September 10, 2014
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About the Road Map Region Race to the Top Grant

In 2012, seven King County, Washington, school districts joined forces and won $40 million in federal Race to the Top funds over four years. The participating school districts are Auburn, Federal Way, Highline, Kent, Renton, Seattle and Tukwila. The districts dubbed themselves The Road Map District Consortium, a reference to their participation in the Road Map Project, a community-wide effort in South Seattle and South King County to drive major educational improvement with a focus on personalized learning.

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We are excited to share the news that Gildo Rey Elementary in Auburn has received the highest MSP math scores in the state! Other good news is that Seattle colleges will now be accepting SAT scores for placement into college courses. Finally, there is a great opportunity for teacher engagement on assessment. 

Gildo Rey Posts Impressive Math Scores
We are very pleased to pass on the news that Auburn's Gildo Rey Elementary has received outstanding math scores on the Measurements of Student Progress (MSP). The school has 5th grade MSP math scores that are first in the entire state, and 4th grade scores that are 6th in the state.  Congratulations to Auburn, and to the staff and students at Gildo Rey Elementary!

Auburn has been recognized for some time for its consistent work to improve student achievement in mathematics and reading, and its efforts to close the achievement gap. Gildo Rey Elementary is a Race to the Top high-need school. The school is 75% students of color, 84% low-income and 41% transitional bilingual. 

Seattle Colleges to Accept SAT Scores for Placement
Seattle colleges are now accepting SAT scores for placement! The minimum score for placement into English 101 will be 460 in reading and 460 in writing.  The minimum score for placement into college-level math is 520. There are several such college-level math options, and students will meet with advisors to determine which course is best for the student's program of study.  

Piloting this new policy should help to reduce remediation rates among college students, and should facilitate the placement of students in appropriate college courses. For information on related College and Career Readiness work, please see our Stay Strong page.

Teacher Voices Sought by Smarter Balanced Assessment Consortium
This summer and fall, educators can participate in two important projects related to Smarter Balanced. The Smarter Balanced Assessment Consortium (SBAC) is asking K-12 teachers for feedback on the Digital Library of formative assessment tools and resources. In addition, teachers and higher education faculty can sign up to participate in the process of establishing achievement levels for the assessments.

For more information about getting involved, please refer to the online registration page.

Please visit the Race to the Top Website!
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