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"Every time we open our mouths to speak or sing we are affecting ourselves and the people hearing us. By opening up your voice to its greatest possibilities, you will experience positive changes both physically and emotionally. Change the way you sound and enjoy the success it will bring to you." 

- Roger Love: is one of the world's leading authorities on voice





The Ever Changing Industry 




Cemco Home Elevator  

In spite of the recent announcement that Otis at Home will be discontinuing their residential hydraulic elevator line, Inclinator Company of California and TL Shield & Associates have a solution for your residential lift needs and will still get the job done.  

Otis at Home is developing a new lift based on Otis GeN2 technology.  This machine is planned for release as early as the first quarter of 2013.  This state of the art, green elevator will be a great alternative to the current industry technology, both hydraulic and traction, and will be a viable alternative solution to your residential lift demands.






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Elevator Boutique's Luxury Home Elevators

EB 3   

In 2003, Les Katz, CEO and founder of Lift Shop in Australia, saw an opportunity to expand his elevator-service and installation business into a specialist business focusing on luxury home elevators. His goal was to offer designer elevator solutions exclusive to residential applications. As a result of the combined efforts of Katz and team members, Lift Shop was established and currently has offices in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Perth, all in Australia.



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    • Elevators used to require a two-man dispatcher/operator team to function. The advent of navigational buttons rendered those jobs obsolete.




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