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March 2013
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Field Contact Update

AFA National Report 

Thomas Anthony Chapter

  The Thomas Anthony Chapter arranged for an airman to receive a minivan. Read more about it in March's "AFA National Report" in Air Force Magazine and online at




Important Dates

14-16 March
Cyber Patriot Finals

20 March 
Mitchell Hour with Major General Steven Kwast

27 March
Mitchell Hour with Major General Robert Kane

19 April
Region Presidents Meeting

20 April
Nominating Committee Meeting

Important Note
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We are attempting to ensure all interested parties receive Newsline regularly.  In order to help with this effort, we request that you forward these newsletters to any interested persons in your chapters.  If you wish to be added to the mailing list, please let the Field Operations Department know at

March Field Operations Update and a Note on Sequestration

By Scott Van Cleef 




The Air Force and the Defense Department are all in big trouble due to the enactment of sequestration.  It may take a month or two for the real hurt to be felt, but by this summer we will have a hollow force.  That is, one that has aircraft on the ramp, but no money to fly them, maintain them, or put engines into them.  That's just one example.  Furloughing tens of thousands of our civilian airmen is another.  Those of us who were lucky enough to attend the AFA Air Warfare Symposium in Orlando a few weeks ago heard straight from our senior AF leaders that the hurt to the Air Force is going to be deep, real and personal.


We in AFA have a mission to advocate for aerospace power and to support our Air Force family.  The time to do that is now!  Please make your voices heard with your elected national leaders.


The easiest, quickest, and most direct route is by contacting your senators and representatives.  Simply Google their names, click on their websites and look for a link on how to send a note to them.  Every one of them has such a website.  You can tell them in a short email paragraph of your deep concern for the negative impacts of sequestration on our economy, your local community, and on national defense.  Urge them to take action now to stop it.  It takes only a couple of minutes to do this.  You can call their offices if you prefer.  Contact both of your senators as well as your own representative.  I have.


For background information on the impact of sequestration on the military and on the USAF, go to our AFA website,, and look on the right column.  There, you will find a link called "Sequestration."  The other place to look is on the left column where you can click on "AF Magazine."  Under that link, you can look at the current and Daily Reports Archived (top, center tab) and get lots of facts and figures about the subject.  There's been something in the Daily Report every day for the last three weeks, at least.  There are other links to further information.  


We pride ourselves in being a grass roots organization, tied to our communities and our elected officials.  It's time to use this grass roots power for the good of the Air Force.  This is not a partisan issue and you should not make it one.  We are, and must remain, strictly non-partisan!  There's plenty of blame to go around on every side.  But, we need results!  We need a real budget that will responsibly take into account both our near and long term economic challenges and reverse sequestration.  Congress is allowing our economy to slide back and defense to collapse into non-readiness. This not only self-inflicted, it is irresponsible.  We should not stand idly by and watch it happen.  Be an advocate!  Stand up for our Airmen and their families!


Field Operations


Chapter health remains my number one concern.  Too many chapters are inactive and we are fell short last year of our strategic performance goal which calls for 75% of our chapters to make 75% of their support payments.   Only 68% made it.  Chapter recruited membership is up slightly from last year, but requires continued attention.  We know from just two years ago that we can do much better. 


There are signs of encouragement!  New York State is exploring the possibility of establishing two new chapters.  Other, previously dormant, chapters are responding to pleas for new leadership and we are seeing new life in those chapters.  This effort needs to continue.  It all starts with a leader stepping forward who is willing to show the way.  Are you that next leader for your chapter?


Scott P. Van Cleef, Vice Chairman-Field Operations




Important IRS Information

Issues with Filing the 990N


We have received a number of calls from field leaders over the past couple of days indicating that their 990-N filings have been rejected by the IRS.  It appears that when the IRS corrected our charitable status on the master tax filing list (an issue you will recall from February) they somehow lost or destroyed our group exemption records.  While we have satisfied all of the required filings for AFA National and for the exempt group as a whole, the IRS' database is somehow corrupt and we now CORRECTLY appear on the master tax listing, but do NOT appears as an exempt group - frustrating, to say the least.


On Tuesday we tasked our attorney (who worked the charitable status issue) to work with the IRS on getting this latest issue resolved.

Until we are able to resolve this latest issue with the IRS, we strongly encourage the chapters and states NOT to attempt to file their 2012 990, 990N or 990-EZ at this time.  Doing so will likely result in a rejected return and greater confusion.  The statutory filing deadlines for these returns is 15 May, so we hope to have a resolution well in advance of this filing date.

We will keep you fully posted of any progress.  In the meantime, if you have any questions please contact Mike Smith at 703-247-5825 or




Paula Roy Joins AFA Staff, Heads Airmen and Family Programs

Paula Roy, spouse of retiring Chief Master Sergeant of the Air Force James Roy, joined the staff of the Air Force Association in January as the Director of Airmen and Family Programs, a newly established initiative. This program will help AFA expand the support provided to Airmen and families.

This will include exploring new opportunities, coalition building and launching new programs. These varied programs are vital but core to AFA's long-term health and significance because they tangibly demonstrate the Association's commitment to Airmen, spouses, and the greater Air Force family.


"In an effort to better support our Airman and their families, AFA is launching an Airman and Families Program initiative and they have asked for my assistance," said Paula Roy. "What better way for me to be able to continue to serve and support those who are fighting for the freedoms I enjoy every day? I'm truly grateful for this opportunity!"


Paula has been a chief supporter for spouses for years, giving many a voice to address their concerns. During her husband's time on active duty, Paula took a strong interest in airmen and their families. Over the past 3.5 years, she has visited U.S. bases around the world where spouses have been able to discuss with her the issues they face. She has also advocated for the Key Spouse program, in which each unit commander designates a spouse as the liaison between families and senior leadership.


"We'll be highlighting the men and women behind the planes and their missions, their spouses and children at home, and how AFA can play a better role in those communities," said George Muellner, AFA's Chairman of the Board. "At its core, AFA has always been a grassroots organization with chapters across the country dedicated to the AFA mission, and we will continue to work with and empower that network to help provide more care for our Air Force family."


"We are so fortunate to bring onboard a person with such great experience in the Air Force community and exceptional ties to Air Force heritage," said Craig McKinley, President of AFA. "Paula knows firsthand some of the issues that need to be addressed in providing better services to the Air Force family. Her insights will be instrumental in the development and implementation of this new initiative, and our staff is excited to welcome her to the team as we move into 2013."




Air Force Cuts Aviation Support at Public Events


As the Air Force braces for potential sequester, leadership has cancelled all aviation support to public events for at least the remainder of the fiscal year and is standing down the Thunderbirds aerial demonstration team to save flying hours to support readiness needs. Effective March 1, active-duty, Reserve and Guard units will cease all aviation support to the public. This includes the cancellation of support to all air shows, tradeshows, flyovers (including funerals and military graduations), orientation flights, heritage flights, F-22 demonstration flights and open houses, unless the event includes only local static assets. Additionally, the Air Force will cancel the Thunderbirds' entire 2013 season beginning April 1.



Read the full article here



From the AFA Facebook Page...
President Nominates First Female Air Force Academy Superintendent         

President Obama nominated Maj. Gen. Michelle Johnson for the appointment to the rank of lieutenant general and for assignment to serve as Air Force Academy's 19th superintendent. If confirmed by the Senate, Johnson would become the first woman to hold the position.
Read the full story here. 
Visit our Facebook page here and be sure to like the page to see more great articles! 


 Field Awards Deadlines and Forms

Do not forget to submit your nominations for Field and Aerospace Education Awards this Spring. The due dates for all Field Awards are May 15, 2013.


Aerospace Education award nominations, including those for the Chairman's Award for Aerospace Education Achievement Award,  Distinguished Sustained Aerospace Education Award, Aerospace Education Excellence Award, and Aerospace Education Achievement Award, are due to AFA National Offices by May 1, 2013.


The AFA National, State, and Chapter Teacher of the Year Award cycle for the 2012-2013 school year is ongoing at this time. The program ends on April 30, so please submit all Chapter and State Teacher of the Year nominations by that date. Also, remember that this year it is possible to submit two winners for the Chapter Teacher of the Year, one for teachers in K-8 grade levels, and one for 9-12 grade levels.  For National Teacher of the Year nominations, please have all necessary materials submitted by May 31, 2013.


Forms for the listed awards have been updated for 2013. All updated forms and materials for the above awards can be found on the AFA website, in the Library for Field Resources, under "Forms." Access the page directly here:


All nomination forms should be submitted to AFA National at

Aerospace Education Newsletter

AFA's Aerospace Education Council has revived its Aerospace Education Newsletter, which has not been published since 2010. This valuable publication details AFA's work towards promoting Aerospace and STEM Education throughout the country and even abroad.


Read about last month's exciting AE activities and developments here in February's Newsletter. 

Field Spotlight    

Wright Memorial Chapter Hosts Grant Writing Workshop 


In September 2012, the AFA Wright Memorial Chapter #212 Educators' Action Team [Sharon Murner (VP for Education), Shiela Wallace (Chapter President), and Julie Livingston (IT Media)] held two sessions of their Grant Writing Workshop at Starbase on Wright-Patterson AFB. 


Using the Starbase computer lab, the team gave the teachers the opportunity to learn how to write a grant by writing the AFA National Educator's Grant, valued at $250 per teacher. In addition to being eligible to receive a grant, the educators also received Continuing Education Units (CEUs), sponsored by Wright State University. Teachers left the workshop in high spirits and said that even though they knew they wouldn't all be awarded a grant, they left with the ability to better write grant proposals. 


This year, nearly 50% of attendees to the workshop were awarded an AFA Educator Grant. All 27 Ohio recipients of the grants either had attended previous grant writing workshops with the chapter, or are located within the chapter's marketing area. The state of Ohio received the largest number of grants presented in the country.

212 Grant Writing Workshop
Teachers at the workshop held by Chapter 212 concentrate on their grant proposals. 



Community Partner Spotlight

2013 is the Year of the Community Partner and this month we are highlighting New Alpine Club. New Alpine Club supports with the Joe Walker-Mon Valley chapter from Monessen, Pennsylvania. This business is one of our oldest Community Partners and has been supporting Chapter 388 since 1985. New Alpine Club is a popular restaurant and lounge, established in 1963. This year the restaurant is celebrating their 50th year in business. We would like to congratulate them on the many years of continued support for Chapter 388!


Community Partner Tip of the Month



Community Partners are valuable to a chapter through the support, both financial and other, they provide. Every chapter has the opportunity to have a Vice President for Community Partners on their officer roster. As this year is the Year of the Community Partner, chapters may want to consider challenging themselves to appoint a VP for Community Partners if they currently have no one in this role.


The responsibilities of this position include managing the chapter Community Partner program, which includes recruiting new community partners, ensuring renewal of expiring Community Partner memberships, and ensuring that all Community Partners are integrated into the chapter activities. The VP for Community Partners also conducts chapter programs to introduce the Community Partner to the AFA and to encourage their support of airmen and their families.


By having a VP for Community Partners, the chapter can spend more time directly recruiting and working with their Community Partners. A VP for Community Partners should ideally be a dynamic and outgoing chapter member with ties to the community.

If your chapter is interested in assigning a member for your VP for Community Partners position, please update your roster and send it to


CyberPatriot V National Finals Approaching


The Cyber Patriot V National Finals Competition is here! It will be held March 15th-16th in National Harbor, Maryland. Local AFA members are urged to observe the competition on Friday March 15 and to purchase tickets for the CyberPatriot V National Finals Competition Awards Banquet on Saturday March 16th by clicking here.


Thank you to all of our wonderful volunteers who have recruited, encouraged, and supported local teams throughout the U.S. 


A complete list of teams advancing to the National Finals Competition can be found here . Pre-registration for CyberPatriot VI is open! Please make sure to encourage teams in your area to pre-register  for CP-VI.



AFA National Aerospace Awards  


AFA National has begun processing awards for conference.  National Aerospace Awards are those that are presented at the Monday morning Opening and Awards Ceremony (all those blue suits on stage) and are not to be confused with Field awards that are presented at Convention, which are explained in the last month's Newsline, available here


The highest National Aerospace Awards are presented at the Wednesday night Air Force Anniversary Dinner. 


All of the 2012 National Aerospace Awards and recipients are listed on our website at
 Nomination packages for most of them are processed by various offices throughout the Air Force.  The deadline for all of the National Aerospace Awards nomination packages to be received at AFA National is May 1.  Remember, that the Air Force offices that process nomination packages have deadlines earlier than May 1 so that they may complete their work for AFA National by May 1.


If you, or someone you know, want to submit a nominee for one or more of these awards, contact Lynette Cross at  She will put you in contact with the Air Force office that solicits the nomination packages.


Of all the National Aerospace Awards listed on our website at the above address, the following are presented at the Air Force Anniversary Dinner:


AFA Chairman's Aerospace Education Award
For long term commitment to aerospace education making a significant impact across the nation


John R. Alison Award
For the most outstanding contribution by industrial leadership to national defense


W. Stuart Symington Award
For the most significant contribution by a civilian for national defense


H. H. Arnold Award
For the most significant contribution by a military member for national defense


Lifetime Achievement Awards

AFA's Lifetime Achievement Award recognizes not a single achievement, but a lifetime of work in the advancement of aerospace



AFA Announces Winter 2012 Civil Air Patrol Educator Grants

The Air Force Association proudly announces the 20 recipients of the Civil Air Patrol Educator Grant, an education initiative funded by AFA and managed by the Civil Air Patrol Headquarters.

The CAP Educator Grants are each up to $250, and provided to teachers who are members of either the Air Force Association or the Civil Air Patrol. This initiative funds classroom activities or materials that benefit the entire group of students and promote knowledge of aerospace power. From designing model airplanes and launching rockets to visiting Air Traffic Control towers and bases, AFA and CAP are teaming up to help promote aerospace education and the pivotal role aerospace power plays in national security. Grants can be applied toward field trips to aerospace museums or Air Force bases, or for books, DVDs or videotapes on aerospace topics.
Read the full press release here



AFA Announces Spring 2013 JROTC Instructor Grants                 

The Air Force Association proudly announces the five recipients of the Spring 2013 Air Force Junior ROTC Instructor Grants, an AFA education initiative promoting the development of aerospace professionals.


The grants provide up to $250 to instructors of Air Force Junior ROTC units throughout the country. The program promotes the knowledge of aerospace power and aviation education through classroom activities and materials. Funds may be used for any aerospace education-related activity, including purchasing textbooks, DVDs or other video materials, or funding field trips to aerospace museums, Air Force bases, or other aerospace facilities.


Read the full press release here.



 Air Force Memorial Selling Ann Hand Pins

Looking to surprise that special someone with a beautiful gift? Purchase a truly unique Air Force Memorial brooch pin designed by Ann Hand, the famed DC jewelry designer. Call our office at 703-979-0674 to order the pin. Gift wrapped pins can be picked up here at the Air Force Memorial office or mailed directly to your home! Although custom made Ann Hand pins typically sell for over $200, this Air Force Memorial pin is only $170 + tax if you pick it up, or $170 + $7 shipping/handling if we mail it to you. 


Ann Hand AFM Pin
Support AFA's Mission - Make Your USAA Credit Card the AFA/USAA Card


AFA's credit card is managed by USAA, AFA's Preferred Provider for Financial Products.


Do you already have a USAA credit card?  If you use your "regular" USAA credit card, there is no support of the AFA mission.  However, if you apply for the AFA/USAA credit card, programs which support Airmen and their families will benefit.  Funds support the overall AFA mission to:

  • Advocate aerospace power and a strong national defense;
  • Support the United States Air Force and the Air Force Family;
  • Promote aerospace education to the American people.

The exclusive AFA/USAA World MasterCard offers the same benefits of your USAA credit card - no annual fee, a flexible rewards program and a variable interest rate based on your own credit history.  But opening a new AFA/USAA World MasterCard account will also give you 0% APR for the first 12 months and 2,500 bonus reward points.


While it is important to note that the APR will be 0.5% higher because of the support USAA provides to AFA, every dollar you spend with the AFA card supports the AFA mission.  You don't even need to carry a balance to help AFA.  


We appreciate your continued support of the Air Force Association mission and your consideration in transitioning to the USAA/AFA World Rewards MasterCard as another way to support our important mission.

For more information and to apply, visit


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Field Contact Update

We recently implemented a new field e-mail address for all field issues which we want to encourage you to use.  The new address,, will be monitored every day, even when primary field contacts are out of the office.  This will allow us to respond to your requests quickly and consistently.  For all field related inquiries and reports, please use the address rather than individual contacts.


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