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February 2014
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Will you be Using a Realtor to Buy or Sell Real Estate in 10 Years?

Realtors have the key. The key belongs to a little club called the Multiple Listing Service or more commonly referred to as the MLS. This coveted database of valuable information has.........

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Question and Answer

 Question and Answer

We are planning to sell our home but have only lived in it the last 10 months. Will we have to pay tax on our sales profit,if any?   

The Canadian Revenue Agency (CRA) does not work with a specific timeline; there is no specific period of time you have to have lived in your primary residence before you are......
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January Real Estate Board Stats

Marketing Stats


Steady trends continue in the Greater Vancouver Housing Market. The first month of 2014 saw home sale and listing totals outpace historical averages in the.... 

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Housing Outlook is Positive for 2014

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"Housing demand in the province has nearly full recovered from the 2012 downturn" said Cameron Muir, BCREA chief economist. "Over the next........ 


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Technology In Your Home


Now that we have an idea of where the technology is headed, let's look at the companies that are blazing the trail for the future of technology in your home. I thought I would start with a company called.... 


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Homeowners richer but not better off: Stats Can Report


Real estate is making British Columbian families richer, according to Statistics Canada's latest report on  financial security, though that is not necessarily making them better off. British Columbia saw........


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