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March 2014 Update
Your Vertical Transportation Information Source st-patricks-day-header2.jpg    Motivational Quote of the month:

"Nobody counts the number of ads you run;
they just remember the impression you make." 

- William Bernbach: American advertising creative director


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Memoirs of a Service Call


It seems that lately we have been seeing requests to check out residential elevators that have been installed and not serviced for 20+ years.  This is not to say these requests were because the lifts were inoperable but quite the contrary.  These customers have been using that lift consistently over the years and eventually they start making a particular new noise or running differently.  All of these units needed little to moderate repair after the initial service inspection.



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The Benefits of an Elevator 



There are only a few reasons people choose to justify the installation of an elevator in their home.  The most obvious are physical disabilities or convenience.  While these are the most popular, they shouldn't be the only reasons.  


Wanting one's home accessible at every level by visitors, who might have issues with stairs is a good argument.  Also, it is a great "peace of mind" to have if someone should suddenly become temporarily disabled due to an injury.  


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Many medieval monasteries were built atop steep cliffs or surrounded by high walls, and some of the more unsociable cloisters depended upon a device known as the basket elevator for entry and exit. A basket elevator was just that, a basket in which the passenger was lifted or lowered by rope along the outside of the monastery walls. Not the most gracious entry, perhaps, but unwanted guests certainly posed little problem.

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