What's New in STRIKER 2015                                                                         
We are excited to announce the upcoming release of STRIKER 2015 CAD/CAM & Nesting software.  We've been listening, and STRIKER 2015 introduces a number of productivity features that are directly from customer requests.  Click the image below to see a detailed summary of what STRIKER 2015 has to offer!  


Click image to view "2015 Feature Advancements" PDF.


Included in STRIKER 2015:




  • All New Auto Punching Interface
  • Intelligent Concentric Circle Processing
  • Automatic Tool Substitution & Reprocessing
  • Additional Auto Punching Control
  • Improved Auto Punching Algorithms
  • Improved Manipulation of Punched Parts
  • Improved Turret Dialog
  • Sustained Shear Gap
  • Improved Tabbing Command Flow
  • Tool images Can Now Be Displayed in Setup Sheet
  • Setup Sheet Tool Sorting
  • Auto Punching Can Now Load Tools in Reverse Station Order
  • New Clone Part Command
  • Workflow Wizard Optimization Defaults



  • All New Advanced Tool-Path Editing Interface
  • Enhanced Cut Sequence Options
  • Automatic Part Labeling
  • Workflow Wizard Optimization Defaults



  • Automatic Part Labeling
  • Nest Style Support
  • Enhanced Interactive Nesting
  • Enhanced Optimization for Auto NC Operations



  • Automatic Part Labeling
  • Direct File Import
  • Part Import Shortcut



  • AutoCAD 2015 Compatibility
  • Windows 8 Support
  • Intelligent Command Line
  • Drawing File Tabs


For customers currently enrolled in our Technology Assurance Program membership, STRIKER 2015 will be automatically sent to you immediately upon it's public release in the next coming weeks.  For additional information regarding Striker Systems' Technology Assurance Program, or information/quoting for STRIKER 2015, please contact us here by phone at 800-950-7862 or  by email at Sales@StrikerSystems.com.  

Autodesk Upgrade Policy Changes Coming Q1 2015                                    
For our customers who maintain separate FAB Professional and Autodesk AutoCAD/Inventor licenses, please be aware that Autodesk has major upgrade policy changes coming on February 1st 2015. We have included a link to Autodesk's Knowledge Network, where you can find general information regarding the policy change; however, due to the extensiveness of the upcoming policy changes, we strongly recommend contacting your official Autodesk Reseller for additional information prior to the effectivity date. If you need assistance in locating an official Autodesk reseller, or have not yet been assigned to one, then please contact us at 1-800-950-7862 and we can assist you in doing so.

Click image to view F.A.Q. regarding Autodesk's new upgrade policy.
For our customers who simply run our STRIKER CAD/CAM & Nesting (stand-alone) software, please be aware that none of these Autodesk policy changes will affect any STRIKER software licenses. Your current licenses will continue to be regarded and managed in the same manner as they always have, and no changes are being made to any aspect of our Technology Assurance Program subscription membership routines and/or policies. The Autodesk Upgrade Policy changes mentioned here only affect those Autodesk customers who currently have and maintain perpetual AutoCAD and/or Inventor licenses. 
Autodesk University 2014                                                                                 
We had the privilege of exhibiting at Autodesk University 2014 in Las Vegas a few weeks ago; and with 650 classes, around 10k attendee's, and a large exhibit hall containing over 160 Autodesk authorized developers, solution providers, and partners, it was a very packed three-day event.       
Click the image above to view our AU2014 photo album on Imgur.

The opening and closing keynote presentations played heavily on Autodesk's increasing interest on cloud based computing and collaboration, as well as an equally increasing trend of 3D printing within the industry, and the courses that were made available (to a very broad array of various engineers, designers, and software developers) offered a great deal of beneficial information directly from the tap.


In the interest of keeping this section textually light, a highlight video of the opening keynote presentation has been made available below, however, you can find additional information by visiting http://au.autodesk.com/, where you can view the complete opening keynote presentation, *review recorded sessions from AU2014, and check out the event calendar for other upcoming Autodesk University events around the globe.


*An Autodesk ID/account may be necessary to view content & recorded materials.


Click the image above to view the "Opening Keynote Presentation Highlights" video.


Autodesk University 2015 is scheduled to be held between December 1-3 2015 in Las Vegas Nevada. Autodesk will announce additional dates in February 2015. Visit http://au.autodesk.com/events for more information.  


Striker Schedule & Announcements                                                         

A.) Productivity Training Schedule

As a reminder, one of the advantages of maintaining a Technology Assurance Program membership is that you get to take advantage of our FREE Productivity Training in our White House, TN (Nashville area) training facility. Productivity Training is a best practices training session designed for existing Striker Systems software users wanting to improve productivity. If you would like to participate in a Productivity Training, please contact Nancy Vandewalker at 800-950-7862 ext. 206 or NancyV@StrikerSystems.com to reserve your seat.

Upcoming Workshops:
  • January 15: SS-Punch / SS-Nest
  • January 16: SS-Profile / SS-Nest
  • February 12: SS-Punch / SS-Nest
  • February 13: SS-Profile / SS-Nest
  • March 12: SS-Punch / SS-Nest
  • March 113: SS-Profile / SS-Nest



B.) 2014 Holiday Schedule


Through this upcoming holiday season, Striker Systems will maintain the following schedule:


  • Dec 24, 25, 26:     Office Closed (all departments)
  • Dec 29, 30, 31:     Office Open (all departments)
  • Jan 1:                    Office Closed (all departments)
  • Jan 2:                    Office Open (all departments)


Click image to listen to "Mary Did You Know?" by Pentatonix.
As we approach the closing of the year, each of us often looks back and count our blessings, regard our achievements, and appreciate the people that are in our lives.  We here at Striker Systems are no different, and would like to thank each of our highly appreciated customers, talented staff members, and  active supporters for helping us make 2014 such a great year.  We've made great strides in advancing our products over the last year, with many more feature advancements slated for 2015, and we could not have done it without each of you. THANK YOU, and on behalf of Striker Systems, we wish each of you a safe and merry Christmas and a happy New Year!