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April 2013
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Field Ops Update
Filing Your 990-N
New Websites Launched
From the AFA Facebook Page
Disruption in Online Membership Directory ACcess
AFA Discontinuing "Permanent" Email Service
2013 AFA Cycling Classic
April 24th Breakfast Seminar
Field Spotlight
Field Awards Deadlines
CP Spotlight
CP Tip of the Month
Cyber Patriot VI is Here!
Cyber Patriot Middle School Expansion
Upcoming Mitchell Hour
Vietnam War Commemoration
AFA Scholarship Deadlines
April AFA Air Force Breakfast
A Pat on the Back!

AFA National Report 

flap jacks


The Tidewater Chapter flips flapjacks. Read about it in "AFA National Report," in Air Force Magazine's April issue and also online at


Important Dates

19 April
Region Presidents Meeting

20 April
Nominating Committee Meeting

23 April
AFA Mitchell Hour

15 May
ACC Airpower Symposium

8-9 June
AFA Cycling Classic

March 2013 AE Newsletter

Read the latest Aerospace Education Newsletter from the AEC here:


Important Note
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We are attempting to ensure all interested parties receive Newsline regularly.  In order to help with this effort, we request that you forward these newsletters to any interested persons in your chapters.  If you wish to be added to the mailing list, please let the Field Operations Department know at

April Field Operations Update 

By Scott Van Cleef 



Financial Accountability

We place a lot of trust in our treasurers, as we should.  However, chapter, state and region presidents are all responsible for ensuring quarterly finance reports are accurate.  That's why they are required to endorse them as they go up the chain to AFA National.  We don't currently have a requirement to conduct periodic audits of chapter or state organizational accounts but the Field Council is going to examine if there should be one.  In the meantime, I recommend that chapter and state presidents ask their treasurers to, at a minimum, provide copies of their recent bank statements to compare with the quarterly finance reports.  Do a "common sense" check to verify that income and expenditures look right. For chapters with large accounts, I recommend annual professional audits.  It's not a sign of mistrust if you ask your treasurer to back up his/her report with documentation.  You are simply exercising your fiduciary responsibilities.  As Ronald Reagan used to say, "Trust, but verify." 


Region Presidents Meeting

Region Presidents will be gathering in St Louis on 19 April for our annual spring meeting.  We will cover a wide range of topics in our discussions but if you have an issue you feel particularly strong about, let your RP know so we can deal with it as a group.   You should expect to see minutes from the meeting about a week afterwards and in the May Newsline.


Community Partners

The "Year of the Community Partner" has gotten off to a slow start.  With the coming of spring, it's time to beat the bushes and recruit new partner businesses.  Lots of folks are willing to help if asked.  Take the time and make the effort to do so. 


AFA Awards

The deadline for awards submissions is rapidly approaching, but there is still time to recognize your top performers and to submit your organization for awards for which they are eligible.  We can't pay folks for all they do for AFA, but we can tell them how much we value them.  Despite what they may say, almost everyone appreciates recognition for a job well done.  Take the time and send in your write-ups.


Scott Van Cleef

Vice Chairman-Field Operations

Important IRS Information

Issues with Filing the 990N


We are still dealing with issues with our chapter filing the 990N with IRS. It appears that when the IRS corrected our charitable status on the master tax filing list (an issue you will recall from February) they somehow lost or destroyed our group exemption records.  While we have satisfied all of the required filings for AFA National and for the exempt group as a whole, the IRS' database is somehow corrupt and we now CORRECTLY appear on the master tax listing, but do NOT appears as an exempt group - frustrating, to say the least. Our attorney is still working to get this solved with the IRS. Until further notice, we still continue to strongly encourage the chapters and state not to attempt to file their 2012 990, 990N, or 990 EZ. As soon as the status changes, we will be sure to let our field leaders know. We will keep you fully posted on any progress. In the meantime, please contact Mike Smith at (703) 247-5825 or with any questions. 


New Air Force Memorial and Air Force Magazine Sites Launched

The Air Force Memorial and Air Force Magazine both launched new websites this past month. Please visit and to view the updates and changes. The Memorial's website will better provide people with information about visiting the Memorial, hosting an event, accessing its heritage archives, leaving a tribute for a friend or family member, and much more. The new Air Force Magazine website provides a more user-friendly and interactive experience for airpower professionals - and all readers of the magazine. There are new options for sharing Daily Report entries via social media, and access to the electronic version of the magazine's monthly print edition. Readers will also enjoy easier access to more articles, archives, testimonies, documents, and photos.

  AF Mag Website


Air Force Mem Web Page  

From the AFA Facebook Page...
  Month of the Military Child

April is the Month of the Military Child. Upload a photo of your favorite Airman in training to salute the service, sacrifice, and support we receive from our military children and youth. Check out the Department of Defense website for military children profiles, stories, and news:


Disruption in Online Membership Directory Access             


When the new is unveiled in June, it will include the new membership directory feature which will be continually improved upon as a result of our new partnership with Higher Logic.  Our existing contract expires on May 8th and will not be renewed.  Therefore, between May 9, 2013 and the "unveiling" of the new, you will not have access to the online membership directory.  THIS HAS NO EFFECT ON CHAPTER ROSTERS AND OTHER REPORTS YOU HAVE ACCESS TO AS A CHAPTER OFFICER.  It only affects the online membership directory that all current members had access to previously.



If you have any questions or concerns about the online membership directory and/or permanent e-mail services, please contact Susan Rubel on
AFA Discontinuing "Permanent" Email Service 


Since 1998, AFA has provided a "permanent" e-mail forwarding service to members (with an address) through Harris Connect, the vendor which provided the online community tools.  Many field organizations are using these for their chapter or state e-mail.


In the '90s, a "Permanent E-mail Address" was a valuable service which allowed for one e-mail address to be used and not have to be changed when you changed internet service providers (back when your internet service provider was often your e-mail service provider).  But with web based e-mail (like Yahoo and Gmail), there just isn't a need or demand for these services and most of the providers have discontinued this product.  


AFA's vendor will be phasing out this part of their product line as well, so AFA's "permanent" e-mail forwarding addresses will terminate on May 8, 2013.


2013 Air Force Association Cycling Classic

The Air Force Association will partner with Arlington Sports to host the annual 2013 Air Force Association Cycling Class on June 8-9 in Arlington, Va. The AFA Wounded Airman Program will be the sole official beneficiary and will receive a portion of the funds raised from the event. Registration for the 2013 Air Force Association Cycling Classic is now open and available at

 April 24th Breakfast Seminar                

April 24th, Breakfast Seminar with Chairman Mike Rogers of the HASC Subcommittee on Strategic Forces, and April 30th, and Admiral Bill Burke of the US Navy will discuss US overall strategic nuclear deterrent and missile defense needs, and Navy nuclear deterrent requirements in the context of overall Navy requirements, respectively. Speaking at 8-9am at the Capitol Hill Club, 300 First Street, SE, Washington, D.C. Contact Peter Huessy at for further information and attendance.


Field Spotlight    

Wright Memorial Chapter Hosts Grant Writing Workshop 


The 3rd Annual Eglin AFA Fisher House 5K on March 2nd was a great success! Special thanks to the Eglin AFB Top 3 Association and all of the generous sponsors for helping raise more than the $10,000 goal! Over 250 participants braved the unusually cold morning at The Landing in Fort Walton Beach to participate in the 5K run/walk as well as the 1-mile fun run for kids. While the final donations are still being counted, the event raised more than $10,000 for the Fisher House of the Emerald Coast. Thanks to everyone who came out and participated and we hope to see you there with us again next year!
 Field Awards Deadlines and Forms

Do not forget to submit your nominations for Field and Aerospace Education Awards this Spring. The due dates for all Field Awards are May 15, 2013.


Aerospace Education award nominations, including those for the Chairman's Award for Aerospace Education Achievement Award,  Distinguished Sustained Aerospace Education Award, Aerospace Education Excellence Award, and Aerospace Education Achievement Award, are due to AFA National Offices by May 1, 2013.


The AFA National, State, and Chapter Teacher of the Year Award cycle for the 2012-2013 school year is ongoing at this time. The program ends on April 30, so please submit all Chapter and State Teacher of the Year nominations by that date. Also, remember that this year it is possible to submit two winners for the Chapter Teacher of the Year, one for teachers in K-8 grade levels, and one for 9-12 grade levels.  For National Teacher of the Year nominations, please have all necessary materials submitted by May 31, 2013.


Forms for the listed awards have been updated for 2013. All updated forms and materials for the above awards can be found on the AFA website, in the Library for Field Resources, under "Forms." Access the page directly here:


All nomination forms should be submitted to AFA National at

Community Partner Spotlight

2013 is the Year of the Community Partner and this month we are highlighting The Burgoon Company. The Burgoon Company supports the San Jacinto Chapter. Owned by Nancy Evans and located in Galveston, Texas, the company is a HUB Zone Business that works with the chapter to promote and support the Air Force Association's goals to serve our Air Force family. The Burgoon Company serves some of the major military, university, medical, corporate and governmental agencies in the nation by providing medical supplies, industrial supplies and equipment to their clients. Each year, the Burgoon Company receives awards of excellence from these organizations for their service, efficiency and effectiveness in responding to the specific needs of their clientele. . We would like to thank The Burgoon Company for all their hard work, and congratulate the San Jacinto Chapter on their great community partner!


If your chapter would like to spotlight an outstanding Community Partner, please submit them to We can't wait to hear from you!



Community Partner Tip of the Month


This month we would like to focus on incentives for Community Partners. One way for Chapters to entice Community Partners to join is to offer advertising in newsletters or on chapter websites. However, the Community Partner relationship with the chapter is a two way street. Chapters can consider recruiting web design or marketing companies who may be willing to help the chapter increase their web and advertising presence. 

CyberPatriot VI is Here!                


On the heels of an OUTSTANDING CyberPatriot V National Finals Competition, CyberPatriot VI registration is already underway.  Amazingly, 400 teams have already registered for this year's competition which will begin in the fall! Is your high school registered?  You can find out by visiting AFA's CyberPatriot website at


 And if your school is NOT registered...Please help them become registered!  Recruiting materials are readily available from the CyberPatriot Program Office by contacting them at 703-247-5806, or by email at


Thank you to all of our wonderful volunteers who continue to recruit, encourage, and support local schools throughout the U.S. as we all work to improve STEM education in America!


CyberPatriot Expands to Include Middle School Program                

CyberPatriot announces the expansion of its highly successful National High School Cyber Defense program to middle schools beginning in the summer of 2013. The CyberPatriot Middle School program will begin with a lead pilot program in the Los Angeles Unified School District in late summer.  The program will be expanded to more pilot areas in October 2013, centering on CyberPatriot's growing network of Centers of Excellence.  It will be made available to school districts everywhere in 2014.



  April 23rd Mitchell Hour with Thomas McCabe

The Air Force Association's Mitchell Institute for Airpower Studies is proud to announce the release of its latest report: "China's Air and Space Revolution" by Thomas McCabe. Mr. McCabe will present his report at AFA's next Mitchell Hour. Following the presentation, a discussion panel featuring Lt Gen Stephen Wood, USAF (Ret.), Lt Gen Robert Elder, USAF (Ret.), and Dr. Mark Lewis will comment upon the report's findings. All Mitchell Hours are free to the public. To register for this event, go to For additional information, contact Sarah Piggott at
Vietnam War Commemoration                


The Air Force Association is proud to serve as a Commemorative Partner of the 50th Anniversary of the Vietnam War Commemoration. This program will last for a total of 13 years, and will include activities that will honor American Vietnam War Veterans and their families, the Prisoners of War, Federal Agencies, and all other organizations that served in support of our Armed Forces and our allies. For more information about the Vietnam War Commemoration please visit their website:

Air Force Association Scholarship Deadlines

Applications for these scholarships MUST be received by the following dates: 

Spouse Scholarship - 30 April
Lt Col Romeo and Josephine Bass Ferretti Scholarship - 30 June
Grantham University Scholarship - 30 June
Captain Jodi Callahan Memorial Scholarship - 30 June

For more information and applications please visit our website at 


April AFA Air Force Breakfast                 


The Air Force Association is proud to welcome Lt. Gen. Larry D. James, Deputy Chief of Staff of Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance, Headquarters U.S. Air Force, as the guest speaker for the April AFA Air Force Breakfast. The breakfast will be held on Thursday, April 18, 2013 from 7:00 a.m. - 9:00 a.m. at the Key Bridge Marriott in Arlington, Virginia. Please register online at For additional information, contact Sarah Piggott at 


A Pat on the Back!

Everybody needs one - and we're eager to give your chapter members that well-deserved "Pat On The Back." So when a chapter carries out an AFA activity, let "AFA National Report" in Air Force Magazine know about it.


You don't have to be a public affairs officer to do this. Just phone "AFA National Report," at 1-800-727-3337, extension 5828. We'll interview you about the event and do all the writing for you!


Or just e-mail us a few lines, to say that something happened:


We'll follow up to find out the details. Again, we'll do all the writing for you.


What about photos? They're nice to have, but not mandatory.


If you do take photos:

1. Use high resolution.

2. E-mail them to us:

3. We prefer UNPOSED photos...not photos of people standing shoulder to shoulder, looking at the camera, and smiling for the photographer. We prefer showing people in ACTION...not "grip and grin" photos of awards presentations. Remember: unposed, candid, action photos.


In print and also online at, "AFA National Report" gives your chapter members a big Pat On The Back. Send in your chapter news to get one!



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