September 4, 2013
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About the Road Map Region Race to the Top Grant

In 2012, seven King County, Washington, school districts joined forces and won $40 million in federal Race to the Top funds. The participating school districts are Auburn, Federal Way, Highline, Kent, Renton, Seattle and Tukwila. The districts dubbed themselves The Road Map District Consortium, a reference to their participation in the Road Map Project, a community-wide effort in South Seattle and South King County to drive major educational improvement with a focus on personalized learning.

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We are excited to begin a new school year working with our partners! We congratulate and celebrate with White Center Heights Elementary in Highline, which has achieved gains in reading and math. Our PreK-3rd Grade Coaches are supporting the development of action plans aligned with "Jump Start" programs for entering kindergarteners, and we have released an RFQ for Project 5: Create a Regional System for Career Awareness and Exploration. We encourage you to share these activities with colleagues, and to pass along this newsletter!

Highline Achieves Huge Gains!
White Center Heights in Highline achieved sizable improvements on the State Measures of Student Progress (MSP) test from 2012 to 2013. Fourth grade writing scores increased 9 points, 5th grade science scores increased 25 points, and math and reading scores across 3rd through 6th grades posted impressive gains of between 8 to 30 points.

A number of factors contributed to student success:  a commitment by teachers, staff and leadership to student success;  a sustained focus on data and student outcomes; intentional use of intervention programs and materials; parents who heard the need for improvement and joined the effort; and after-school teachers and community partners who wrapped around student learning needs. These are exactly the types of supports Race to the Top will help promote across our region.

White Center Heights, along with Mount View, are the two elementary schools that benefit from funding from Race to the Top's Deep Dive 2 project. (For more information on Deep Dive 2 and the other Race to the Top Start Strong projects, please click here.)

Districts Successfully Carry out "Jump Start" Programs
In recent weeks, many districts have successfully carried out "Jump Start" programs. These programs bring entering kindergarteners into school early to build family connections, ease transition, establish routines and provide added learning time.  New state-funded full day kindergartens and ECEAP slots mean increased numbers of children will benefit from early learning opportunities this year.

Race to the Top's Project 3A involves the establishment of a strong, region-wide PreK-3rd Grade system which supports a team in each district working to implement a PreK-3rd grade plan that aims to ensure all students are ready for kindergarten, and will be successful in elementary math and reading. The scale of this project reaches all elementary schools, expands on existing efforts and leverages the region's research and resources in early learning work. For more information on Project 3A, please click here. For a highlight of one of the seven Road Map districts' Jump Start activities, Federal Way, please click here.

Project 5 RFQ Released
Race to the Top Project 5 (Create a Regional System for Career Awareness and Exploration) recently designed and released a Request for Qualification (RFQ) for the development of Field Guide for the development of a regional system that supports 3rd grade through 12th grade students as they develop their awareness of the various careers available to them, and explore those careers through work-based learning experiences. The deadline for organizations to respond to the RFQ is September 11th and the tentative award date is September 25th.
The goal of this regional system is to equip students with increased knowledge and skills to make informed plans and decisions about careers and the education and training pathways for achieving their career goals. A regional system will be put in place linking high school students with local employers and practitioners who offer career development opportunities, job shadows, internships, and mentoring. The goal is to provide at least one meaningful work-based learning experience for each student prior to their graduation from high school.  With the system fully at scale, an estimated 10,000 students per year will be engaged in a meaningful work-based learning experience. For more information on Race to the Top's STEM Strong projects, including Project 5, please click here.



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