Mary's Pence July/August eNews
The Justice Project: A Year's Work 

 "Poverty is not a crime, it's a human rights issue" - Kris Wade, Executive Director and Founder of The Justice Project


Miss X is a 64 year old clinically diagnosed paranoid schizophrenic with frequent psychotic episodes. When members of The Justice Project met her while doing outreach at a local meal program/food pantry, they learned she had been chronically homeless and living in a homeless shelter for 10 years. This shelter was illegally taking her Supplemental Security Income and telling her payee that Miss X was receiving case management, mental health care, meals, and had her own room - nothing was further from the truth. 


This story reflects the rough circumstances through which many women connect with The Justice Project.


Personal Relationships


The Justice Project is an organization that uses a model of long term support and compassionate advocacy to build relationships with women in poverty and partner with them as they navigate various legal systems. They nurture personal relationships with their constituents, and also encourage peer to peer relationships using a non-judgmental, trust building, strengths based approach that is humanizing and lets the women know The Justice Project will support them as long as they choose to be engaged in the program.



Mary's Pence recently sent out our
Summer Reading List. Each summer, we enjoy sending out this list because we know that you, our supporters, are intelligent people who seek to know more about the world around them. In growing our understanding of the world we discover injustices, but we also discover innovative solutions to these injustices. Most importantly we find hope and healing in community. This is what our Summer Reading List represents.

The books on this year's list were placed in four respective categories: Black Lives Matter, Latino Voices, Dynamics of Change, and Food for the Soul and Body.  



Meet Gabriela:

New Business Facilitator for ESPERA! 

In June, Gabriela Bandini joined the Mary's Pence ESPERA staff. We warmly welcome Gabriela and are excited about what she brings to this program. She will be working closely with our current staff - Gilda Larios, founding staff of ESPERA, and Eva Martinez who partners with Gilda and who is the primary support for several groups in El Salvador and the groups in Honduras. 

We want to partner with your faith community!

As leaders in your faith community begin planning for Christmas and Lent, make sure they keep Mary's Pence in mind. We offer Lenten Soup Supper packets with prayers and readings to guide your reflection as well as delicious Latin American soup recipes. Also consider making Mary's Pence part of your Giving Tree this year.  Click here to learn more about these and other great opportunities for partnership with Mary's Pence. 


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Meet Mary's Pence!

Are you planning on attending any of these upcoming events? If so, make sure you visit Mary's Pence. And if you're willing to help us table, or would like to connect with us while we are in town email and let us know!



Creating a Culture of Peace 
July 31- August 2 - St. Paul, Minnesota


Mary's Pence and St. Paul Interfaith Network (SPIN) are collaborating on this conference on active non-violence. Registration is limited to 12 female participants representing diverse religious and spiritual traditions. 

Click here for more information on this event. 


Leadership Conference of Women Religious

August 11-15 - Houston, Texas


Mary's Pence will be present at the LCWR Assembly.  If you are attending the conference please visit our exhibit, and let others know we will be present. We will be hosting a Wine and Cheese Reception - time, date, and location TBD.


"Gender, Gospel, and Global Justice" Women's Ordination Worldwide International Conference

September 18-21 - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

This is the third international conference for advocates of women's ordination and equality in the Catholic church. Stop by our table to say hello!

Click here for more information on this event.  

Starting Now
Joyce Sidman, from What the Heart Knows 

It is time for us to wake:
we who stumble through the day 
with out gripes and complaints, 
who drift numbly 
through thronging halls and streets - 

you and I, 
who rant about injustice, 
who see all that is wrong in this world
but believe we are shackled
and powerless.

It is time to look into 
each other's faces, 
who who glide along the surface, 
time to dive down and feel the currents 
of each other's lives.
Time to speak until the air 
holds all o our voices.
Tine to weave for each other 
a garment of brightness.
Open your eyes.
Feel your strength.
Bless the past.
Greet the future.

Join hands.
Right here.
Our moment:
starting now.

We envision a world where empowered women 

and their communities flourish in solidarity and justice.


Mary's Pence invests in women across the Americas 

by funding community initiatives and fostering 

collaborations to create social change.


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