February 4, 2016
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About the Road Map Region Race to the Top Grant
In 2012, seven King County, Washington, school districts joined forces and won $40 million in federal Race to the Top funds over four years. The participating school districts are Auburn, Federal Way, Highline, Kent, Renton, Seattle and Tukwila. The districts dubbed themselves The Road Map District Consortium, a reference to their participation in the Road Map Project, a community-wide effort in South Seattle and South King County to drive major educational improvement with a focus on personalized learning.

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We are pleased to share that a recent data-use conference for school counselors was a great success! In addition, a blended learning symposium led by Race to the Top participants was very well-received. Thank you to everyone involved!    
Wins for Road Map
Race to the Top! 
School Counselors and Data Seminar a Great Success!
Tuesday, February 2 was an exciting day for School Counseling in the Road Map Region. This year we celebrated National School Counselor Week with nearly 200 counselors and district leaders from around the region spending the day with Dr. Trish Hatch. Participants learned how to use data to build an effective and efficient school counseling program that will ensure ALL students have access to the services they need to be successful in high school and transition to post-secondary education. Dr. Hatch is the author of "Data Use in School Counseling" as well as coauthor of the American School Counselor Association (ASCA) national model. Dr. Hatch is an inspirational leader who advocates for the School Counselor profession and how critical it is to students' success, and teaches others to do the same.
After this important day of learning, school counselors and others in the region will continue the effort to elevate the School Counseling profession and its importance to meeting the Road Map Project's goal of doubling the number of students on track to earn a college degree or career potential by 2020, as well as Puget Sound ESD's goal to eliminate the opportunity gap. For information on related activities, please visit our Stay Strong page.  
Puget Sound Convenes Blended  Learning Leaders Symposium
Recently, Race to the Top Districts came together to convene the region's first Blended Learning Leaders Forum in Puget Sound.

Supported by Race to the Top, Federal Way, Highline, Kent, Renton and Tukwila School Districts instructional technology leads collaborated in sharing the progress they have made in introducing and implementing Blended Learning Practices, and the progress they have made to augment and further personalize foundational STEM instruction. Federal Way District Superintendent Dr. Tammy Campbell led with a keynote that focused on equity and a focused theory of action; that message was echoed by Terese Emry, Associate Superintendent for Puget Sound Educational Service District.

Together these groups held and shared a consistent message that the focus should remain on students and instructional practice that clearly support STEM Strong goals. As a result, this event was a demonstration of the collaboration and progress that has taken place for Race to the Top districts. Thank you all! 
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