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April 23, 2014

Message from Head of School Lisa Lalama 



No Left Turns


Last week, I read an article in the Harvard Business Review about left turns. What I learned was fascinating. Traffic engineers have discovered that more than 10 times as many accidents are a result of crossing traffic, or making left turns. There is also evidence from UPS that virtually eliminating left turns saves millions of dollars in fuel, decreases their carbon emissions by millions of metric tons (equivalent to keeping more than 5,000 cars off of the road), and actually saves time for their drivers.


When I read things like this my mind starts spinning. I begin to wonder about the validity of this claim. Although they have provided evidence, I need to think about the logic of this evidence and why it does or doesn't make sense. I also think about how I can introduce this type of thinking to others, whether it is WMS students or others in my life. I conducted my own simple survey. I shared the results of the UPS information and asked others what they thought. One of the interesting findings of my non-scientific survey is that three young adults told me they never made left turns when they began driving because they were afraid. They went out of their way to make only right turns. Interestingly, an elderly friend now does the same thing.


Though this anecdotal information is interesting and supports what traffic engineers know to be true, that left turns are unsafe, I am more intrigued by "who thought of this." Many of us go through our days without questioning the way things are done. We make right and left turns to get to our destinations in what we have been taught is the most direct, time-saving and efficient of ways. We are taught to do things a certain way, whether it's driving, reading, writing, math, cooking or even playing. We know the rules. We generally follow them. However, if UPS mindlessly followed the quickest, most direct route, would they have saved time, money and a bit of our ozone layer?

At WMS, children are encouraged to ask questions, to wonder, to share the way they approach a problem - even if it is different from a way they were taught. It is through this sense of wonder and encouragement to share our thinking that we all learn and grow. Each day I learn something new, and on a good day I learn many of them from your children. Today, just for a minute, open your mind and think as your children are encouraged to think. Ask questions. Share your way of solving a problem even if it isn't the expected way. And the next time you make a left turn, think about it in a new way and wonder what else is possible. 





Mark Your Calendar
Preschool Spring Concert - 9:30 a.m.
Deadline for ordering limited edition 50th anniversary WMS yearbooks - Books can ONLY be ordered in advance.
Montessori Monday - Admissions - Tell a friend

Staff Professional Day - No Classes - Pre-registered child-care available
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Classroom News

A Musical Spring

by WMS Music Teacher Mary Kate Newell 


Greetings from the music room! WMS students are enjoying a music-filled spring. Last week, we held the Toddler Sing-Along. It was a blast enjoying music and movement with WMS's youngest students and their families and friends! Song highlights from the "informance" included "Bubble Gum," "Grizzly Bear," "Take Me Out to the Ball Game" and "Ram, Sam, Sam!" 


Tomorrow, WMS's preschool students will be performing an "Out of this World" concert, comprised of songs about space. Please join us for the concert at 9:30 a.m. in the Great Room! Don't forget to order a DVD (including both the toddler and preschool performances) from OK Video. 

In other news, 9-12 students are working on songs and choreography for their spring concert entitled "On the Radio," which highlights music and events from the 1920s until present day. 7-9s have learned the song "Underneath My Big Umbrella" through singing and playing Orff instruments. The lyrics of the song include some Japanese words, such as Moshi Moshi ("Hello!") and Domo Domo (several meanings including "thanks," "hello" and "nice to meet you!").


Wishing you a warm and sunny springtime! 
Auction Newsauction
auction header 2014
Saturday, May 3 at WMS
V.I.P. Hour - 6-7 p.m.
Main Event - 7 p.m.

Purchase tickets online or at school today and learn about some of our featured items below! 

Game Time with Teachers  


A wonderful item up for bids at this year's auction is the Game Night with Teachers package. 9-12 teachers Melissa, Shelley and Joanna will host your child along with five of their friends for an evening on June 10. Coordinate with your own friends for a grown-ups' night out while the kids enjoy the good company of these trusted teachers, along with pizza, desserts and board games. Fun for the kids and adults alike - a win-win!  



Athletic Adventures   

Thrill seekers, action lovers and sports fans alike will all find something to bid on at the 2014 Annual Auction Gala. Those with a need for speed will want to place their bids on a NASCAR package, which includes airfare, a three-night hotel accommodations for two and one NASCAR race experience. The winning driver will get behind the wheel of their own race car and be coached via in helmet radio by a personal instructor during their race.

For saltier dogs, a four night stay for two on San Diego bay also features a sailing experience aboard the famous America's Cup yacht, Stars & Stripes. Or, if spectator sports are more your style, you'll want to place your bids on the Ultimate Sports Fan Getaway, which includes airfare and hotel accommodations for two with lower-level or ground pass tickets to a regular season NBA, NFL, MLB, NHL or PGA event of the winner's choice. 



News & Notes
Another sample photo by one of our talented student photographers.
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pills3.jpg Medication Disposal Event  

The Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) is spearheading a nationwide drug take-back event this Saturday, April 26, from 10 a.m. until 2 p.m. Called the "National Take-Back Day," this event provides an opportunity for the public to dispose of unwanted prescription and over-the-counter medications in a safe and environmentally friendly way. The closest collection site to WMS is Shipley Manor on Shipley Road, or you can drop off medications to Nurse Paige, as she will be making a trip to the collection site.  

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