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September 18, 2013
Marie's Message    
Weekly news and notes from Head of School Marie Dugan 


The greatest joy for me this year is the precious time that I spend with the children and their teachers. I wish I could be in the classrooms more often. There is always something exciting happening in every room. This week I stopped by when Alex invited me to come in to watch their science project. The 9-12 students were making grape juice. The teams had to figure out how to get the juice out of the grapes, measure and strain it, and proceed with writing the details in preparation for future science recording. Cathy and Tim's preschool class was doing fish prints. They are beautiful. I have included a section of their monthly newsletter that tells how and why they are painting a fish.      

Painting Fish


To go along with our "Sea" theme, we painted and printed with a real fish on Thursday.  Surprisingly only three friends chose not to participate in the art/science activity. We talked about the parts of a fish and explained that fish printing was an art form in Japan called Gyotaku, which means fish rubbing. We were able to show the children some examples of Gyotaku on Tim's iPad. The children seemed to enjoy painting the fish, as well as creating their unique prints. The prints turned out beautifully, showing incredible detail. Tim even made one to give to Whole Foods to thank them for donating the fish to our classroom. 


One of the ways for you to learn about the details of your child's WMS experience is to read the newsletters, attend your child's classroom curriculum meeting, observe from the observation rooms and sign up for The Journey. November 10 is the first scheduled date. Others are on February 11 and March 17. The Journey takes you on a tour of all levels of our programs. It is a morning event during which teachers explain their class goals and demonstrate some of the amazing learning materials through lessons at each program level. This is an event not-to-be-missed. To register, contact [email protected].


I will see you tonight at the curriculum meetings in 5-7 and 7-9 classrooms. 



Have a wonderful week!


Marie's Signature  

First Responders on 9-11
Students Thank First-Responders on 9/11

The 7-9 students took the time on September 11 to make "Thank You" cards for our "local heroes," the Wilmington Police Department and the Wilmington branch of the FBI, who help keep us safe every day. On Friday, Master Corporal Jeff Silvers, parent of Morgan Silvers (9-12 student), joined the 7-9 class to share with the students more information about their important work. Officer Silvers was accompanied by Detective Andrea Janvier and Supervisory Special Agent Jeff Reising. Students had a chance to hold the vest and equipment belt that each officer uses each day, while our guests patiently answered our many questions about their work. The students sent back with our guests the many cards that they carefully made, so our local officers would know we appreciate their work. 
Mark Your Calendars
19Welcome Back/Peace Assembly/Pinwheels for Peace Activities - 10:30 a.m.
25Back-to-School/Curriculum Night (Preschool parents) - 7 p.m.
Child-care is available for $5 each. Contact [email protected] for more information. 
26/279-12 Program Overnight Trip to South Mountain YMCA Camp
30Montessori Monday Open House - Admissions - 9:30 a.m.
Tell a friend! 



1WMS Dads Group Meeting - 6 p.m. in the gym
Learn more 
11First State Ballet - Artist in Residence Performance 
Details TBA
14Staff Professional Day - No Classes
Child-care available. Register Online 
16Admissions Open House - 9:30 a.m.
Tell a friend! 
18WMS Night at Ramsey's Farm - 5:30 p.m.
Details TBA


Co-op Corner
Why Co-op? The Importance of Parent Involvement and Service

Now is the time to plan how you will fulfill your WMS Parent Co-op requirement for the year. Co-op opportunities are listed at and on the main co-op board across from the library.


When parents join in the work of the community there are benefits for everyone - the children, the teachers, the staff and the parents themselves.


What are the reasons to get involved?

  • It feels good.
  • It strengthens your community.
  • It can strengthen your family.

What does service teach your children?

  • A sense of responsibility. 
  • That one person can make a difference.
  • The benefit of sacrifice.
  • Tolerance. 

Adapted from "Community Service, A Family's Guide to Getting Involved," featured in KidsHealth from Nemours.


Please contact Laurie Orsic if you are in need of additional information about the WMS Parent Co-op commitment. 

Featured Montessori Child: Anne Frank
Anne Frank's Montessori School
Anne Frank with her classmates at Montessori school, which she attended from 1933 to 1941.

The Diary of Anne Frank is an eloquent and heart-wrenching account of the Holocaust, written by a remarkable Jewish girl whose faith in the ability for good to triumph over evil has inspired readers for years. While the story of her family's life in hiding from the Nazi's bears little resemblance to our lives today, the picture of her Montessori classroom above is amazingly familiar. 


Anne's classroom looks incredibly similar to the Montessori classrooms in which our children spend their school days - the work the children are doing; the way the teacher is sitting amongst them; the simple, mostly unadorned walls; the plants; children sitting on the floor with their bead chains laid out; and all of the familiar materials along the walls and on shelves. 


Her father, Otto Frank told friends: "Anne was a demanding character. She continually asked questions... When we had visitors, it was difficult to free yourself from her, because everyone and everything interested her... It was good that Anne went to a Montessori School, where each pupil gets a lot of individual attention." 


The story of Anne Frank is so dramatic, so unlike anything our children have experienced, and yet this picture of her in her beloved Montessori classroom makes us realize how similar her early life was to our that of our own Montessori children.

News & Notes
Parent Art on Display in the Lobby

Have you seen the beautiful counted cross stitch work on display in the lobby? It was created by Deepa Vasudevan, mother of Avani, a student in the 9-12 program.
If you haven't stopped by to see it yet, be sure to make a point to do so!
Deepa Cross stitch
Dads Group
dadsCalling all Montessori dads!    

Join other WMS fathers at our new "Montessori for Dads" Discussion Group.


First meeting: Tuesday, October 1, 2013 at 6 p.m. in the WMS Gym.

This will be an informal meeting to share ideas from experienced to inexperienced Montessori dads. We grab something to eat nearby and talk Montessori. 


If interested, please contact Matt Harris, Everett's Dad, at [email protected], or contact Theresa Conaty with any questions.


Message from WMS Maintenance Staff - Fire Safety Inspection 

It's time for our annual fire safety inspection!    
Every year, the fire alarm and sprinkler systems at WMS are inspected by Wayman Fire Protection to meet state and local regulations.  

Sprinkler systems were inspected yesterday and on Monday, September 23, we will be testing the alarm systems and inspecting all of the fire extinguishers in the building.
The alarm testing should be complete before 8 a.m. Maintenance staff will alert families and staff in the building prior to the sounding of the alarm.
Steel Drums - Holiday Concert
Register for After-School Programs Today
Steel Drums - First class today at 3:30 p.m.!
Come experience the sound of the Caribbean! Steel drum classes are back at WMS. Auditions and classes for children in third through sixth grade begin on September 18. The 12-week program costs $195. Monthly payment options are available. For more information, contact Atiba Fields at [email protected] or 302-981-7157. Flyers are available in the lobby. See our steel drum band in action in this video from last year's winter concert!

Updates on other programs:

The following after-school specials are canceled due to low enrollment:  Hip-Hop & Bop, Sing & Move, After-school Chorus, Comedy Improv, Drama Workshop, Young Scientists.


Adventures in Drawing and Painting and Art Explorers each need three more enrollees to run, and LEGO Problem Solvers and Hip-Hop each need two. These classes will be canceled if we don't get them by Thursday.


Super Science and Photography WILL run, but will begin a week later, on 9/25.


Soccer Shots and Soccer will run as scheduled, although both have room for more students.

Adopt-A-Book 2013  by Lena Mucchetti 
For more than 20 years, WMS families have contributed to a legacy of literature through the school's Adopt-a-Book program. The fundraiser, which began in the early 1990s, is "a way to augment a limited budget for new purchases" of contemporary works, says librarian Elizabeth Varley.

Through Adopt-a-Book, WMS families can select a title from the library's wish list to "adopt." In addition to receiving a thank you in the Wednesday Weekly, donors have the opportunity to place an inscription of their choosing on a book plate which will be affixed to their newly adopted book before it is placed on the shelves to be read and enjoyed by WMS students for many years to come.
Adopt-a-Book ensures that the school library collection continues to expand while families leave their mark in a unique way.

Elizabeth's wish lists for the library each year include a variety of reading levels and interests in both fiction and non-fiction works she feels are important additions to the school's collection. "One item of note for this year's list was the inclusion of a number of books written and illustrated by Jim Aronsky," Elizabeth says. "Aronsky writes primarily non-fiction (although his 'Every Autumn Comes the Bear' is a story I read every fall to the children) and is an excellent animal illustrator, so these will be valuable for animal studies and the teachers now have the option to do an author study featuring a writer of non-fiction."
Seventeen books are still available for adoption. All are $15 and are on display in the library. Additional information can be found at

The Wednesday Weekly shares WMS news and events that are relevant to the families in our community.  Please send submissions to [email protected] by 4:30 p.m. on the Friday prior to the issue in which you wish to include your information.  Content may be edited for length and style and may be held for a future issue due to space constraints.  For more information, contact Noel Dietrich, Communications Officer.
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