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April 2015 
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Green Jobs Award

Pacific Biodiesel acknowledges environmental champions currently fueling with biodiesel including:

















Pacific Biodiesel Celebrates 20 years

On May 8 of this year, Pacific Biodiesel will be 20 years old. It is a continuing rollercoaster ride, but our greatest accomplishment has been adhering to our mission of community-based sustainability. As America's oldest and most experienced biodiesel company, we feel an obligation to be true to our values, walk the talk and always conduct business with honesty and integrity.

A lot has happened since 1995 and we have so many people to thank that it would be folly to try to include them all here. From the day we committed to invest our life savings into this recycling/biodiesel production venture, to building the present statewide operation, we have always known that our greatest wealth would be the friends, supporters and colleagues we've met along the way. Many have told us that Pacific Biodiesel has given them hope for the future and that in turn inspires us to keep pushing the envelope.

It has been most gratifying to raise our own children on renewable energy; indeed, both our daughter and son are now working for the company and both have driven biodiesel vehicles since they received their licenses.   Our family now includes the most loyal and dedicated employees on all islands, and we continue to marvel at their ability to overcome challenges week after week.

As we look forward from this point, we know that diversification is necessary to remain in biodiesel fuel production. The biofuel crop project, the crushing mill, the waste papaya algae demonstration, the Aina Mo' soil amendment project and the potential additional biodiesel refinery installations are all components of our expanded operations that bring additional challenges, but also the exhilaration of expanding our horizons. And as we continue to dispel doubt and rumor about biodiesel itself, we have joined with the City & County of Honolulu, County of Hawaii, Hawaiian Electric Company, and soon the State of Hawaii, in helping our island community reach its Clean Energy Goals.  Tens of millions of miles have been driven on biodiesel in Hawaii since we started Pacific Biodiesel two decades ago, and we have miles to go before we sleep. 


With love and appreciation,

Bob and Kelly King

Earth Day 2015

Each year, on April 22 in observance of Earth Day, people around the  world plant trees, commute to work by bicycle and pick up trash in their neighborhoods. An event created to shine a spotlight on environmental concerns, the first Earth Day was organized in 1970 to bring environmental protection onto the national political agenda.  Earth Day provides an opportunity to focus public awareness on a variety of environmental issues including climate change, ocean pollution, habitat destruction, sustainable energy and environmental policy. Unfortunately, that focus is often short-lived.  Let's make Earth Day 2015 the day we each commit to making long-term personal changes  - by reducing our use of fossil fuels, recycling as much and as often as possible, and advocating for clean energy.  45 years after the first Earth Day, we need to stop debating whether renewable energy is worth the cost and agree that the cost of not making the transition is far greater.

State Commits to B20 Transition
Governor Ige announces renewable fuel commitment during Keaau visit and recognizes Pacific Biodiesel


Governor David Ige presents "Pacific Biodiesel Day" proclamation to President Bob King and Director of Operations Jenna Long

During a visit to the Big Island Biodiesel refinery last month, Governor David Ige emphasized the state's serious commitment to food security and energy sustainability. The Governor commended Pacific Biodiesel for being a global pioneer in the field of biofuels and for having the vision to help position Hawaii to become an energy independent and self-sustainable state.   "We're committed to convert all of our diesel fuel equipment and vehicles to B20," stated Hawaii State Department of Transportation Director Ford Fuchigami who joined the Governor at the renewable fuel refinery in Keaau. He added, "We support initiatives to buy local and promote the use of clean fuels."  The Governor issued an official proclamation declaring March 18, 2015 as Pacific Biodiesel Day in Hawaii. Click here for more.

Pacific Biodiesel Day
Hawaii Celebrates Local Company on National Biodiesel Day
Pacific Biodiesel team gathered outside Big Island Biodiesel on March 18, 2015 to acknowledge National Biodiesel Day and celebrate the Governor's proclamation of Pacific Biodiesel Day. 
Hawaii County Begins B20 Fueling
Locally produced renewable fuel to power diesel fleets

Beginning this month the County of Hawaii will use locally produced biodiesel for its fleet. "We are pleased to be addressing our Island's dependence on imported fossil fuels by transitioning all of our diesel consumption to B20.  Thus 20% of the diesel we consume as a County will be local, renewable and better for our environment, our economy and our Island's fuel security," said Mayor Billy Kenoi.
The departments of Environmental Management, Public Works and Mass Transit are among those making the transition to B20 biodiesel (a blend of 20% biodiesel, 80% fossil diesel). The biodiesel will be produced at Big Island Biodiesel in Keaau, 10 miles from the County seat in Hilo.
"The switch is an example that the leadership in Hawaii County is committed to improving the economy, the environment, and the health and safety of its community," commented Bob King, President of Pacific Biodiesel and Big Island Biodiesel.  "This contract further highlights that the County leadership is truly "walking the talk" toward sustainability. It will go a long way to assure renewable fuel in Hawaii will continue to expand." Pacific Biodiesel currently employs about 70 people across the state.
Pacific Biodiesel Gives High Marks to the Maui Energy Conference
Panel discussion and exhibition well received

The Maui Economic Development Board hosted the 2015 Maui Energy Conference and Exhibition in March which attracted speakers and attendees from across the nation.    

Pacific Biodiesel's Kelly King is interviewed by Akaku following her morning panel presentation.
The 2015 conference offered a mix of keynotes and panel presentations, each with a Q&A session. Thursday morning's first session, "Focus on the Customer - Maui Style", featured Pacific Biodiesel Vice President Kelly King as one of the panelists. The structure of the conference allowed for a lot of discussion among attendees and presenters as well as ample time to visit the energy exhibits during session breaks.  This year's Maui Energy Conference and Exhibition was a big success and Pacific Biodiesel looks forward to the 2016 event!
Big Island Biodiesel featured as  "Manufacturer of the Week"
Recognized for its community-based production    
The US Department of Commerceʻs National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) featured Big Island Biodiesel as its "Manufacturer of the Week".   Mark Ausbeck, Senior Project Manager with HDTC Innovate Hawaii, nominated the Maui based company for this recogition.  "Pacific Biodieselʻs commitment to sustainability through the manufacturing of biodiesel with local feedstocks is fundamental to saving our environment," said Ausbeck. 


Everything's Coming Up Sunflowers!
Biofuel crop trials started on Hawaii Island plots

Spring has sprung for Pacific Biodiesel's 2015 sunflower crop. With new funding from the Office of Naval Research coming through the Hawaii Natural Energy Institute, Pacific Biodiesel has begun testing biofuel crops on Hawaii Island. The new plantings are in areas representative of available large acreage and will test for initial acclimatization before large-scale demonstration can begin. The project goal is full commercialization of biofuel crops to biodiesel production at Big Island Biodiesel. Noting that the amount of waste oil feedstocks in the islands is limited,
Sunflowers planted with recommended irrigation, which is 25% the amount
required for sugar cane production 
PBT Vice President Kelly King said the company has long understood that diversified agriculture will be necessary to meet Hawaii's renewable fuel demands. One of the goals of the project is to determine the necessary inputs required for cultivation.
Sunflowers with 50% of the recommended irrigation 

Pacific Biodiesel Logistics showcases at Honolulu Buildings Expo  
Account Executives connect with customers
Oahu's Dana Shinsato and Rob Robinson from the Maui team showcase Pacific Biodiesel's local recycling of waste oils into biodiesel. 
Hawaii's Best Places to Work 
Pacific Biodiesel awarded the honor for 4th year 

Employees of Pacific Biodiesel once again voted the Company one of Hawaii's "Best Places to Work"! With operations on Oahu, Hawaii Island and Maui, the Company supports over 70 jobs in the renewable energy sector.  For many, the company's mission is the key.  "Knowing we are making a difference in Hawaii's economy and environment makes it important to come to work each day", says Annette Kaga, Staff Accountant.  "Each one of us plays a vital role in the success of the company."  

Congratulations to our Rising Stars  
Promoting from within:

Big Island Biodiesel:
Joe Kashuba - Facility Manager, Hawaii Island
Doug Olds - Production Manager, Hawaii Island 
New Faces in the Biodiesel Biz
The PBT ohana welcomes new members across the State:


Pacific Biodiesel Technologies: 
Tony Baduria - Supply Chain Manager, Hawaii Island
Raquel Tagorda - Bookkeeper, Maui
Lawrence McRaven - Crushing Mill Assistant, Hawaii Island

Pacific Biodiesel Logistics:
Kaulani Au - Plant Operator, Oahu
Shanon Costa - Driver/Service Technician, Hawaii Island
Mark Pagba - Driver/Maintenance Technician, Oahu

Big Island Biodiesel:

Tane Fernandez, Shipping & Receiving Coordinator, Hawaii Island
Ricky Brodo, Plant Operator, Hawaii Island
Kalani Pereira, Plant Operator, Hawaii Island
Jeremy James - Facilities Technician, Hawaii Island
Andrew Schwartz - Plant Operator, , Hawaii Island
Upcoming Events
Sunday, April 12
Employees of Big Island Biodiesel and Pacific Biodiesel in Keaau will crew a canoe in this year's Business Regatta in HIlo. Staff and families will cheer the "Breathe Easy, It's Biodiesel" team at the pot luck event on Sunday, April 12. 

Wednesday, April 22
UH Maui College - 10am to 2pm
Free to the public.  Recycling info, tree planting, music, games and more. Come visit us at the Pacific Biodiesel booth and celebrate Earth Day.
Thursday, April 23
Pacific Biodiesel President  Bob King will take part in a panel  presentation titled
"Eco-CEO: Balancing Profit and Sustainability" at the Plaza Club in Honolulu. Hosted by Element Media's Green Magazine, tickets for the 4pm presentation and networking event are available.  Click here for more info.

Sunday, April 26
Pacific Biodiesel will once again partner with Maui EKO to sponsor the Excellence in Sustainability award at the 2015 ʻAipono Awards. Hosted this year at the Sheraton Maui, the event recognizes the best of  Maui Countyʻs restaurants and resorts and benefits the Maui Culinary Academy at UH Maui College. Contact Maui No Ka Oi for ticket information.

Friday, May 8
Happy Anniversary!  Pacific Biodiesel celebrates 20 years of fulfilling its mission:   To promote a clean, sustainable energy future through the community-based production of renewable fuels  Congratulations to us!

Headquartered in Kahului, Hawaii, Pacific Biodiesel was conceived in 1995 as a response to local concerns over unmanageable quantities of waste cooking oil being dumped at the Central Maui Landfill.  Since opening and operating the very first retail biodiesel pump in America, Pacific Biodiesel has built a solid reputation as a leading pioneer in the rapidly expanding biodiesel industry. Its research and development division located in Salem, Oregon, has designed and built biodiesel plants from Hawaii to Maryland. PB is committed to the community - based biodiesel model and to our mission of promoting a clean, sustainable energy future through local production of renewable fuels.
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