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February 2013 Update
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Motivational Quote of the Month:
"Do what you fear most and you control fear." - Tom Hopkins

Elevator Boutique
Elevator Boutique Greek  A love of their Greek heritage inspired the owners of a two-level apartment to recreate Mediterranean island life right at home. Requiring private, secure access to their apartment from the lower, commercial level of the building, Elevator Boutique's ElfoLift was installed in powdercoated steel.  It has milk white glass doors and includes a solid door on the lower level for added security and privacy. Servicing three stops with an adjacent through car, the elevator delivers safety and convenience overlooking the bay and opening directly onto balconies presents a contemporary take on Greek island living,

and we wouldn't want it any other way!



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Five Feet of Advice
Savaria VPL

The vertical platform lift is an appliance designed specifically for individuals in wheelchairs to help them overcome barriers where a ramp is not practical or allowable. The traveling height for this enclosed platform can start from as low as twenty inches and terminate as high as twenty-four feet.


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DUMBWAITER - a pulley and counterweight device used chiefly to lift food from kitchen to dining room. An apocryphal story credits Thomas Jefferson with the invention of the dumbwaiter; we do know that Jefferson used one of the world's first dumbwaiters in his Virginia home to deliver food from a basement kitchen to the dining room. The dumbwaiter was later used in this country to deliver garbage to the basement of many apartment buildings.


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