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January 2013
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Wounded Airmen
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AFA Transformation
2013 Air Warfare Symposium
Field Spotlight: Former TOY
CyberPatriot Semifinals
AFA IRS Status
2013 Scholarships and Grants
Dolomiti Chapter Website
Government Relations Update

AFA National Report 

Roanoake Chapter Donates Models


The Roanoke Chapter's donations enhance a museum collection. See "AFA National Report" in January's Air Force Magazine, also online at




Important Dates

1 January
New Year's Day
(AFA National Closed)

20-22 February
Air Warfare Symposium and Technology Exposition

14-16 March
Cyber Patriot Finals

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January Field Operations Update

By Scott Van Cleef 



Happy New Year to all of you! Are ready to dive into another productive year for AFA activities? Many of us make New Year's resolutions...I hope at the chapter level that instituting some reinvigoration efforts are among yours...chapter recruited members, membership retention, new programs, and leadership development!


I know chapter and state presidents are in the midst of accomplishing activity and finance reports for the last quarter. The best way to get things right is to simply read and follow the directions on the activities form template. It takes a lot less time and avoids a lot of angst if they are filled out properly the first time and submitted on time. Thanks for your help on this.


A number of states have submitted their zip code realignment forms and that is going fairly smoothly. As always, if you have questions, contact Laurie Brice at AFA National (ext 5809). Once the basic alignment is done, we'll worry about making adjustments for special cases, such as chapters that sit on state borders and draw members from another state. It would not hurt if state presidents facing that situation start talking with your counterparts in the adjoining states to come to an agreement on whether it makes sense to align some zip codes with another state. There will be more to follow on this issue.


Finally, this is a reminder that we are in the year of "Partnering with the Community." At the convention and at the Region and State president's meeting in Oct, we agreed to push hard to recruit new Community least one per month per chapter this year. This benefits your chapter not only by bringing in new members but by generating additional income for chapter operations. Please keep this on your front burner. Everyone can be a recruiter!


Scott Van Cleef--Vice Chairman, Field Operations

AFA National Nominating Committee Seeks Qualified AFA Members for NationalOffice



The Nominating Committee will meet in late-April 2013 to select candidates for AFA national officer and national board of director positions to be presented to the delegates to the AFA National Convention in September for election.


AFA's Board focuses on setting policy and strategic direction for three organizations: AFA as well as the AFA Veteran Benefits Association (AFAVBA) and the Air Force Memorial Foundation (AFMF). It is particularly important that the Association find candidates with the following characteristics:

  • A capacity to govern with vision, think strategically and understand the business management of the three organizations for which the Board is responsible.
  • A willingness to give freely of their time, talent, and treasure and to personally support the fundraising and development objectives of the Association. Every board member will be assigned to and be expected to actively serve on a committee.
  • An understanding of and ability to work in a hybrid organization with a unique relationship between committed volunteers at all levels and the professional staff.
  • An understanding and appreciation of the AFA mission, vision, values and history, including the legacy represented by the Air Force Memorial

The Committee will be looking for candidates that have expertise in areas including finance and budgeting, audit, strategy and planning, development (including business development) and fundraising.  


All officer positions are for one year terms and open to any member. The incumbent Chairman of the Board, Vice Chairman of the Board for Field Operations, Vice Chairman of the Board for Aerospace Education, and Treasurer are eligible to run again - the Secretary is not.  


National Director Board positions are for three years. One position is limited to candidates from the Central Geographic area consisting of the following states/district/territory: IN, KY, MI, OH, IL, IA, KS, MO, NE, MN, MT, ND, SD, WI, AL, AR, LA, MS, TN, OK and TX. In addition to being from this geographic area, candidates must have demonstrated field leadership experience. Those interested are advised to consult with the appropriate state and region president. Contacts are available on the Web at


There are two National Director positions to be elected on an "at-large" basis. These are open to any member from any state.  


A snapshot of AFA's mission and current leadership team is available on the web at Descriptions of the duties and responsibilities of these offices are in AFA's Operations and Procedures Manual at  




Anyone who plans to run for one of these offices MUST indicate their intention to do so no later than February 28th and submit their name and other required materials to the AFA Nominating Committee.

A one sentence e-mail or letter to the Committee through the staff ( stating their name and the position for which they intend to run is sufficient. This will help the Nominating Committee conduct both its search and deliberative functions efficiently and in a timely manner.  



The remainder of the requirements must be submitted to the AFA Nominating committee no later than March 13, 2013. These include one or more formal recommendations for candidates for these positions, candidate biographies, and any additional information and endorsements candidates wish the Nominating Committee to see.  


Additional information for prospective candidates:  


Prospective candidates must ensure a recommendation on their behalf has been submitted to AFA HQ. Recommendations can be via an AFA Form (see below) or via personal e-mail (or letter) to the Chairman of the Committee (through the AFA staff). A recommendation form can be found here.


Forms are also available in the "Library" section of the "Field Resources" area of the AFA web site.  


Each prospective candidate MUST also submit a signed AFA biographical form and answer a question concerning whether they have ever been convicted of a crime. Their signature gives AFA permission to conduct a background check and is also consent to serve in the position, if elected. Additional sheets may be attached as desired. THE PHYSICAL FORM WITH A SIGNATURE MUST BE RECEIVED via mail or fax.  


In addition to these required materials, prospective candidates may also elect to include a written biography and letters of endorsement. Any material received by the due date will be included in the package given to the Nominating Committee for their consideration.  


ALL material should be sent to the Nominating Committee in care of Field Services/Headquarters. If you have any questions, please contact Elissa Taylor (Ext. 4821).  


Individuals selected by the committee to be sent forward to the delegates will also be required to provide a brief personal biography for inclusion in Newsline and the August issue of AIR FORCE Magazine and a high quality "head shot" photograph for the Magazine as well.
Wounded Airmen Program

Recently, an Air Force Recovery Care Coordinator at Walter Reed National Military Medical Center reached out to the Air Force Association (AFA)'s Wounded Airman Program to seek help in fulfilling a wounded Airman's request. Staff Sergeant Brian Williams, who lost his left leg as a result of an IED explosion while on a mission in Afghanistan in April 2012, wanted to see the Redskins playoff game, which was due to take place three days later, January 6, 2013.  What made this request particularly compelling was that this particular airman never asks for anything.


After numerous emails, phone calls and community-wide outreach, his request was able to become a reality. AFA's Thomas W. Anthony Chapter partnered with Eastern Automotive Group, also known as Eastern Motors, in Arlington, Virginia, to present the airman and his guest with seats in their company box at the stadium.


But this isn't the first partnership this company and that chapter have had.  Recently, an Airman at Joint Base Andrews was selected by the TWA executive committee to receive a new van from the group.  He was selected because of his outstanding service and the need for such a vehicle to carry the equipment required to support his son who has an illness.  They have also joined that chapter as an AFA Community Partner.


AFA's Wounded Airman Program began in early 2012 when AFA and its chapters across the country started a new initiative to help care for wounded airmen as they make their way from the front line to medical care facilities and then on to their home. When Airmen are injured and returning to the United States, they are typically bereft of their belongings. They do not have personal clothing or items with them, and are unprepared for their needs as they arrive to begin medical recovery. As they find themselves in hospitals and centers distant from loved ones, this new program was created to help ease their discomfort by offering a variety of both required and congenial items. These items range from immediate small sundries, gift cards, casual clothing, bags, entertainment and technology to connection with larger support agencies for longer term support. They may also require support for family members that may arrive to assist their recovery and rehabilitation.

"AFA is truly grateful for all the help and support of its members, colleagues and supporters who went over and beyond to try and help fulfill this wounded airman's request," said Craig McKinley, President of AFA. "We are among such a great community where many are willing to reach out and see how they can assist."


"Sgt. Williams was very surprised and thankful for the efforts AFA put forth to make this happen," said Dennis Fritz, Air Force Recovery Care Coordinator. "Ultimately, AFA helped make, in his mind, the impossible become a reality."

Air Force Memorial Gets New Director

The Air Force Association and the Air Force Memorial Foundation announce the selection of Barbara S. Taylor as the new Managing Director of the Air Force Memorial.


Taylor, a retired Air Force Chief Master Sergeant and former superintendent and recording producer at The United States Air Force Band, replaces Pete Lindquist, who officially retired December 31. Lindquist retired from the Air Force as a Colonel in 1996 and was instrumental in the building of the Memorial.


As Managing Director, Taylor will provide daily management, oversight, event plan­ning and support to ensure that the Memorial preserves the heritage of America's Airmen and remains a national place of reverence, remembrance, celebration, and pride. She will also act as a liaison with the Air Force, facilitating their presence and support at various events.


To read the whole story and her biography, click here

AFA National Headquarters Undergoes Tranformation 

The Air Force Association recently announced changes to its staff organization as it embarks on a new strategic direction to better educate the public on aerospace power and support the Air Force and the Air Force family.

At the heart of the reorganization is the formation of four distinct groups.

The first new functional area will fall under new-hire Larry Dilworth, the Vice President of Development and Marketing. The area includes Fundraising (Lois O'Connor), Industry Relations (Mary Ellen Dobrowolski), Member Benefits (Susan Rubel), and the Air Force Memorial (new-hire Barbara Taylor). By bringing these areas together, AFA hopes to increase fundraising efforts and initiatives.  


The second new functional area will be led by Adam Hebert, Vice President of Education, Outreach and Communications. Hebert will be dual-hatted as Editor in Chief of Air Force Magazine, his current position, and will add oversight of Education and Communications (Chet Curtis), Government Relations and the Mitchell Institute (both of which are led by Doug Birkey). This area consolidates AFA's communications with the outside world. The new setup will improve the efficiency and consistency of AFA's messaging.  


The last new functional area is led by Kari Hahn, as Vice President of Member and Field Relations. Hahn is presently our Membership Director, but she will soon oversee Airmen and Family Programs, the Wounded Airmen Initiative, the Transitions Program, and Field Awards. Also joining the staff will be Paula Roy, spouse of retiring Chief Master Sergeant of the Air Force James Roy, as the Director of Airmen and Family Programs, a newly established initiative taken on by AFA. This program will help AFA expand the support provided to airmen and families. This will include exploring new opportunities, coalition building and launching new programs.

These varied programs are vital but core to AFA's long-term health and significance because they tangibly demonstrate the association's commitment to Airmen, spouses, and the greater Air Force family.  


Finally, in the area of business operations, Mike Smith assumes the title of Senior Vice President/Senior Financial Officer. He oversees all of AFA's support functions, including Information Technology (Laurie Brice), Administration (Tonya Hall), and Finance.  


"We have to be more responsive to the needs of our members and AFA chapters and be more proactive in responding to the needs of our Airmen who are leaving the service in a rapidly changing economic climate," said Craig McKinley, AFA President, in announcing these changes. "These changes were implemented to improve our effectiveness, operations and internal communication, and achieve synergies. Such a transformation will make AFA a more relevant military professional association to a new generation of young men and women who serve or have served our great country."

"I look forward to supporting the new management team as they transition into new areas of responsibility and continue to have a positive influence on relaying the Air Force story to the public," said George Muellner, AFA's Chairman of the Board. "The AFA National staff realignment should significantly improve the way we carry out our initiatives and position AFA for an even greater future."


Community Partner Spotlight

January has arrived, which brings the start of the Year of the Community Partner at the Air Force Association. As you may know, we want to encourage and aid chapters in growing their Community Partner program. This program is beneficial to your chapter, the local business, and your community. When looking for potential Community Partners, remember that many types of businesses are eager to help our troops and to support AFA's mission. Companies from defense contractors to fast food restaurants to clothing stores make great partners for your chapter. Advertise these different businesses to your chapter, friends, and family and be sure to think first of a Community Partner first if you have a meeting to arrange, a lunch or dinner to schedule, or even some shopping to do.


The Hurlburt Field Chapter in Florida has a wide variety of Community Partners including restaurants such as Gus's Corona Café in Mary Esther, Florida and the Bella Donna Café in Fort Walton Beach, Florida. They have also recruited a dentist's office, funeral home, day spa, storage facility, and pawn shop - all as Community Partners. This just proves that many businesses and organizations believe in the AFA mission and are willing to commit to their local AFA chapter!


2013 Air Warfare Symposium and Technology Exposition

AFA has changed the 2013 schedule for the Air Warfare Symposium and Technology Exposition, and the AFA Central Florida Chapter Air Force Gala.  WEDNESDAY, FEBRUARY 20th there will be a Welcome Reception in the Exhibit Hall from 6:30 - 8:30 p.m.  THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 21st the AFA Central Florida Chapter Reception will be held on the exhibit floor from 7:00 - 8:00 p.m. and the Air Force Gala will start at 8:00 p.m.


The Air Force Association's 29th Annual Air Warfare Symposium and Technology Exposition will take place February 20-22, 2013 at the Rosen Shingle Creek Hotel in Orlando, Florida. Invited speakers to the Symposium will include Secretary of the Air Force Michael B. Donley, Chief of Staff of the Air Force General Mark A. Welsh, the Chief Master Sergeant of the Air Force and other top Air Force leaders.  


In support of the Air Warfare Symposium and Technology Exposition, AFA's Central Florida Chapter will again sponsor its annual Air Force Gala and Golf activities. The golf outing will be held at the Rosen Shingle Creek Golf Course on Wednesday, February 20, 2013. Individual golfer price is $150. Tickets for the Golf Outing may be purchased through registration on the AFA website. For questions regarding the golf registration, please contact Jim DeRose at NOTE: Only 144 slots will be available for this year's golf outing. For all other golf questions including sponsorships and/or merchandise donations contact Bob Ceruti at  


 The chapter will celebrate "Air Force Education & Training" at its annual dinner, which will be on THURSDAY, February 21, 2013.  NOTE: THIS DATE HAS CHANGED.  Dress for this year's Air Force Gala will be Service Dress and/or Business Suit. Tickets to the Gala may be purchased through registration on the AFA website. For additional Gala information please contact Tim Brock at or 407-359-4963.


As an AFA leader, you are invited to attend the symposium which will be held on Thursday, February 21, from 8:00 a.m. until 4:45 p.m., and on Friday, February 22, from 8:30 a.m. until 12:00 p.m. The standard registration fee for the symposium is $850 for an AFA individual member and $950 for non-AFA members. However, since it is important for AFA leaders to attend this national event, there is a special leader registration fee of $250 (for AFA National Officers, Region Presidents, Directors, National Committee Members, State and Chapter Presidents. [Note: Since this is not a directed meeting, this fee is not reimbursable for AFA leaders.] The registration fee includes a welcome reception in the exhibit hall on 2/20, one and a half days of sessions on 2/21-22; continental breakfasts on 2/21-22; coffee breaks on 2/21-22; and a lunch in the exhibit hall on 2/21. Each AFA leader who registers at this special rate will be entitled to purchase an additional ticket to the Welcome Reception for $175. In addition, tickets for the Central Florida Chapter sponsored events (annual Gala and Golf activities) can be purchased through the registration site.


Registration is now open. Please go to, click on the Air Warfare Symposium logo on the right hand side of the screen.  Select the 'Registration' button on the right side of the page; choose the 'AFA Leader' registration category from the drop-down to register. If you have any questions regarding registration, please contact Katie Storm (ext. 5848)  


AFA is pleased to extend our internal rate of $162 single/double per night, plus applicable taxes. Reservations will be accepted on a first-in basis until the block is full or until noon on Friday, January 25, 2013, whichever comes first. To reserve your hotel room, you must first register for the Symposium. At the end of the registration process, your Internet browser will display a registration confirmation page. Look for the 'Make Hotel Reservation' button - click that button and then input the appropriate information. NOTE: Do not call the hotel directly; this is the only avenue available for you to make your hotel reservation at this rate. If you have any questions, please contact Sarah Piggott at or 703-247-5800 ext. 4877.


We are looking forward to having another successful meeting at the Rosen Shingle Creek. Here are some highlights about the property:

  • Check-in time is 3:00 p.m. Check-out time is 11:00 a.m.
  • Less than 20 minutes from the Orlando International Airport. Visit for directions or for transportation information.  
  • Multiple dining options from full service restaurants to a 24-hour deli and market place. Please check out all of their options at
  • Four pools and a spa.
  • Discounted golf available - just mention you are with AFA.
  • Self parking is $16 per day, however, if you mention you are with AFA, you will receive 50% off; Valet parking is $20 for the day and $21 overnight.

Field Spotlight    

Former National Teacher of the Year in the News  


The Air Force Association's 2010 National Aerospace Teacher of the Year, Allen Robnett, is continuing to make strides in the field of physics. Now retired from his career as an inspiring and creative Physics teacher at Gallatin High School in Sumner, Tennessee, he is continuing to push the boundaries of scientific investigation with a new project. Robnett believes he has found a force that moves faster than the speed of light. The Coulomb Force, as he taught his students in his classes, causes similar electric charges to repel from each other, and opposite charges to be attracted to each other. He explained to The Tennessean that, "It's as simple as running a plastic comb through hair and moving it next to a piece of paper. The resulting motion is caused by the Coulomb Force. "It is this motion that he believes moves faster than the speed of light. Robnett is continuing to collect data and experiment. He tests his theory using a 24-foot tower that he has constructed in his backyard. An antenna at the top of the tower measures the speed of the force of electrical charges.


If Robnett can prove his hypothesis to be true, his findings may solve some of the most puzzling questions in the field of physics - particularly those surrounding the existence of dark matter. He aims to prove that the speed of gravitational pull and electrical influence is greater than the speed of light. His results could revolutionize certain laws of physics that are currently assumed to be true.


Read the full story from the Tennessean here. 


CyberPatriot Semifinals and Pre-Registration 


The CyberPatriot Semifinals are fast approaching. Just under a hundred teams will battle on January 11-12 for their chance to be one of the 26 teams that will advance the National Finals Competition. Check out our Semifinalists in both the All Service and Open Division and be sure to cheer on any teams in your area.  


CyberPatriot is also pleased to announce that pre-registration for next year's EVEN BIGGER AND BETTER CyberPatriot VI is available NOW!  Pre-registering will allow coaches and administrators more time to plan and to work through administrative processes.  It will also allow us to establish better information flow to coaches earlier in the year.  Be sure to spread the word about pre-registration for CP-VI to high schools, CAP units, and Sea Cadet Corps units in your area!

AFA's IRS Status


It has recently come to our attention that AFA does not appear as an organization eligible for tax-deductible contributions on the IRS's Exempt Organization Master File, complicating attempts to donate to the Air Force Association via external giving sources, (i.e., banks, charitable giving sites, etc.).


This issue is due to a system failure at the IRS, but rest assured, AFA remains an income tax-exempt entity in good standing under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code (IRC). We also qualify as a public charity under IRC section 509(A)(1). As a public charity, individuals may deduct charitable contributions made to AFA as provided for in section 170 of the IRC.


For more information about this matter, click here

2013 Scholarships and Grants

Information on AFA's 2013 Scholarship and Grant programs is now available, including the following programs:


-Pitsenbarger Awards

-Lt Col Romeo and Josephine Bass Ferretti Scholarship

-Captain Jodi Callahan Memorial Scholarship

-Spouse Scholarships

-Full Scholarship to Grantham University

-Air Force JROTC Grants

-CAP Unit Grants

-CAP Aerospace Educator Grants

-Cadet Medals


To read about these programs and get more information, click here. 


Field Spotlight 

Dolomiti Chapter Website   


Dolomiti Chapter, based out of Aviano Air Base in Italy, has rolled out a superb new website that serves as a clearinghouse of information for members as well as for airmen assigned to the base.  We encourage chapters to check out the website to get ideas for their own web presence.


Perhaps the most outstanding aspect of the new website is its detailed and accessible section for newcomers to the Aviano community.  In this section, the chapter has provided information and links for all aspects of base life, including arrival planning, base life, Italian legal requirements, and many other useful topics.  Congratulations to the chapter for putting together a great resource for the airmen they serve.  This is a great example of the Support mission of AFA in action.


See the website here. 


 AFA Government Relations Update

Last month we reported on the House National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA), which called for reducing the proposed increases, capping any increases after FY 3013 by linking future annual copay increases to the percentage increase in military retired pay. To pay for these more moderate increases, the House version established a five-year pilot program to require TFL beneficiaries to use the mail-order system for one year for refills on maintenance medications.


We now have a comparison sheet to help track changes in this year's NDAA
which we expect to pass both houses soon. Besides the TRICARE pharmacy provision and the Retirement Commission, take note of Unified Medical Command (which we opposed-it was dropped), the Concurrent Receipt glitch fix (very confusing formula change that will help a few medical retirees) and the job training transition provision. AFA has supported all such transition programs easing civilian credentialing and licensing.

The comparison sheet can be downloaded here. 
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