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March 6, 2013
Marie's Message    
Weekly news and notes from Head of School Marie Dugan 

Financial Aid Letters

All the award letters have been mailed.  We have extended the date for re-enrollment/deposits to March 15. We are happy to be able to offer support to families who qualify and who have submitted all requested information through FAST, the ISM program that analyzes the data. If you have questions, please contact me directly by phone, stopping by or email.


Deposits are flowing in! We are happy! Theresa Conaty is now processing applications for new students. We will begin accepting new students only after our current families have submitted theirs and we see how many openings we will have available. All current classes are full, except for the new Room 5 preschool class. We are happy about enrollment this year!

President Obama Experiences Montessori Education
Check out this picture of the President in a Montessori classroom in St. Louis. He is building the Pink Tower! We want to invite the President to come to WMS for our 2013-2014 50th anniversary celebration. If anyone can help us make contact, please let me know.


A Multilingual School

Many of our staff members speak a second or third language. We did a quick poll this week to learn which ones are spoken by our staff. They include Italian, French, Spanish, Hebrew, Polish, Korean, Norwegian, German and Chinese.   

Do you speak another language? Let us add it to our list. We often have visitors or new families who speak other languages, and we would love to connect everyone. We value the diversity of our multicultural school. Maria Montessori's philosophy is to prepare children to be citizens of the world. We welcome and celebrate every person here at WMS!


Board News
Bylaws Changes and Elections

Although they are hard to read and seem removed from daily life at Wilmington Montessori School, our WMS Bylaws are essential to operating WMS as a nonprofit school.

To be a nonprofit organization, WMS requires a board of trustees to be certain that the school remains true to its mission, to provide oversight to the head of school and to ensure that business is conducted responsibly and legally.

Wilmington Montessori School began as a parent cooperative school nearly 50 years ago with an elected board (nine elected and four appointed directors) of mostly parent members for 43 years, until the bylaws were amended in 2008 creating a wholly appointed board of directors.

The Wilmington Montessori School Bylaws Review Task Force began work in November 2012. This task force was charged with clarifying The Wilmington Montessori School Inc. Amended and Restated Bylaws of 2008 and developing a governance framework that is a philosophical/cultural fit with the WMS community of today.

The important recommended changes to the WMS Amended and Restated Bylaws of 2008 are:
1. Restore a member-elected board (back to nine elected and four appointed trustees).
2. Change name to the Wilmington Montessori School Board of Trustees (from board of directors)
3. Remove the requirement for parent membership to be approved by the board.
4. Allow the board's strategic input into who joins the board through a part-board, part-parent member Nominating and Elections Committee.

You will be able to see these changes soon. The Bylaws are undergoing a final legal review
and when they are officially approved they will be posted on the WMS website under the Board portal.

The WMS Board of Directors endorses these revised bylaws with the belief that elected board members will be responsive to the concerns of the WMS community, and thus will be able to provide mission-guided leadership that fits our community.

The Nominating and Elections Committee will be responsible for determining whether potential board members will be able to meet the Expectations of a WMS Board Member, perform with loyalty and care, and have the knowledge to make wise decisions for WMS (e.g., the board needs some trustees who are knowledgeable about Montessori education).

How does this change impact daily life at WMS? Parents will vote for new board members! By March 10, all WMS parents will receive an electronic ballot with a description of the proposed slate of Trustees, with voting over the next 10 days. Please join us at the Annual Meeting to be present for this historic moment when WMS returns to its roots and we announce our newly elected board members.


WMS Annual Meeting - March 20, 2013 at 7 p.m.
If you are new to WMS, or just never understood this event, the WMS Annual Meeting is a
chance for the WMS Board to inform you, the members of the WMS community, about big picture issues at WMS, AND for you to communicate with the board.

For the first half of the meeting, highlights include the "State of the School" with Marie Dugan,
board member election results, and a chance to meet the entire school staff and learn about WMS's strategic plan and finances. For the second half of the meeting, the board wants to hear and answer your questions.

Stay in the loop during this exciting time for WMS, and  join our dynamic community for this important meeting! 
African Parade
Room 5 celebrates Black History Month with an African parade.
Mark Your Calendars



7                9-12 Talent Show 
                  9:30 a.m. (dress rehearsal) and
                  7 p.m., Gym 

11              The Journey                    
                  Only a few spots left!
                  8:30 a.m. - noon, meet in the lobby 
                  Email [email protected]
                  to reserve your space.

14              Preschool Social
                  5:30 p.m., Great Room

15              Extended Re-Enrollment Deadline
                  Financial aid may be re-allocated and
                  enrollment will open to new students
                  after this time. 


20               WMS Annual Meeting
                   7 p.m., Great Room 

25-28          Spring Break

                  No school. Child care available.   
                  Register in advance.
                  Check out our Spring Break


29               Spring Break - Good Friday
                   School and child care closed 



1                Easter Monday
                  Child care available.   
                  Register in advance.


8                Montessori Monday - Admissions
                  Tell a friend!
                  More on admissions events


11              Parent Education:
                  Standardized Testing
                  8:30 a.m., Room 26
                  Toddler Spring Sing Fling
                  11 a.m., Great Room

15-19          ERB Testing
                   More info coming soon.

17-19          Childfind Testing 
                   More info coming soon.   


20               WMS's Lucky Pair: Auction &
                   Casino Games          
                   7 p.m., Gym   

22               Montessori Monday -Admissions
                   Tell a friend!
                   More on admissions events

25               Preschool Concert
                   9:30 a.m., Gym
Talent Show - Tomorrow!
9:30 a.m. & 7 p.m. 

Join us for our annual 9-12 Program Talent Show! Along with the main performance at 7 p.m., you are also welcome to attend the dress rehearsal at 9:30 a.m. The show will include musical performances (vocal and instrumental; groups and solo acts), skits, dance and more!  

Check out this video of one of the ensemble performances, previewed last week on Dads' Day.
Parent Education
Encouraging Our Children Toward Independence 

Parenting Tips
by Certified Parent Educator (and WMS Great-Grandmother)
Yvonne Nass 

When you were growing up, how did your family respond to mistakes? Were they OK or not tolerated?  oops We may bring our perceptions of mistakes from the family in which we grew up and model their acceptance or non-acceptance.

A "failure" comes from a lack of skill and not the value of the person. When encouraging our children to learn any new skill, we must remember it's a process.  We must accept failure as a normal part of growing and learning and understand that it is no reflection on you as a parent or on your child.

In order to learn from mistakes and failures, we need to help our child explore what he did and what can be done to change the outcome. Don't forget to share your own failures and what you have learned.



For more information about this and other parenting topics, contact Yvonne Nass at [email protected].

journeyJoin us on The Journey - March 11
8:30 a.m. - noon
Only a few spots left!    
Have you taken the Journey yet? The Journey 
Whether you're a current WMS parent or just beginning to learn about Montessori education - it is time to step out of the observation room...and into the classroom!

During this event, you will:
  • Personally experience the Montessori educational process and better understand the teaching methods.
  • See first-hand how WMS prepares children for success in their educational journey.
  • Learn how each program level builds and supports your child's development from introduction through 6th grade.
  • Open conversations with your child about classroom activities.
  • Realize the positive aspects of learning and succeeding at WMS.
  • Be more prepared to describe the distinction of a Montessori education.

Registration is free and you receive five Co-op hours per family. Free child care is available by registering with [email protected]

Call or email Theresa Conaty, Admissions Officer, to reserve your spot. You can reach Theresa at 302-475-0555 or [email protected]

"I found the day to be extremely valuable in learning about the Montessori Method - which seems to be an extraordinary interdisciplinary approach to learning" - Parent attendee
News & Notes
preschoolsocialPreschool Family Potluck Social
Want to get to know other preschool families?

Join us for the Preschool Family Potluck Social scheduled for March 14 at 5:30 p.m. in the Great Room. New WMS parent Sushana Chaudhary has organized this event, which will include crafts for the kids and a potluck-style dinner.  

Please contact Sushana ([email protected]) to RSVP.

Junque 'n' Treasures Rummage Sale
More beautiful treasures for your home!

The 2013 Junque 'n' Treasures Rummage Sale is less than two months away!  The sale will be held on Saturday, April 27 (with a pre-sale/children's bike sale for WMS families and staff on April 25).  Please drop your items off in the bins outside Room 24 or in the front lobby area. Donations are tax-deductible - visit the front desk to request a donation form. Join our Rummage Sale event page on Facebook for news and updates!

Remember, pick-up service is always available for larger items, furniture, play equipment, household, etc.  Smaller goods can be picked up as well as if you are unable to transport them to WMS.  Please contact Nancy Sakaguchi at 302-475-4162 or email [email protected] to make arrangements.  

We thank you kindly for your ongoing generosity.  Volunteer opportunities will be posted shortly! 
9-12 Student Art Selected for DAIS Art Show


Dear Parents & Staff,

I am pleased to announce that all of the  9-12 students will be participating in this year's Delaware Association of Independent Schools (DAIS) Art Exhibit.

This year the exhibit is being held at The Tatnall School. The exhibit will be up from April 9 through 11 with a reception on April 9 from 4 to 6 p.m.

I hope that you will come out and support the students and enjoy some fantastic artwork!

Laurie Muhlbauer
Free Family Concert 



In an event sponsored by Wilmington Montessori School, the Newark Symphony Orchestra will present "Carnival of the Animals" on Sunday, March 17 at 3 p.m. at The Independence School (1300 Papermill Rd., Newark, DE).  

WMS's very own Executive Assistant Carolyn Fuhrman will perform with the orchestra on cello in a concert that will also include performances by the Delaware Dance Company.  


Following the concert, the DDO will present a dance demonstration.  There will also be an "instrument petting zoo," children's activities and a full-size keyboard up for raffle.


To learn more, contact Carolyn or visit 


Spring After-School Soccer: 


Eight-week session, March 15 - May 24. Cost: $145.  

See Cass Winner or visit the After-School Specials website for more information and online registration!


Camp Montessori Logo
Nature. Nurture. Knowledge. 
Make it a Montessori summer! 


Have you registered for Camp Montessori yet?
Be sure to visit the Camp Montessori website to check out this year's line-up of unique specialty camps or enroll your child in traditional day camp. 
Specialty camps begin to fill in March, so be sure to secure your child's space! Also, don't forget that there is 10% discount for those who register for five or more weeks of camp before April 1.
Auction Info
Learn more at

The Wednesday Weekly shares WMS news and events that are relevant to the families in our community.  Please send submissions to [email protected] by 4:30 p.m. on the Friday prior to the issue in which you wish to include your information.  Content may be edited for length and style and may be held for a future issue due to space constraints.  For more information, contact Noel Dietrich, Communications Officer.

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