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October 28, 2015
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Upcoming Events
October 28
Parent Education Webinar - Sensory Experiences for Young Children
7:30 p.m.

October 29
Halloween Parade
9:15 a.m. for 3-6 classes and 11:15 for Elementary
Costume Guidelines

October 30 & November 2
Parent Conferences for Primary & Elementary
No classes for Primary/Elementary.
Pre-registered child-care available.

November 5
Make-up photo day 

November 9
Early Childhood Enrichment Class - Music for Prospective Students Ages 2-5
10-11 a.m.
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November 9-13
Annual Fund Drive
Learn more next week!

November 11
9-12 Information Night for Current Third-Grade Parents
5-6 p.m., Great Room
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November 13
Dance Party
Details TBA

Message from 
Head of School Lisa Lalama
Read more from Lisa at on our Montessori Message blog.
Halloween is just around the corner and with that comes the time of year when parent-teacher conferences are held. 

Do you find these conferences as scary as a Halloween monster? I remember worrying about these conferences when I was a child. What were the teachers going to tell my parents? Would I meet their expectations? Then I became a parent and I was sure I would hear about how my child didn't measure up and all of the parenting mistakes I had made, because I made plenty.

Instead, what happened was that I learned about how my child was developing as a person and the ways in which I could further support his learning and growth. I learned more about how to be a parent and how to support my child's ownership of his learning. I learned just how much the teachers cared about the children in their classrooms and what their next steps would be. And, yes, sometimes my son misbehaved and there were questions and goals related to his social growth. In these cases I learned a most valuable parenting lesson...these were his goals for growth, not mine. I was a supporting player.
In the end, however, I never felt he or we, as his parents, were criticized. I felt that I was part of the team working to help this young person develop as a responsible human being.

In the next few days, each of you will have the chance to further your partnership with WMS and the people who teach your child each day. You will hear about your child's efforts so far this year, learn about the observations and assessments that have been conducted, and work together on a plan and goals for the next few months.

This is a time of reflection, learning and collaboration. Your child is unique. We appreciate the individuality of each child and strive to meet his or her needs. We do that best as partners with you, your child's first and most seasoned teacher.

News & NotesNews
Parent Education: Sensory Experiences for Young Children - A Maker Webinar
Wednesday, October 28 at 7:30 p.m.
Sensory experiences are brain food for young children. They provide children with problem-solving skills, independence, curiosity and creativity.

Join us for WMS's first Maker Webinar for parents. You will learn how to easily create exciting sensory experiences for your child, and receive suggestions for parent resources and materials to use for sensory fun in your home! This webinar will be led by WMS STEAM Coach Paula Sharpe and last about 15 minutes, with an additional 10 to 15 minutes for your questions to be answered. 

The webinar can be viewed on a computer as well as iOS, Android and Blackberry mobile devices. Once you register using the link below, you will receive instructions for logging in. 

Register Now Button

New Speed Limit Sign

For the safety of our children, we will be installing a new speed limit sign in our parking lot. We selected 8 1/3 mph because it is a speed at which a driver can stop rapidly if a child were to run across the lot. We also selected this speed in honor of Maria Montessori's birthday - 8/31! 

Thank you for your help keeping our students safe!

Enrollment Deadline for Possible New Toddler Classroom - November 25.

Know anyone interested in enrolling a toddler in a three-day class at WMS this January? 

Our Toddler Program is currently full, and if there is enough interest, we plan to open a new room in January.  

If you are interested, please contact Shelby Kaufman, Director of Admissions, as soon as possible. The application deadline for this class is on November 25.

Arts Integration: Bash the Trash Visits WMS
Click the image above for many more Bash the Trash photos!

Yesterday, our students were treated to a visit from Bash the Trash, a unique musical group that combines music education with lessons on the science behind sound and sustainability. 

All of our students attended a performance from Bash the Trash, and then our Primary and Elementary students returned to their classrooms for workshops during which they created their own musical instruments from "junk."

Their creativity was amazing, and after school, some students joined together for an impromptu concert in the Peace Park using their new instruments.
halloweenHalloween Costume Guidelines Halloween Parade

Halloween parades will be held on October 29 (9:15 a.m. for 3-6 classes and 11:15 a.m. for elementary students). In order to make the day fun for all of our students, we ask that children's costumes meet the following rules:
  • No weapons of any kind are allowed as part of a costume.
  • Costumes should not contain blood, guts, or gore.
  • Hair color and makeup should be applied at home, not brought to school.
  • Since we have very young children at our school, please make sure that costumes are not frightening to small children.
If you have any questions, please contact your child's teacher.
School Photos
Co-op Cornercoop
Volunteers needed for Grandfriends' Day - Tuesday, November 24
Grandfriends' Day is fast approaching and preparations are underway. Would you be willing to help with some part of the planning, setting up and cleaning up after Grandfriends' Day?

The visiting grandparents and friends are always delighted to share in the students' work time and greatly appreciate the coffee, tea and treats.

Sign up sheets will be posted on the Co-op bulletin board across from the library, or you may email co-op@wmsde.org to contribute refreshments and/or your time and talents. Help a little or help a lot. Every contribution makes a difference.
Today's LearnersLearner
Teachers and Students Learn about New STEAM Materials Together
by WMS STEAM Coach Paula Sharpe

Students learn about programming through Dash and Dot in the Maker Studio.
"Teachers should be learners."
- Milton Chen

This past month has been an exciting time in the Elementary Maker (STEAM) Studio. We have all been learning how to properly operate new materials that were purchased over the summer. The children have been thrilled to try new iPad apps such as OSMO (which uses a special camera to allow children to interact with the app through hands-on materials) and work with some exciting new robots in our spaces including Dash and Dot, Ozobot and Sphero. The children have started programming our Dash and Dot and Ozobot robots and learning how to operate different apps with OSMO materials.
As we have been learning to operate these new materials, something exciting happened. Students started teaching me about the materials. One of the best parts of my job is when a student teaches me something new about a Maker Studio material. In the Maker Studio you will sometimes hear, "Hey, Paula, did you know it can do this?" My response is often, "No, can you shown me that again?" 

OSMO apps combine technology with hands-on materials.
Sometimes, our students think teachers may know it all. I am here to confidently tell you that I don't know everything about every material in our Maker Studios, and I am comfortable with not knowing everything. But, what I am always willing to do is to say is "Yes" to learning and admit when I don't know how something works - "Yes, show me how to do that," or "No, I didn't know that at all!"  I love seeing children's eyes light up when they show me something new.

As teachers we are always modeling. We model how to walk down the hall, how to sit in a circle for the morning meeting or how to complete a particular lesson using Montessori materials. It is also critical that we model to our students that it's OK to say, "No, I didn't know that," or "Can you help me with this material?" 

Our Maker Studios are places where we will all be learning from each other. Some of the time, I will be the teacher, and other times I am happily the student. 

Tomorrow's Leadersleaders
Living Montessori: Stephen Curry & Family

"Montessori, for my family, has really been the staple of everything." - Sonya Curry

In honor of last night's NBA season tip-off, check out of this video of 2015 NBA MVP Stephen Curry and his family discussing how a Montessori education has helped shape their outlook on life.
Living Montessori: Stephen Curry & Family
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