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Galvanizing Cranes
EMH Cranes Can Handle the Galvanizing Environment 
Overhead cranes used in galvanizing plants operate under harsh conditions. The chemicals used in the process and the resulting humidity demand special, corrosion- and moisture-proof construction for reliable operation.
V&S (Voigt & Schweitzer) Galvanizing has over 100 years of experience in hot dip galvanizing, beginning in Germany in 1893, and established operations in the U.S. in 1985. V&S now has six U.S. locations, and services customers from small fabricators to world-renowned companies.

V&S has used EMH as the crane supplier for all their galvanizing plants, a total of twelve cranes to date.
Their newest cranes are located in the Columbus, OH plant. There are four 20 ton cranes with dual 10 ton hoists, two of which are shown above. Among the special feature are: NEMA 4X (fiberglass) electrical enclosures; galvanized endtrucks; and epoxy coating for the girders and hoist frame.
EMH has developed the knowledge and experience to handle the special requirements of many industries. Let us provide you with a solution - call us today!

New 15 Ton Single Girder Hoist  

 EMH Monorail

Our new Model 3150E hoist offers an economical option for single girder cranes up to 15 tons capacity.


The 4 to 1 reeved hoist is available with 20, 33 and 50 feet of lift. H3 (HMI) and 1A (FEM) service duty rated.


Standard 4/1 Hoists Rated H4


EMH dealers should make a note that all of our standard packaged hoists for capacities up to and including 10 tons, are H4 rated for heavy duty (Class D) use.


Models included are EM800 (3 tons), EM1000, (5 tons), EM2000 (7.5 tons), and EM3000 (10 tons) in monorail and double girder configurations.


September, 2013  



Crane Mfgrs. Assn. of America 


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New Regional Sales Manager

Meet Brian Jones


Brian Jones   


Our new Southwest Regional Sales Manager will cover a territory that includes Arizona, Arkansas, Colorado, Louisiana, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Mississippi, New Mexico, Western Tennessee. Texas, and Utah.


Brian's background includes 22 years of business development experience in such industries as hoisting, rigging, conveying and industrial air filtration.


Brian currently resides in Greater Kansas City with his wife, Dana, and enjoys travel, fishing and grilling in his spare time.






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