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May 2014 Update
Your Vertical Transportation Information Source memorial_day11.jpg    Motivational Quote of the month:

"The starting point of all achievement is DESIRE.
Keep this constantly in mind. Weak desire brings weak results,
just as a small fire makes a small amount of heat."

- Napoleon Hill

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Machine Room-Less Elevators


Machine Room Less Elevators (usually shortened to as M.R.L. or MRL) are a type of traction elevator which do not have a machine room at the top of the hoistway.


The machine-room-less elevator is the result of technological advancements that often allow a significant reduction in the size of the electric motors used with traction equipment.



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The Importance of Elevator Service for your Lift 
Whether it be a residential or commercial application, every day many people depend on the safe and reliable operations of vertical transportation systems. It is of critical importance to the owners and ultimately to the tenants, guests or visitors who travel throughout residences and buildings each day.  Deciding on a competent maintenance company is a complicated decision.  Elevator maintenance can be provided by manufacturers, installation companies or Independents.


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The first successful non-hydraulic elevator was built by Henry Waterman in New York City in 1850, and was installed in a Manhattan warehouse to hoist barrels to the upper floor. Waterman's elevator was a crude platform lifted by a cable that wound around a cylindrical drum known as the windlass. The windlass was turned by steam power in one direction to lift the platform; then turned in the other direction to lower it. But these devices also limited the height of an elevator shaft, since the drum afforded only so much room to safely accept the winding rope.

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