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Save considerable time and money
 with our pre-approved DSA drawings 
Modular Elevator Manufacturing (MEM) saves you considerable time and money because our DSA drawings are pre-approved. We are the ONLY elevator company in California that is pre-approved for the elevator and the hoistway.
  • MEM drawings are DSA PC (Pre-Check) Approved. This means that our elevator drawings are inserted into your project drawings and the design process all but disappears. And you generally don't need to go through the approval process again. This is a great advantage over conventional elevators which usually require a deferred approval from DSA. MEM's modular is constructed from tubular structural steel.  This results in a much lighter structure which requires a smaller concrete pit.
Contractors and architects - this will reduce agency review time by 6+ months!
  • MEM also uses DSA approved inspectors throughout the manufacturing process to ensure the highest quality product. Each component comes from a California non-proprietary supplier to assure component availability at all times.  In addition, highly-qualified suppliers are available to work on and service our elevators whenever needed.
Our modular elevators are available in a large variety of cab colors and cab interior designs.

Compare MEM to the competition

Our MEM elevators are perfect for public works projects:
  • Schools K-12
  • Colleges & Universities
  • Public Transportation
  • Parking Lots
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If you would like to discuss your project, give us a call at 818-792-4554 or complete our RFQ form to request a quote. 



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