February 2014
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Membership Committee Update
Membership Retention
Advertising eMembership on the Chapter Level
Field Spotlight
Spotlight on Community Partners
2014 Teacher of the Year Program
AFA AF Breakfast Program
CyberPatriot Update
2014 Air Warfare Symposium and Technology Exposition
AE Grants to CAP Squadrons
AFA Partners with AFMF
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Important Upcoming Events
19-21 February
Air Warfare Symposium
21 February
Executive Committee Meeting
22 February
Board of Directors Meeting
26-30 March
CyberPatriot Finals
28 March
Field Council Meeting
29 March
AEC Meeting
29 March
Region Presidents Meeting
13-14 September 
AFA National Convention
16-18 October
Region and State Presidents Meeting

AFA National Report


Cheyenne Cowboy Chapter President Irene Johnsigan (right) thanks guest speaker Col. Tracey Hayes. This photo by R. J. Oriez exemplifies the unposed action shots we seek for "AFA National Report" in Air Force Magazine.

Field Operations Update

E-Business Improvements

Over the past year, the National staff has been working hard to provide you with improved online technology including a new AFA website, electronic funds transfers for chapter and state support payments, more user-friendly forms, more accurate roster control, and other improvements.  Between now and mid-summer, additional capabilities will be fielded.  We are currently introducing AFA "communities," a capability for our councils, chapters, states, and other groups to locate their correspondence, files, and other information in the "cloud" so any member of that community can easily access it.  The Field Council is currently beginning to use it and other field organizations will be able to take advantage of this soon.  By the end of the second quarter we'll roll out web-based reporting where chapters will be able to submit and track their reports all the way from the chapter to AFA National.  There will be no more misplaced or lost reports, rosters, or plans!  As each of the new capabilities comes online, we'll keep you informed and, when deemed necessary, provide guidance and directions on how to fully utilize them. 


You should all be aware that we recently unveiled a new one-year eMember category of AFA membership.  It's another tool for you to use in recruiting and retaining members.  The only difference between an eMember and a traditional  AFA member is that the eMember will not receive the printed magazine, they will instead get an online version of Air Force Magazine.  A one year eMembership is $30. In the first week we've recruited 70 new eMembers.

Some frequently asked questions about the new eMemberships include:

  1. Will traditional members who get the print magazine also have access to the online magazine?  Ans: Yes, as well as access to all online content on the Air Force Magazine website.
  2. Are we concerned about this impacting production of the printed magazine, making it more expensive to produce?  Ans:  Yes, and we will be monitoring that closely.  But, more advertisers accept the fact that online advertising and print advertising are both valuable to them.  The online magazine will contain the same ads as the printed version.
  3. Will there be a reduced cost eMembership category for Community Partners and Cadets?  Ans:  No, not at this time.

Later this summer, some of the free content currently available on the Air Force Magazine website will be restricted to AFA members only and no longer available to the general public unless they join.   At each milestone in this process we will keep you informed about the coming changes so you will be able to pass the word to your members.  We hope this will attract a new segment of the population to become AFA members. Chapter recruitment is, and will remain, vital to the health of our association. 

Chapter Reporting

If you've turned in your fourth quarter reports but haven't gotten your support payment, you should verify your annual officer roster and activity and finance plans have been received and recorded by AFA National.  If any of those are missing, there will be no support payments until they are accounted for.  It's the chapter's responsibility to ensure those documents have been submitted and recorded. 


Each month, for the remainder of the year, you'll find Newsline articles aimed at chapter membership recruitment/retention, community partners and best practices in recruiting and retaining members.  Look for it.  We need your continued help in this are.




Scott Van Cleef

Vice Chairman-Field Operations

AFA Membership Committee Update              

Over the next seven months the membership committee will be posting a chronological how-to on recruiting members to developing them into chapter leaders.  We will provide techniques and success stories for recruiting genres of members, getting them involved in chapter activities, getting them into conventions, and eventually bringing them onto the leadership team.  Please be on the look-out for opportunities to share your chapters stories!

Membership Retention 
Membership retention is a vital part of increasing AFA's membership. As the following article
The article below by Membership Committee member Randy Coggins proves that the chapter's personal connection with the members in their area is a large part of how successful AFA's membership retention is overall. Do not miss this great point-of-view article on how chapters can improve retention through personal connection - read it in full here
Advertising eMembership on the Chapter Level               
The Langley Chapter in Virginia had the great idea to advertise the new AFA eMembership program on their chapter's homepage. Using the eMember graphic from the AFA website, they created a clickable link to the recent email from AFA's Vice President of Member and Field Relations, Kari Hahn, to AFA members about the new eMembership program. The letter they posted includes a hyperlink to the JOIN page so that interested viewers may sign up as a new eMember. This is a terrific way to promote eMembership on a local chapter website. Take a look at the Langley chapter's homepage and consider adding a similar post to your chapter's website!
Field Spotlight   
This month's field spotlight focuses on the Cheyenne Cowboy Chapter in Cheyenne, Wyoming. Over the holidays, the chapter participated in their Treats for Troops program. They worked hard with their local Air Force base to make sure personnel on duty in the local area received packages full of snacks on Christmas Day. Read more about the chapter's wonderful program here
Community Partner Spotlight               
Looking for innovative ways to leverage the capabilities of your Community Partners to support your chapter's programs?  The Carl A Spaatz Chapter created a win-win relationship with their Community Partner, RamaPost Mail Services. To read more about this company and how the chapter has cultivated such a successful relationship with them, find the full story here

2014 Teacher of the Year Program
Don't forget to nominate a teacher (or two!) from your local area to be your chapter's Teacher of the Year. This is a fantastic way to honor and reward exemplary educators in the community. The due date for Chapter and State Teacher of the Year nominations is May 1. National Teacher of the Year nominations must be submitted by May 31. Please submit all Teacher of the Year materials to field@afa.orgYou can find out more about this program, including links to nomination forms as well as the State and National Teacher of the Year program, here. Some chapter incorporate other Aerospace Education organizations into their TOY selection. Read about how the Langley chapter did just that here

This year we are excited to announce that the AFA's Aerospace Education Council has chosen to update the award materials received in this program. The Chapter, State, and National Teachers of the Year will each receive a pin to commemorate their achievement. Chapter Teachers of the Year will now be awarded with an AFA Chapter Teacher of the Year padfolio, which will be useful in the classroom! State Teachers of the Year will continue to receive the popular embroidered windbreakers. 

Secretary of the Air Force Speaks at January AFA Air Force Breakfast Program

The Honorable Deborah Lee James, Secretary of the Air Force, discussed the cheating scandal at Malmstrom AFB and her three priorities for her tenure at the January installment of the AFA Air Force Breakfast Program. To hear Secretary James' full remarks listen to the audio from the event here

CyberPatriot Update     
CyberPatriot VI National Finalists Teams to compete in National Harbor, Maryland on March 26-30, 2014
After an exciting Semifinal Round of competition, the CyberPatriot VI National Finalists have been selected! In total, 28 teams from 14 states and Canada - 12 Open Division, 14 All Service Division, and for the first time ever 2 Middle School Division - will be competing at the in-person National Finals Competition March 26-30 at the Gaylord National Resort and Convention Center in National Harbor, Maryland. A complete list of the Finalists can be found atwww.uscyberpatriot.org. To find out how you can support a National Finalist team from your area or how to attend the event, email the CyberPatriot Program Office at info@uscyberpatriot.org
CyberPatriot VI State and Regional Recognition Rounds quickly approaching
All CyberPatriot VI high school teams that did not qualify for the National Finals Competition are invited to participate in the State Recognition Round February 21-23, 2014. The highest scoring team from each division within the state will advance to the Regional Recognition Round March 7-9, 2014.  The top three non-advancing teams from each State will receive team certificates. A list of all teams (sorted by state) can be found on www.uscyberpatriot.orgFor more information on how you can support your local CyberPatriot teams, visit our website or contact us at info@uscyberpatriot.org.
2014 Air Warfare Symposium and Technology Exposition 
The Air Force Association's 30th Annual Air Warfare Symposium and Technology Exposition will take place February 19-21, 2014, at the Rosen Shingle Creek Hotel in Orlando, Florida. Read details about this event and view information for registering here

AFA Awards Aerospace Education Grants to Civil Air Patrol Squadrons

The Air Force Association recently announced the 20 recipients of AFA's aerospace education grants, promoting aerospace education for hundreds of students through Civil Air Patrol (CAP) squadrons. AFA awards these education grants, each up to $250, four times each year, twice to units and twice to individual educators. These specific grants are distributed for use in any science, technology, engineering, or math (STEM)-related activity or materials that promote aerospace education, which

includes purchasing textbooks, materials, or activities such as field trips to aerospace museums. Read the full release here.

AFA Announces Reciprocal Membership Discounts between AFA and the Air Force Museum Foundation

The Air Force Association and the Air Force Museum Foundation will be offering reciprocal membership discounts.  Current members of one organization can now join the other organization at a discounted rate. Both AFA and AFMF extensively promote aerospace power and aviation history, and have partnered to benefit their members and others interested in the US Air Force and its heritage.

For more information on discounted rates for membership, visit the website or call the AFA Membership Department at (800) 727-3337 or membership@afa.org

From the AFA Facebook Page...CAP Cadet of the Year Presentation

Congratulations to Cadet Caitlin Albright of the Anoka County Composite Squadron in St. Paul, MN! Albright was the recipient of her CAP squadron's Cadet of the Year award! 
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