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March 2013 Update
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Popularity of home elevators gets a lift
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Elevators are found not just in mansions but also in the houses of those who have difficulty climbing stairs and can afford the $21,000 to six-figure expense.

Actress Jane Fonda bought a home in Beverly Hills last year with a feature that might seem counter-intuitive for a fitness guru: an elevator.


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2013 Marks 11 Years for PVE

Pneumatic Vacuum Elevators were first introduced to the Elevator industry 11 years ago come this August.  Formally displayed for the first time at the 2002 National Association of Elevator Contractor's show in Las Vegas, NV, there was no question that there was an obvious interest and demand for the product.  Having started out with just one model of a Pneumatic Vacuum Elevator, PVE's founder and current President/CEO, Juan de Ledebur says "We are excited about reaching the 11 year mark and pleased to now offer three models and a complete line of color options that satisfy the requirement of almost any residential elevator project throughout the world."   With over 4,000 units installed in over as many as 55 countries worldwide, Pneumatic Vacuum Elevators have become well known and a highly sought after product.  PVE is looking forward to continued growth and success with all of you for many years to come!


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NY Blackout

During the 1977 power blackout in New York City, the business and commercial life of the world's busiest metropolis came to a complete halt for an entire day. Though buses were still running to take people to work and many offices had sufficient natural lighting to make some work possible, the blackout shut off one electrical device without which the modern city is completely helpless: the elevator.


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