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EMH Celebrates 25th Anniversary!

We're proud to announce the 25th Anniversary of the founding of EMH, Inc.25th Anniversary Seal     


EMH began in 1988 as a two-man distributor of standard crane kits. It wasn't long however, before the company began assembling complete cranes at its plant in Berea, OH. 


By 1997, EMH was able to move into its current home office and manufacturing facility in Valley City, between Cleveland and Akron, OH. The plant has since been expanded twice, to its present size of 120,000 square feet, with further additions slated for 2014.


All this was made possible by the dealers and crane users that have supported our development over the years, We thank them for their role in our success, and plan to continue building upon these relationships in the coming years. 

 New, Improved Swivel Trolley Hoist




Model SU Swivel Trolley HoistEMH has made improvements in its Model SU Monorail Hoist (for curved girders) line for smoother, more reliable performance. 

  • Guide rollers have been added to ensure positive alignment and travel along the curve.
  • Fully adjustable for a variety of flange widths via stack washer assemblies.
  • Compact, close headroom design.
  • Capacities to 15 tons, larger for special applications.
  • Available for wide flange or "S" beams.




June, 2013  



Crane Mfgrs. Assn. of America 


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EMH is 25!
New Swivel Trolley Hoist
New Instructional Video

Rope Guide Video  


EMH Rope Guide Removal and Installation

Dealers who service EMH wire rope hoists will want to check out our new video, Rope Guide Removal and Installation.


The nine minute video goes through the process in detail, and can be found by going to:



We're planning to produce more videos of this nature in the near future, and will be sure to let you know when they're available.  

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