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August 2014 Update
Your Vertical Transportation Information Source limes_summer.jpg    Motivational Quote of the month:

"Faith is taking the first step even when you don't see the whole staircase."

- Martin Luther King, Jr.:
American pastor, activist, humanitarian, and leader in the African-American Civil Rights Movement

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A new standard in the home amenity 

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Just ten short years ago, it was difficult to find someone who had a home elevator installed in their home.  Today, the home elevators one of the most sought after home amenity items that builders provide to their clients.



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The Evolution of Elevator Entrances and Doors - You now have more options 
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Without a doubt, aside from the main entryway to any multistory edifice, the most important doorways are the elevator entrances and doors found in the lobby or main floor.
Now, with the evolution of the power sliding doorway system, both residential and commercial customers have more options, both in hoistway doors and car gates.


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No one can prove that the paucity of high buildings before the modern era was due solely to the lack of a means to reach the upper floors. It could more easily be argued that the demands for utilizing urban space were never so great as to make the high-rise a necessity and that once the demand was there, human ingenuity rose to the job of inventing an efficient elevator. But one thing is certain: the idea of vertical transportation, if not the means, has been with us for well over 2,000 years.


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