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January 13, 2015 
In This Issue
Ed Zwick Retires
A Look Back at 2014
Biodiesel Returns to Maalaea
Big Island Biodiesel Makes the Cover!
UH Maui Hosts Biodiesel Class
HECO inks deals with PBT
Crop Research Project Update
New Faces and Positions
Upcoming Events
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Green Jobs Award

Pacific Biodiesel acknowledges environmental champions currently fueling with biodiesel including:





  Skyline Eco Zip





The Best is Yet to Come!

Before I arrived on Maui in 2005, I had never even heard of biodiesel. Shortly thereafter, I began reading about Bob and Kelly King and Pacific Biodiesel. I became very interested and asked an associate of mine if she could arrange for me to meet with the Kings. A meeting followed and I volunteered to assist them in organizing the Sustainable Biodiesel Alliance, a non-profit which supports the community-based model that provides the maximum benefits to each community.
The SBA offered me an opportunity to work with a group of environmentally conscious individuals including Annie and Willie Nelson, Laura Harrelson and Daryl Hannah. The SBA has been highly successful with Kelly King currently serving as its chair.
In 2008, I joined Pacific Biodiesel as its Secretary and General Counsel. It has been a fantastic journey, which has included working on projects from Japan to the Middle East and Latin America. During the last few years Ed ZwickI have seen a tremendous improvement in the technologies used in the development of feedstocks and the production of biodiesel.

Many wonderful things lie ahead for the Pacific Biodiesel family. Although I have formally retired at the end of 2014, I intend to keep in close contact with the Company and its founders. I am certain that the best days lie ahead.

~ Ed Zwick, General Counsel
It Was a Very Good Year
Big Island Biodiesel increased production by 50%


2014 brought some successes and some challenges for biodiesel production in Hawaii. The Big Island Biodiesel facility increased its production of high-quality biodiesel by over 50% in 2014 compared to 2013, and is still working to reach full capacity. BIB encountered unforeseen issues with processing newly sourced, highly degraded feedstocks from rendering facilities on the West Coast. Through it all, the facility consistently exceeded the national ASTM standards for biodiesel. There were phenomenal test results for water content, cold soak filterability (which tests for reduction in filter clogging ability) and glycerin content. Additionally, in 2014, BIB was granted an air permit to run its boilers completely on a by-product of its biodiesel process, resulting in greater process efficiency and a significant reduction in environmental impact. Sadly, Operations Director Mike Heinemann had to relocate back to the mainland for family reasons. Jenna Long took over as Operations Director and Tony Pastrama stepped up to fill the role of Plant Manager.

Tony Pastrama, Plant Manager, and his family fill up with biodiesel at the Keaau facility.   

BIB now looks forward to an exciting 2015! Though plummeting petroleum oil prices present yet another challenge, both BIB and Pacific Biodiesel Technology staffs continue to focus on our mission of creating the highest quality renewable fuel for our community as required by the BioWillie branding at PBT fueling stations on Maui and Hawaii Island. Continual upgrades assure that the BIB facility will be better able to deal with greater volumes of more degraded feedstocks, as well as new types of agricultural oils from Pacific Biodiesel's demonstration projects. BIB also anticipates installing a biodiesel-powered generator in 2015 to create electricity, reaching the goal of being 100% renewable energy powered.

BIB expects to increase production volumes significantly in the third quarter of 2015 in order to provide biodiesel to Hawaiian Electric Company under a new contract beginning in November. Recently the County of Hawaii issued its fuel supply RFP to include B20 as a replacement for straight fossil diesel. Additionally, as the State Legislative Session kicks off, Senator Mike Gabbard and Representative Chris Lee will both be introducing bills to provide a Production Tax Credit for locally produced biofuels and a Biodiesel Mandate for on-road diesel sold in Hawaii. It is expected these measures will again be opposed by the petroleum industry, but with support from the concerned public, environmental community and economic development officials they have a good chance of passing this year.



A Look Back at 2014


Biodiesel returns to Maalaea
Aqua Adventures first to make the switch 

Divers and crew aboard Aqua Adventures Maui are no longer breathing

petroleum exhaust when they begin their diving experience from the swim step of the vessel.  In a sign of its

commitment to recycling and to the environment, the Maui "snuba" company has switched from fossil fuel to 100% locally produced biodiesel.  For more about the return of biodiesel to Maalaea Harbor on Maui click here
Big Island Biodiesel Makes the Cover
BIB featured in Biodiesel Magazine's latest issue

Process technician Phillip Prieto, from Big Island Biodiesel, is featured on the cover of the November/December issue of Biodiesel Magazine, while other Company representatives contributed to the feature article. Click here for the complete article "Safety Your Way".  



UH Maui College Hosts Biodiesel Class
Bob King's "The Truth about Biodiesel"   
The Sustainable Living Institute of Maui at UH Maui College partnered with Pacific Biodiesel to present a two-hour class BobKing Biodiesel Class on multi-industry use of biodiesel in November.
Pacific Biodiesel President Bob King added the truths and myths about the use of biodiesel at the November class.

See more here. 


Continuing Strong in 2015


HECO opts for locally produced biofuel
Hawaiian Electric signs contract with Pacific Biodiesel

Hawaiian Electric and Pacific Biodiesel Technologies have signed a two year contract for the Maui-based biofuel company to supply a minimum of two million and up to three million gallons per year of locally produced biodiesel. ....Read more here.
Crop Research Project Continues on Hawaii Island
Sustainable community model coming together

Pacific Biodiesel Technologies is now contracted with the Hawaii Natural Energy Institute to relocate its biofuel crop research to Hawaii Island where feedstock development will be in close proximity to the Big Island Biodiesel advanced biofuel refinery. In also partnering with Rivertop Solutions in Waimea, Pacific Biodiesel will be working closely with community farmers, local ranchers (to test various meal components) and state agriculture officials. PBT employees James Twigg-Smith and Christopher Long, who had been operating the demonstration crushing mill part time, will now continue full time with the farming project and expansion of research on the nearby jatropha plantation. 


The newly funded fuel crop project will encompass multiple smaller plots of various crops being grown in areas where larger acreage is available 

The new funding will keep the crushing mill operating on a full time basis 
areas where larger acreage is available to eventually do full agronomic testing. With the instability of petroleum supply and prices, this sustainability model will be a necessity for communities around the world, utilizing local resources, creating local green jobs, supplying fuel directly to the community and providing greater energy security.


The capacity for locally produced biodiesel increased substantially with the commissioning of Big Island Biodiesel which now produces distilled fuel that well exceeds the U.S. ASTM standards for commercial biodiesel. In December the County of Hawaii released its annual fuel supply request for proposal that now calls for B20, a blend of 20% biodiesel and 80% fossil diesel, instead of pure petroleum diesel. The City and County of Honolulu has been using B20 in its fleet since 2004.


Biodiesel for The Nature Conservancy  
Another load of biodiesel scheduled for Palmyra Atoll

The Nature Conservancy continues the use of biodiesel at its Palmyra research station and also fuels its local diesel fleet on Pacific Biodiesel's sustainable, community-based renewable fuel. 

When asked about his experience with the fuel, David Sellers, Operations Manager for the organization had this to say: 
"For the last two and a half years Palmyra Atoll research station has been using biodiesel for energy production as well as boats and heavy equipment.  We started using biodiesel very cautiously as there is some misinformation surrounding biodiesel out there and we are very, very remote.  In reality we have not treated it any different from #2 petroleum diesel and have had great success operationally while also mitigating our environmental foot print.  We have not had any issues with long term storage or algae blooms inside fuel tanks etc. as some sources in the media suggest. 
"We have used the same maintenance techniques of filtering the fuel quarterly just as we have done for #2 petroleum diesel for years.  At this point we have over 20,000 hours of run time with biodiesel on our primary generator, a Northern Lights 55kW (NL445T1) with a 4 cylinder John Deere turbo charged engine, and we believe that the increased lubricity inherent in biodiesel is contributing to the high hours that we are achieving. 
"We are delighted to support the local economy in Hawaii and we appreciate the support of Pacific Biodiesel as a member of our Corporate Council for the Environment and the support they have given us to help us get off of fossil fuel.  For us biodiesel is definitely a win- win."

Aina Mo' Open for Busines
Biodiesel co-product improves 

Pacific Biodiesel's co-product soil amendment, Aina Mo™ was funded by a USDA SBIR grant and has demonstrated the feasibility of using a biodiesel production by-product to improve soil quality and to control the invasive apple snail that has ravaged the state's taro industry for the last 30 years. The research demonstrated that the product was safe for the environment and it is now available to growers in Hawaii.


A combination of compounds in the co-product resulted in good taro yields and high snail mortality rates. Cumulative mortality in apple snails was 75-83 percent for all co-product rates tested in the lab; decreased metabolism was also recorded. Yields were more than double those using conventional inputs at over 23,000lbs per acre. Visible snail damage to corms was significantly reduced in the test plots.


Lab and field tests provided application guidelines for product use as a soil amendment and snail control for wetland taro. A recyclable container model for product delivery has been developed that is environmentally sustainable and affordable for taro farmers and PBT. A Trademark was established in 2008 and a patent is pending. Aina Mo'™ was selected as a winner of the 2014 Global Agriculture Innovations Challenge in July 2014.


For more information, or to purchase the product, email us at

Congratulations to our Rising Stars 
PBT promotes from within  

Pacific Biodiesel Technologies: 
Jenna Long - Hawaii Island, Director of Operations
Mae Gauvin- Hawaii Island, Supply Chain Coordinator

Pacific Biodiesel Logistics:
Dino Mariani - Maui County Fleet Manager
Ross Matsuo - Oahu - Office Manager

Big Island Biodiesel:
Tony Pastrama - Plant Manager 
New Faces in the Biodiesel Biz
The PBT ohana welcomes new members across the state


Pacific Biodiesel Technologies: 
Bobbie Jo Ng - Hawaii Island, Customer Service Representative
Lawrence McRaven - Crushing Mill Assistant

Pacific Biodiesel Logistics:
Adrian Minobe-Nacua, Driver/Service Technician, Maui
Jamie Sistoso - Plant Operator, Oahu

Big Island Biodiesel:

Ben Jaquias, Plant Operator

Upcoming Events

March 11 - 12, 2015 - Neal Blaisdell Center 
Stop by booth #235 and visit with the Pacific Biodiesel team.  In addition to featuring PBL's waste oil recycling services, representatives will showcase PBT's premium biodiesel for use in facilities' transportation and co-generation systems.

Headquartered in Kahului, Hawaii, Pacific Biodiesel was conceived in 1995 as a response to local concerns over unmanageable quantities of waste cooking oil being dumped at the Central Maui Landfill.  Since opening and operating the very first retail biodiesel pump in America, Pacific Biodiesel has built a solid reputation as a leading pioneer in the rapidly expanding biodiesel industry. Its research and development division located in Salem, Oregon, has designed and built biodiesel plants from Hawaii to Maryland. PB is committed to the community - based biodiesel model and to our mission of promoting a clean, sustainable energy future through local production of renewable fuels.
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