March 2014
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Membership Committee Update
Membership Retention
Field and AE Awards - Deadlines and Forms
Paying It Forward
New Hangar Store
Spotlight on Community Partners
Field Spotlight
AFA Highlights Black History Month
CyberPatriot Update
AFA Air Warfare Symposium
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Important Upcoming Events

26-30 March
CyberPatriot Finals
28 March
Field Council Meeting
29 March
AEC Meeting
29 March
Region Presidents Meeting
7-11 April
Warrior Games Trials - Nellis AFB 
13-14 September 
AFA National Convention
16-18 October
Region and State Presidents Meeting

AFA National Report


Bill Rothschild wore his old fatigues to San Jacinto Chapter's Vintage Uniform Night. See "AFA National Report" in March's Air Force Magazine, online at

Field Operations Update


Virtual or Real?   

With today's readily available technology and constraints on time and money, the move to virtual meetings for our chapter EXCOMs, and state and region meetings makes a lot of sense.  Often, the easiest way we can get everyone to participate is to put together a virtual meeting.  It sure beats the alternative of not getting together at all.  But, it comes as a cost, too.  If every meeting is a virtual meeting, we drift further and further from one of the things that makes AFA worth pursuing; the chance to meet face to face, make new friends, renew old friendships, and really connect as members of our association.  So, while I'm all in favor of using technology to our advantage and I frequently engage in virtual meetings at the national and chapter level, I still encourage you to make a point of meeting face to face on a regular basis.  There's nothing like looking the other person in the eye to reach real consensus on tough issues, or to convince them that taking on a leadership position in AFA is the right thing to do.  Besides, face to face meetings are simply more fun...and we all ought to be enjoying ourselves as we do the work of AFA.


Tax Season  

For the vast majority of our chapters, the problem we faced last year with filing IRS form 990Ns is a thing of the past.  Therefore, I remind you to be sure and file this year.  It is painless and takes only a few minutes.  Failing to do so and subsequently losing your tax exempt status can be very painful and tough to recover from, so please don't ignore this requirement. For those chapters still in IRS limbo, we should have a recovery plan available for you shortly.  If anyone  encounters problems this year, contact Mike Smith at AFA National.



'Tis the season for awards, both field and aerospace education awards.  Be sure and take a look at the accompanying article about the schedule for submissions.  We can't pay our great volunteers for all the work they do on behalf of AFA, but we can recognize and thank them for their outstanding service.  If you are a Field leader, one of your responsibilities is to recognize your outstanding performers and programs.  Don't let your folks or your chapter down.  Plan ahead and take advantage of our awards programs.  May 1 is the magic due date.


Emerging Leaders Program

We'll soon be making a call for nominations for next year's Emerging Leaders Program.  The details should be released to you NLT 24 March.  I hope you already have some folks in mind that will benefit from the program which, in its first year, has gotten rave reviews from those who are participating.  I hope this year to see every region in play for the nominations.  This is the seed corn of AFA's future leadership.



Check out the Membership Committee's articles on recruiting civilians in this month's Newsline.  And, speaking of membership, the numbers continue to decline.  Who can fix that?  You and I can!  Make an effort to recruit someone new this month! 




Scott Van Cleef

Vice Chairman-Field Operations


AFA Membership Committee Update              

Recruiting and retaining civilian members in AFA is extremely important. Click on the links below for two articles about civilian recruitment from the Membership Committee!

AFA Membership Benefits for Young Professionals

Success Story - Chapter Civilian Recruitment

Membership Retention 

The first 90 days may be the most critical time to make contact and welcome a new member.  For whatever reason a person decides to join AFA, they have some expectation about our organization. That may be difficult to determine for each individual, but as a whole most people expect something in return for their financial and personal commitment. See the following article for a checklist of things your chapter can do to welcome and retain new members. Read the full article here

Field And Aerospace Education Awards 
It is the time of year to begin putting together nominations for our annual Field and Aerospace Education Awards. This is an opportunity to feature the great work your chapter has been doing. For more information on deadlines and the submission process for these awards, read the article here
Paying it Forward: Honoring and Supporting our Service Members and their Families   
When Miles Eckert found $20.00 in the parking lot of a Cracker Barrel, he choose to pay it forward. What he did and why he did it will remind you of why we must always continue to support our service members and their families. Miles' action was inspiring - see what he did at the video below.  
 Miles' story is  great reminder that we should each look for opportunities to pay it forward every day! How is your chapter paying it forward? Tell us at
New AFA Hangar Store Now Open!
We are excited to announce that AFA has a brand new Hangar Store that is now open for business. Read more about it here
Community Partner Spotlight               
This month's Community Partner spotlight will hopefully encourage other chapters to follow suit. Many chapters have the issue of not knowing businesses to reach out to in order to make them community partners. While getting more CPs is important, chapters can increase their revenue by simply working with the companies they already have. When the Paul Revere Chapter renewed their community partner, Hewlett Packard, originally a Category 1 Community Partner, they added another contact and changed the company to a Category 2. By doing this, the chapter does not have to reach out to different companies, but can upgrade already established CPs. This doubles the money for the chapter for the same company! If you have any tips from your CP program, please email them to
Field Spotlight   
This month's field spotlight focuses on the Sarasota-Manatee Chapter in Sarasota, Florida. They hold many forums on defense issues and recently held one on the role of women in the military - past and present. Amy McCullough, News Editor for AF Magazine, presented on this important topic. Read the full article here

AFA Highlights Black History Month

February was Black History Month, which is an opportunity to reflect on the life struggles, sacrifices, and accomplishments of African Americans while recognizing the rich and diverse cultural heritage of our service. Throughout our country's history, despite harsh times of segregation and discrimination, many African Americans answered their country's call - making valuable contributions to the war efforts and breaking color boundaries. AFA is proud to recognize the great service and sacrifice of all of our veterans throughout our country's history, and we continue to appreciate the dedication of those serving our country today. 

CyberPatriot VI National Finals Competition set for March 27-29 2014
The CyberPatriot National Finals Competition is here! Starting with the Opening Ceremony on Thursday, March 27, 28 teams from 14 states and Canada - 12 Open Division, 14 All Service Division, and for the first time ever two Middle School Division - will be competing at the in-person National Finals Competition hosted at the Gaylord National Resort and Convention Center in National Harbor, Maryland. The main event will take place Friday, March 28, where teams will compete in four different cyber challenges. The event will close with the Awards Banquet on Saturday, March 29. For more information about the event and how you can be involved, contact or call 877-885-5716. To find out if a team from your local area will be competing, visit
AFA's Air Warfare Symposium a Success
The Air Force Association's 30th annual Air Warfare Symposium and Technology Exposition held on February 19th-21st in Orlando was a great success. Speakers and panelists at our symposium this year included Secretary of the Air Force Deborah Lee James, Chief of Staff of the Air Force General Mark Welsh, and Chief Master Sergeant of the Air Force James Cody.  We had exhibits highlighting the latest in aerospace technology developments and education, sponsored by leading aerospace companies. Audio and video recordings from the presentations made during the Symposium can be found here.

From the AFA Facebook Page...

AFA Wounded Airman Program visits introductory adapted sports camp offered by the Air Force Wounded Warrior Adaptive Sports Program.

Nellis AFB, AFA listened in on a briefing and demo on February 26th with the 66th Rescue Squadron -- one of the many events hosted by the base during the introductory adapted sports camp offered by the Air Force Wounded Warrior Adaptive Sports Program! AFA is incredibly honored to be able to attend the camp, meet the many courageous airmen participating in it, and show our support for the program.

Visit the AFA Facebook page here!
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