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May 2013
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Field Ops Update
Filing Your 990-N
2013 National Convention and Conference Registration Open
AFA National Office Slate of Candidates
Spotlight on Civil Air Patrol
"The Cookie Caper"
AFA Wounded Airman Program Update
September Spouse and Family Forum
Field Spotlight
Field Awards Deadlines
CP Spotlight
CP Tip of the Month
AFA Hangar Store Clearance Items
May AFA Air Force Breakfast
A Pat on the Back!
AFA/USAA Rewards American Express Card

AFA National Report 

May National Report Pic


Steele Chapter's Tom Veltri, left, and Gavin MacAloon, right. Veltri gives tips on "Salute" events in "AFA National Report" in May's Air Force Magazine, also online at


Important Dates

15 May
Field Awards Due Date

5 June
Audit Committee Meeting

6 June
Awards Committee Meeting

7 June
Strategic Oversight Committee Meeting

7-8 June
Executive Committee Meeting

8-9 June
AFA Cycling Classic

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Important Note
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We are attempting to ensure all interested parties receive Newsline regularly.  In order to help with this effort, we request that you forward these newsletters to any interested persons in your chapters.  If you wish to be added to the mailing list, please let the Field Operations Department know at

May Field Operations Update 

By Scott Van Cleef 



Spring RP meeting

The annual Spring Region Presidents meeting was held in St Louis on 19 April.  It was very productive and a lot of topics were covered.  I encourage you to take a look at the "Summary" on the AFA Website.  Other read-aheads and point papers are provided as well.  You'll find all this in the right hand column under "Region President's April 2013 Meeting" on the first Field Resources page. Take a look.  I think you find it informative.


Air Power Advocates

Advocating for air power is one of the main missions of AFA and the Air Power Advocates should be your chapter's main source of up to date information which allows you to do that.  APA members are those who have an active interest in today's issues, are willing to speak out on behalf of air power, and to write about it.  They can also be your conduit to your local legislators.  But, in order for this to work, APA members need to get energized and participate in our telephone conference calls!  Participation has been dropping off as the need for advocacy has been rising!  Encourage your APA members to get back in gear.  If your chapter doesn't have one, find a volunteer.  Contact Chet Curtis for details.


Emerging Leaders List

Region and State presidents are in the process of updating our Emerging Leaders List.  This is a listing of AFA members who are rising through the ranks of chapter and state leadership offices and positions, who show potential for increased involvement and responsibility, and are eager to participate in activities across the spectrum of AFA.  We'll use this list to find volunteers for our committees and councils in the fall and for elective office next year.  We are particularly interested in identifying young leaders (defined as those under 40).  If you qualify and wish to be included, or if you know of someone who should be on the list, let your state and region presidents know.  We want you!


Email Address Updates

Keeping up with ever-changing email addresses for our membership is one of our biggest challenges.  As we continue to move much of our business and information flow to the net, it becomes ever more important.  At every opportunity; in meetings, through newsletters, snail mail...whatever it takes, make a point of asking your members to keep us up to date on their current email address.  They can do so online using our "Members Area" page (choose from the left column of the AFA home page) or via


Direct Deposit Support Payments

We are in the process of testing with several chapters a direct deposit process for support payments using our first quarter data.  If all goes well, we hope to provide this service to all chapters by this fall.  This will greatly simplify our payment process and make it safer and more efficient.  If your chapter does not have a dedicated chapter banking account, you should establish one soon to take advantage of this.  There will be more info to follow when we are ready to implement it nation-wide.


Chapter Revitalization

Efforts to revitalize inactive chapters continue.  The Savannah Chapter in Georgia and Golden Gate Chapter in California are among two recent success stories.  There's a spark of hope at our chapter at Kadena AB, Japan and we are making a big effort to get the Dobbins Chapter in Georgia back on its feet.  Success happens when field leaders get involved and personal.  Personal contact with local chapter members is key to getting folks to step up and get things going again.  Doing so is vital if AFA field activities are going to get healthy.  Please do your part. 


Community Partners....gitcha' one TODAY!


Scott Van Cleef

Vice Chairman-Field Ops



Important IRS Information

IRS Group Exemption Update


As many of you are aware, for the past several months we have been struggling with various tax-exemption and charitable status designation errors within the IRS database.  Most recently, a "fix" to AFA's charitable status listing error caused all entities covered under our group tax exemption (both AFA National and all of our chapters) to become "ungrouped", and therefore none of our related entities are listed in the Exempt Organization Business Master File (EOBMF).  Since we are not listed in the EOBMF, and the IRS has acknowledged that this is THEIR error, it is likely that any interactions with the IRS, including the filing of a chapter's annual Form 990 or 990N, will be rejected as not coming from a tax-exempt organization.


The IRS had pledged to correct this latest issue by 1 May.  They have not yet fixed the issue, though they indicate they expect a resolution by mid-May.  Here is how each chapter should proceed 


1.      If you have not already done so, please file your Form 990, 990N, or 990-EZ (as applicable), or an extension, prior to the statutory filing deadline of 15 May.

2.      If your return is REJECTED (and it is likely that it will be), please retain a copy of the rejection notice and send a hard copy to Mike Smith's attention at AFA National (see contact information below).

3.      If you had previously tried to file and your return was rejected, please send a hard copy of that rejection notice to Mike.

4.      If you previously tried to file and your return was NOT rejected, please send an email or memo to Mike indicating that your return was filed without rejection and the date on which it was filed.


We have our legal advisors hard at work on this issue and any possible relief.  We recognize the challenges that this IRS error has brought to the field and appreciate those of you who have reached out with questions and suggestions.  You and your chapter's business partners and supporters should rest assured that AFA and our subordinate organizations remain a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt charity in good standing with the IRS.


As questions and issues arise, please feel free to contact Mike Smith: 


Mike Smith

Senior VP

Air Force Association

1501 Lee Highway

Arlington, VA 22209




Thank you for your patience as we continue to navigate this challenging issue brought on by errors in the IRS systems.  We will update you on any change in status as it occurs

2013 National Convention and Air & Space Conference Registration Now Open 


The registration page for the 2013 National Convention and Air & Space Conference and Technology  Exposition went live on May 1st.  Both will once again be held at the Gaylord National Resort and Convention Center.  The National Convention will be September 14-15 and the Air & Space Conference and Technology Exposition will be September 16-18.  Please note that some of the pre-conference meetings have changed on the schedule this year. 


For more information about the Convention and Conference, and instructions on how to register, click here.  


expo floor  


 Important Reminders Regarding Potential Delegates 


Who can be a Delegate? Any voting member affiliated with a chapter can be a Delegate for their state if duly selected as a Delegate by the State President. More information on the delegate process will be provided to the State Presidents in the coming weeks. 


All individuals who plan to represent their chapter on the state delegation must coordinate with the State President since the State President is responsible for selecting Delegates in accordance with the AFA National Constitution. The State President must provide a preliminary delegate roster to AFA National c/o Kirsten Klein at by August 15. The official roster of selected Delegates must be presented to the Credentials Committee on Saturday, September 14.


What is a Delegate required to attend during the Convention? Delegates must attend the business session on Saturday, the Region Caucus held on Saturday night and the business session on Sunday. 


AFA National Office Slate of Candidates               

The AFA Nominating Committee, under the leadership of Sandy Schlitt, met in St Louis, Mo, on 20 April 2012.  The Committee is forwarding the following slate of candidates for office to the Delegates at the September 2013 Convention:


Chairman of the Board:        

  • George Muellner (CA) (2nd year of 2 years eligible)

Vice Chairman, Field Ops

  • Scott Van Cleef (VA) :   (2nd year of 2 years eligible) 

Vice Chairman, AE:    

  • Jerry White (CO) (2nd year of 3 years eligible)            

                National Secretary:                

  • Angela Dupont (MA)
  • Justin Faiferlick (IA)    


National Treasurer:                                                

  • Len Vernamonti (MS)(4th year of 4 years eligible)

National Director At Large: (two vacancies)

  • Bill Begert (ME)
  • Dave Deptula (VA)
  • Kevin Jackson (DC)
  • Peter Jones (VA)
  • Dave Warner (CO)

National Director, Central Area:

  • Dave Dietsch (TX)

Spotlight on Civil Air Patrol             


Thanks to the collaboration between the Air Force Association and the Civil Air Patrol, students in Saxton Middle School's Space Club are able to participate in the e-Missions Program, "Moon, Mars, and Beyond." Thirty students, led by educator Joan Saldono, will use videoconferencing technologies to connect live with a flight director at the Challenger Learning Center in Wheeling, Virginia from their classroom in Patchogue, New York. The "Moon, Mars, and Beyond" program has excited her students about aerospace technology and will teach them to apply their math and reading skills to solar system science. The Air Force Association is proud to support such a wonderful program and a bright group of students!
From the AFA Facebook Page       
May is National Military Appreciation Month. Join us in honoring, saluting, celebrating, and thanking those who defend our country day in and day out. We are eternally grateful for their services and sacrifices. Join us at 9am on Monday May 27th for our annual Memorial Day Wreath Laying Ceremony at the Air Force Memorial as we pay tribute to the many airmen, soldiers, marines and sailors who have died in service to our nation. Visit for more information on ways to participate.

Don't forget to "like" AFA on Facebook for daily updates! 

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"The Cookie Caper"

In honor of Colonel Robert B "Percy" Purcell  


Gene Smith, former AFA President, recently submitted a story to AFA Headquarters written by Brig Gen Jon Reynolds, USAF (Ret.) about his time spent as a Vietnam War Prisoner of War. General Reynolds writes about his encounter with fellow POW Col. Robert B. "Percy" Purcell. Please take a moment to read this story of heroism and camaraderie, and if you or any AFA members have similar stories please share them with us. AFA recently became a Commemorative Partner with the 50th Anniversary of the Vietnam War Commemoration Program, which strives to highlight those who served in support of our Armed Forces and allies. In collaboration with this initiative is a Vietnam War POWs 40th Anniversary of Freedom Reunion, 22-25 May 2013. Read the full storyhere


To read more about the commemoration program please click here. 



AFA Wounded Airman Program Update

2013 Warrior Games, Colorado Springs

We're looking forward to cheering on all the Air Force Warriors as they compete in the Warrior Games, May 11-16. The events are free and open to the public, so we encourage you to attend if you're in the area!


Warrior Games team  


Air Force Association Cycling Classic, June 8-9

For the second year AFA's Wounded Airman Program is the beneficiary of the fundraising component of this weekend of races. AFA staff and members are invited to volunteer and/or ride during the weekend's events. For more information, visit To see the event flyer, click here

Would you like to volunteer for either of these events? Please contact Caitie Craumer, Manager of Airmen & Family Programs, at or 703.247.5800 ext. 4868 to sign up!


If you're looking for other ways to support our Wounded Airmen, consider donating to AFA's Wounded Airman Program:  



September Spouse and Family Forum              


Working closely with field leaders, the Airmen and Family Programs Team is planning this year's Spouse and Family Forum on September 16, 2013 to coincide with the Air & Space Conference at National Harbor.  It will be a full day of open discussion and resources on issues facing Air Force families today. In addition, Paula Roy, Cheryl McKinley, and Jody Newton are working to put together some activities for spouses during the weekend of Convention. Please make plans to join us!


More details to come, but Save the Date!

Field Spotlight    

Tidewater Chapter Funds Field Trip to DC for JROTC Cadets


This Spring, the Tidewater Chapter of Virginia utilized a chapter matching grant to provide over $4,000 in funds so that 150 cadets from the Chesapeake High School Air Force JROTC Programs could travel to Washington, DC. The tour was focused on military history, military service, and aerospace history. On their way to DC, the cadets stopped at the Marine Museum in Quantico, Virginia. They also made stops at the National Air and Space Museum, the Lincoln Memorial, Vietnam Memorial, Air Force Memorial, and the Korean Memorial. The cadets' final stop was the Arlington National Cemetery where they observed the changing of the guard ceremony at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier. 


Chapter Matching Grants are great ways to increase funds for Aerospace Education projects in your chapters' community. AFA National will match your chapter's dollar contribution up to $1,000. Find the forms and more information here


 Field Awards Deadlines and Forms

Do not forget to submit your nominations for Field and Aerospace Education Awards this Spring. The due dates for Field Awards and Aerospace Education Achievement and Excellence Awards are May 15, 2013. 


Also, please do not forget to send us your nominations for National Teacher of the Year!  Please have all necessary materials submitted by May 31, 2013.You can find more information on submitting the nomination package here


Forms for the listed awards have been updated for 2013. All updated forms and materials for the above awards can be found on the AFA website, in the Library for Field Resources, under "Forms." Access the page directly here:


All nomination forms should be submitted to AFA National at

Community Partner Spotlight


This month we are putting the Spotlight on a Community Partner from Thomas B. McGuire Jr. Chapter, Yordana's Pizza and Pasta. Yordana's has been a Community Partner since 2012 and just renewed for their second year with the Wrightstown, New Jersey based chapter. The family owned and operated restaurant was established in 2005 and named after the owners' daughter who was born shortly before they opened. They have a large menu of Italian food and also offer catering options. If you're in the area, be sure to stop by Yordana's for a slice of pizza and thank them for supporting the Air Force Association!


If your chapter has a Community Partner they would like to spotlight for the June Newsline, please email with a brief bio about the company.


Community Partner Tip of the Month


Community Partners can be great assets when planning chapter events - you can even host an event based around your Community Partners! Think about planning a silent auction for chapter and community members. The chapter can auction off goods and services from their Community Partners and feature them as sponsors. You might even have a Community Partner willing to host the event in their space. Invite employees and family members from the CPs to participate and advertise the event in their store front or office. Using your Community Partners can make an event extra successful!


Does your chapter have an outstanding Community Partner program? Has your chapter hosted an event similar to the idea detailed above? Send us your tips and tricks to to be featured as the "Community Partner Tip of the Month." We look forward to hearing from you soon!

AFA Hangar Store Clearance Items                


The following items are on clearance sale in the Hangar Store. Also, take an additional 15% off with code Volunteer15.


Visit and click "Clearance Items".


Air Force Memorial Logoed Items

 Beer Glass - $6

Ball Marker Gift Set - $18

Youth T-Shirt - $9

Golf Umbrella - $20

Titleist Golf Balls - $45/dozen

Ties - $26.50


 AFA Mug

AFA Logoed Items

Watch - $76

Beer Glass - $6

Youth T-Shirt - $9

Golf Umbrella - $20

PV1 Golf Balls - $73/dozen

"On the Rocks glasses - $49.50/set of 4

Ties - $26.50

Photo Frame and Clock - $14.90

Coffee Mug - $10

14 oz glass - $17

Pashmina - $72.50

Deluxe Leather Computer/Saddle Bag - $125

Desk Set - $75

Coaster Gift Set - $20

Spinner Clock - $33.50

Beach Towels - $22

Acrylic and Leather Frame - $24


While you're shopping, visit the "new items" link as well!

May AFA Air Force Breakfast             


AFA is proud to welcome Lt. Gen. Burton M. Field, Deputy Chief of Staff for Operations, Plans, and Requirements, as the guest speaker for the May AFA Air Force Breakfast. The breakfast will be held on Thursday, May 23, 2013, from 7:00 a.m. - 9:00 a.m. at the Key Bridge Marriott in Arlington, Virginia. Please register online. Check out a recent press release for more information on the speaker. 


For additional information, contact Sarah Piggott at 

A Pat on the Back!

Everybody needs one - and we're eager to give your chapter members that well-deserved "Pat On The Back." So when a chapter carries out an AFA activity, let "AFA National Report" in Air Force Magazine know about it.


You don't have to be a public affairs officer to do this. Just phone "AFA National Report," at 1-800-727-3337, extension 5828. We'll interview you about the event and do all the writing for you!


Or just e-mail us a few lines, to say that something happened:


We'll follow up to find out the details. Again, we'll do all the writing for you.


What about photos? They're nice to have, but not mandatory.


If you do take photos:

1. Use high resolution.

2. E-mail them to us:

3. We prefer UNPOSED photos...not photos of people standing shoulder to shoulder, looking at the camera, and smiling for the photographer. We prefer showing people in ACTION...not "grip and grin" photos of awards presentations. Remember: unposed, candid, action photos.


In print and also online at, "AFA National Report" gives your chapter members a big Pat On The Back. Send in your chapter news to get one!




Introducing the AFA/USAA Rewards™ American Express® Card     


USAA Bank makes a contribution to AFA programs for each account opened and with each eligible purchase using the AFA Card.  Get the AFA USAA Rewards™ American Express® card and take advantage of:


  • No annual fee(1)
  • Purchase APR as low as 10.9%(1)
  • 0% introductory APR for 12 months on balance transfers and convenience checks made in the first three months. (10.9% to 25.9% variable APR on these balances after 12 months)
  • 2,500 bonus points after your first purchase, 2X points on gas and groceries and 1 point for every $1 spent on all other purchases. Redeem for cash,  merchandise or other exciting rewards(2)

 Visit  or call 877-618-2473


If you prefer a MasterCard, visit


Many members already carry a USAA credit card, but if it's not the AFA USAA card, AFA's mission and our airmen support programs do not benefit.  Please consider "exchanging" your current USAA card for the AFA card.  Simply apply for one of the AFA accounts and then choose to close your other one or retain both. Every time you use your AFA credit card, AFA's mission and airmen support programs benefit!



(1) Offer subject to approval. As of 4/1/2013, regular APRs on purchases, cash advances and balance transfers are 10.9% to 25.9%, depending on your credit history and other factors. APRs will vary with the market based on the Prime Rate. There is a transaction fee of 3% on cash advances ($200 maximum on balance transfers and convenience checks) and 1% on foreign transactions. Rates and fees subject to change. Please contact us for the most current information.

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