August 21, 2013
Issue No.7
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8/26 Project 1 RFP Due

8/28 Project 8 Collaboration Session

9/6 Deep Dive 3 Technical Workgroup Meeting

9/9 Project 8 Letters of Intent Due

9/10 Race to the Top Executive Committee Meeting

9/11 Project 8 Info Session #2

9/17 Project 3B Info Session #1

9/18 Deep Dive 3 Technical Workgroup Meeting

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About the Road Map Region Race to the Top Grant

In 2012, seven King County, Washington, school districts joined forces and won $40 million in federal Race to the Top funds. The participating school districts are Auburn, Federal Way, Highline, Kent, Renton, Seattle and Tukwila. The districts dubbed themselves The Road Map District Consortium, a reference to their participation in the Road Map Project, a community-wide effort in South Seattle and South King County to drive major educational improvement with a focus on personalized learning.

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We have continued with our summer activities, and are preparing for the beginning of a new school year! We recently convened the first High School and Beyond Leadership Institute of counselor staff leaders, and planning for the Deep Dive 3 Investment Fund for School-Community Partnerships has begun in earnest. As always, please pass along this e-newsletter to interested friends and colleagues!

First "High School and Beyond Leadership Institute" Convenes
In August 2013, the Road Map Project convened middle school, high school and district staff identified as college and career readiness leaders in their district for the first High School and Beyond Leadership Institute.

The four-day Institute provided an opportunity for participants from the seven Road Map districts to give feedback on current projects occurring in the region (including Race to the Top and DiscoverU), participate in professional development sessions, and connect with leaders from other districts. Participants also gave feedback on the rollout of Dream Project Counselor Assistants (RTT Project 6) and the College Board Pathway Assessments (RTT Project 7). For more information about the event please click here or contact College and Career Readiness Manager Jennie Flaming.

Deep Dive 3 Technical Workgroup Begins Work 
Our Deep Dive 3 Technical Workgroup is largely formed, and had its first meeting Tuesday August 20th with meetings to follow on September 6th, September 18th, October 2nd and October 15th.  


In addition, Deep Dive 3 staff recently presented and gathered feedback from the Race to the Top Executive Committee and the Road Map Project Community Network Steering Committee, which will be used to inform the Deep Dive 3 process, pose questions and gather lessons learned from the other Deep Dive sites.   


The Deep Dive 3 project creates a fund that aims to raise student achievement through community-school partnerships of regional significance. These models are expected to produce examples of sustainable work that can be replicated. For summary information about the other Deep Dive projects, please click here. For more information about Deep Dive 3, please contact Project Lead Matthew Gulbranson.   



Please visit the Race to the Top Website!
Please remember to share the Road Map Region Race to the Top website with friends and colleagues! We regularly update content and add new resources. To access the website click here!

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