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November 2013 Update
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   Motivational Quote of the month:

"The successful person has the habit of doing
the things failures don't like to do." 

-Thomas Edison:American inventor and businessman

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When is a Good Time to Remodel your Elevator Cab?

Cab Remodel


While some consider the importance of the cab work within their mod minuet, most understand that when it comes to the perception of the final product the cab is one of the most important items. As a managing agent, or most importantly as an elevator contractor, many sub-contracting decisions need to be made on a mod. From whom to use for your control fixtures, to who's traveling cable should be used to what cab company will install or refurbish an existing cab.




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Elevators in Homes are on the Rise  
LA Times Article


Elevators are found not just in mansions but also in the houses of those who have difficulty climbing stairs and can afford the $21,000 to six-figure expense.              
 Families juggling children, pets and groceries are among those who are...


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Elevators are twenty times safer than escalators. There are twenty times more elevators than escalators, but only 1/3 more accidents

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