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September 16, 2015
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Upcoming Events

September 16

Back-to-School /
Curriculum Night
3-6 Program -
6-7:15 p.m.

6-9 Program -
7:15-8:30 p.m. 

September 17

Back-to-School / Curriculum Night
Toddler & 9-12 Programs -
6-7 p.m.

September 23

Yom Kippur
No school.
Pre-registered child-care available. 

September 24-25

9-12 Program Overnight Trip to Washington, D.C.

Celebrating Peace
Visit WMS's Facebook page for more photos later this week.
Message from 
Head of School Lisa Lalama
Lisa Lalama
Today we celebrated the International Day of Peace during our Welcome Back Assembly. Students gathered in the gym and left singing a song of peace together as they headed out to the Peace Park where the peace flag was raised and a moment of silence was observed.

As Dr. Montessori said, "...establishing a lasting peace is the work of education." Working to achieve peace is central to a Montessori education. She noted that scientific advances link the world's cultures and create connections among us that allow us to see each other as a part of a global community; peace is an essential aspect of the global community.

We begin each day at WMS greeting each other. You will find greeters at the doors each morning; teachers are at the classroom doors saying hello to the children and families. Morning meeting is held in every classroom. Children have the opportunity to look at their classmates, to say good morning, and to shake their hands. We model the grace and courtesy necessary in a world where peace and respect go hand in hand.

Please take a moment today to consider Dr. Montessori's vision of peace and to ask your child how he or she shared moments of peace during the day.


News & NotesNews
Winter's Coming: Update Your Preferences for School Closing Notifications

Connect 5 (formerly Alert Now) is WMS's emergency communication system. The system allows WMS administration to quickly notify families and staff in case of an emergency, including a weather-related school closing. 

Our automatic emergency notification preference form is included in your Magnus health tracker; however, it appears that many families responded "yes" to this question without submitting the form. 

Please log into Magnus and be sure to submit the external form included with the "Automatic Emergency Notification System" if you have not already done so

We will be doing a test of our system in the next few weeks, and it's important that we know how you would like to be contacted. Thank you for your help!
News from the Nurse's Office

We are pleased to welcome Yvonne Tetreault, MSN, RN, on a more regular basis in the nurse's office.

Generally, she will be in on Mondays and Wednesdays and Paige will be in on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays. As a long-time WMS substitute nurse as well as front desk person, Yvonne is a familiar face in our halls, and is well versed in the goings-on in the nurse's office and beyond. 

In order to ensure that time-sensitive information gets to the "right" nurse, families can now email nurse@wmsde.org to send a message that will be delivered to BOTH nurses. 
This can be used to relay information about your child that needs to be communicated urgently to the nurse on duty.  

#WMSBacktoSchool Photo Challenge Winners

Thank you to everyone who submitted entries for our first photo challenge of the 2015-16 school year. It was wonderful seeing your images of the first day of school at WMS!

The Kahn (photo below) and Jin (photo above) families were randomly selected as winners! Please stop by Noel's office to collect your prizes.

Watch the WMS Facebook page for upcoming challenges!

Join WMS's Brownie Troop
by Chris Hansen & Elva Deport 
Girl Scouting is fun!  We earn badges, sell cookies, go on fun outings, enjoy the outdoors, do service projects and have tons of fun!  Last year we camped out at Camp Sandy Pines, rode the Kalmar Nyckel tall ship in Lewes Bay, hiked along the stream behind WMS, sold cookies at Christiana Mall, made gingerbread houses and more!  Girls build lasting friendships and learn to lead. 
Our introductory meeting for girls in second and third grades and their parents will be held on Friday, September 18, from 4:30 to 5:30 p.m. in Room 17 at WMS. Regular meetings will be held alternate Fridays from 4:30-5:30 p.m..
Chris Hansen and Elva Delport are experienced leaders and are excited to get the girls started right away. In October, we will overnight in the lodge at the Girl Scout camp in Hockessin and pick pumpkins at Ramsey's Farm.  If you cannot make the meeting but are interested, please contact us at hansenchristine21@yahoo.com or delport@verizon.net.

Co-op Cornercoop
Front Desk Help Needed for Back-to-School Nights 
Wednesday, September 16 and Thursday, September 17
This is a simple and VERY important task. Volunteers are needed to cover the Front Desk on Wednesday and/or Thursday evening (September 16 and 17) and "buzz" people in as they enter the building to attend the Back-to-School Nights. 
Help is needed on: 
Wednesday evening (tonight) from 7:15-8:30 p.m.
Thursday evening from 6-7:15 and from 7:15-8:30 p.m.
If you can help with one evening, both evenings or a portion of either, please email 
Montessori League Soccer Assistants Needed After School
Tuesdays and Thursdays from September 22-October 29
Soccer season for the Montessori League will be starting soon. Would you be willing to assist Jill Hallissey, our new PE teacher, with the student athletes and program? Please email co-op@wmsde.org to volunteer. 

Today's LearnersLearner
When School's Off, Learning's On in Elementary Extended Day Classrooms
"Hey, want to play the ship game?"
Three 8-year-old girls bound up onto the pile of rocks on the playground.
"This is going to be my cabin, and yours is over there."
"Who's going to be the driver?"
"Let's ask Ben!"
"Ben, will you sit right there and drive our ship?"
Ben Loder grins and sits down on a rock, steering an imaginary wheel with one hand and shading his eyes with the other. The girls collaborate on a narrative about their adventures at sea, leaping down into the imaginary foam to vanquish an imaginary villain and then scaling the rock again. Across the playground, a girl and a boy toss a football back and forth, performing dramatic aerial catches and laughing when they miss their mark.
Inside, small groups of children are following other interests: experimenting with color combinations in their spin-art paintings, dealing out cards for a strategy game, or building with K'Nex. 
Children's needs in the after-school hours can be quite different from day to day, and even hour to hour. Sometimes they need to run as fast as they can across the field, and sometimes they want to curl up on the sofa with a book. Sometimes a cooking project sounds great, or maybe a science experiment. Our elementary after-school program is designed to meet children's individual needs in a healthy and balanced way.   
We have two teachers with each group so that children can be in more than one area and pursue more than one interest. Teachers plan projects and provide materials for the children to work with, but children have the freedom to choose another activity, if they wish, as long as it is safe and constructive.  Even children as old as 9 or 10, teetering on the edge of adolescence, still want to make up their own games and act out stories of their own devising. They don't know it, but they are practicing essential life skills: creative problem-solving, collaborative planning, give-and-take, active listening, and being a good friend.
Mix this with time to run and play in the fresh air, quiet time in the homework room to practice those spelling words, making their own pasta sauce with tomatoes from the garden, running their fingers over a topographical map to trace the line of the Rocky Mountains and building a robot from recycled cereal boxes. It all adds up to a happy, healthy afternoon. 
On a day when school is closed, we have time to delve deeper into projects and ideas. We can take a walk in the woods to look for animal tracks, take a STEAM challenge together, write a new song, plan an activity to share with younger buddies or cook up our own holiday feast. The elementary child-care team is on when everyone else is off, and they make WMS a great place for kids from dawn to dusk.  
Tomorrow's LeadersLeaders
1-4 p.m. at WMS

Have you RSVPed for WMS's first-ever homecoming event? We're looking forward to a fun-filled afternoon including a soccer game coached by former WMS PE teacher Lisa Mann, giveaways and more! (Look for an email with additional details in the coming week.)

To RSVP, visit www.wmsde.org/homecoming.

For updates and to see who else is coming, visit our Facebook event page.  We hope to see you there! 
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