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April 3, 2014

Message from Head of School Lisa Lalama 


Spring break... time spent out of the norm of work, school and "day-to-dayness" of life. This year, the American Montessori Society's annual conference was held during spring break. There were many workshops for teachers, administrators and parents. There were also several keynote speakers including Temple Grandin.


As some of you might know, Temple Grandin is autistic. Most likely, though, she shatters your stereotypes of autism, whatever they may be. At the AMS conference, she spoke to attendees and shared her brain's inner workings. She explained that she "thinks in pictures" rather than words. She shared fMRIs that highlighted her brain's synapses that light up the visual-perceptual areas of the scan and a more typical language-based brain's differences. She spoke eloquently about how she was encouraged and honored for who she is, not who she is not. She left the audience with messages of hope and inspiration.


Yes, Temple Grandin has autism. However, she is not autism; she is a valued contributing member of our society. Her brain happens to work a bit differently than many of our brains; she has unusual cognitive abilities, such as a photographic memory and excellent spatial skills. Thank goodness for the opportunities she has had to pursue her passions, engage her brain and make contributions to the world in her own right.


As we work with children each day at WMS, our job is to honor them for who they are and to help them discover and pursue their passions. Each of our brains is unique, and thus, we learn in different ways. Through the Montessori Method, each child is treated as an individual and guided on the path to knowledge that best suits his or her learning style. It is this type of learning - not the type that tries to fit each child into the same mold through tests and textbooks - that fans the child's inner flame and ignites passion.

Isn't that something we all deserve?



Mark Your Calendar
3Standardized Testing & Classroom-Based Assessment Workshop - 8:45 a.m.- Library - Learn More

Parent Work Room Grand Opening and PTO Meeting - 9:15 a.m. - Room 17

4 & 10Childfind Testing (for preschoolers who will be turning 5 years of age by August 31, 2014) Questions? Contact Theresa Conaty.  
7Montessori Monday (Admissions) - 9:30 a.m. - Tell a friend!
7-11 ERB Testing
WMS Spirit Week - Details TBA 
Spirit Wear Sale - before and after school in the front lobby (the 16th will be school spirit day!)
17 "Informance" (Toddler & family sing-along) - 11 a.m. - Great Room 
18 No school or child-care. 
No school. Pre-registered child-care available.
snow Note: In spite of the snowy winter we've had, WMS will still end its school year on Thursday, June 5, as scheduled.
Classroom News

Room 11 News: Preschoolers in Space!  

by Cathy Simon-Cord  

Room 11 has been exploring space. Outer space has a serious "wow" factor for children. There is so much to think about and learn. We have had fun learning the planets, even the new dwarf planets and some of the constellations. We have watched Neil Armstrong's first steps on the moon and visited the West Chester University Planetarium. We have been lucky enough to have Brock Czeschin, a father in Room 11, not only come and talk to us about planets, but also lend us his models. We learned that the days of the week in French are based in the planets, Mercury, Venus, Mars, the moon, Jupiter and Saturn. Tim Moore, assistant teacher extraordinaire crafted a space shuttle out of cardboard boxes for the children to imagine their own space travel.


If Earth is getting you down, come whirling and twirling among the stars with the children in Room 11. We promise it will be out of this world! 

News & Notes
Standardized Testing & Classroom-Based Assessment Workshoptesting
Thursday, April 3 (Tomorrow), at 8:45 a.m. in the Library                   
Learn more about the ERBs and other testing and assessment tools used at WMS: 
  • What kinds of assessment tools are used in WMS classrooms?
  • What is standardized testing and what do the results mean?
  • How do WMS teachers use these results to help ensure that your child gets the best education possible?
For more information, contact Liz Madden, Director of Educational Programs.
Standardized Testing
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