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January 2013 Update
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Please use this complementary monthly newsletter as a resource for all of your vertical transportation needs.

Motivational Quote of the Month:
"If you always do what you always did,
you'll always get what you always got."

stellar-vator Providing a residential elevator is a project with three partners: the designer, the contractor and the end user. At T.L. Shield & Assoc., Inc. and Inclinator Co. of Ca. we believe that each relationship is critical to a successful home elevator installation.

Thirty years of continuing success in the elevation business means there is always something to attend to in the office or in the field. Everything from creating proposals and ordering equipment to installing and servicing lifts. Being very busy is a problem to have, and we wouldn't want it any other way!


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Elevator Boutique
EB 3 Elevator Boutique has been involved with some remarkable projects, and we're very proud of the installations that have been completed so far... with many more still in progress.
Elevator Boutique elevators continue to be in high demand - for both their features and style. We increasingly find that the technology and safety features are a big draw card, but of course, customers also love the customization possibilities, which are endless. Then there's the quality, which is unbeatable - there's just nothing else quite like it, so don't be fooled.

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Flying Chair

In 17th century France, a device known as the "flying chair" occasionally brought passengers to the upper floors of higher buildings. Similar to hoists used by stablemen to lift bales of hay to a loft, the flying chair was operated by a rope running around a wheel at the top of the building exterior. One end of the rope was attached to the chair, the other end to a counterweight. To rise, a passenger threw off a sandbag attached to the chair, the counterweight would then descend and the much lighter chair and passenger would rise. Not a very pleasant ride, as you might imagine. Even so, at the end of the upward journey, the passenger had to climb in through the window.

We hope you enjoy our vertical transportation update and benefit from its content.  We are available in person or by phone to answer any of your questions or concerns.





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T.L. Shield & Inclinator Co.would like to invite you to experience the smooth ride and elegance of our Pneumatic Vacuum Elevators. 
Call us today for directions to our Northern California showroom located in Fairfield, CA. (Conveniently located between the Jelly Belly factory and the Budweiser brewery.

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