomorrow's Leadersleaders
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