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First Quarter 2014
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The Why of It
Ohana Biodiesel
Legilstaive Updates
Makai Glass
Zipping on Biodiesel
Anaerobic Digester Project
PB Logistics Routing
US/Taiwan Forum Visits BIB
Happy Biodiesel Day!
Walking the Talk
New Employees
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The Why of It
A few words from Pacific Biodiesel's new Customer Service Representative, Mae Gauvin
Aloha! I'm still a bit
Pacific Biodiesel's newest team member,
Customer Service Representative Mae Gauvin, hard at work at the Keaau Pump Station

new to this company and I just wanted to share a little bit about how I viewed Pacific Biodiesel prior to coming on board. From the outside looking in, Pacific Biodiesel exudes many positive ideas that many different people want a chance to be a part of. The transition from what I have been doing for so long (retail management) into renewable energy was a big jump for me. I was searching for someplace where I could make a difference and also something I could contribute to that would make me feel proud. Pacific Biodiesel is the perfect place to do both. The leadership style here is what stands out the most. I've never worked for a company that gives a positive sense of purpose to everyone. That includes the people who work here as well as the customers who come to purchase the biodiesel made here. I was inspired by a TedTalk I viewed recently that explained the reasons behind effective leadership. The man in the video said, "people don't buy WHAT you do, they buy WHY you do it." This is a powerful statement that I can get behind and it made me think immediately about Pacific Biodiesel. My excitement for "why" I do what I do here is very profound because it is what my leadership team teaches every day.

Hope to see you at the pump!

~Mae Gauvin

Ohana Fuels Station Opens in Lahaina
New station offers B100 & B20 to grateful customers 
PB's Rob Robinson fills up the company Jeep with B100 at the Ohana Fuels Station Grand Opening on December 7th
Biodiesel is now available in Lahaina at Maui Petroleum's newest Ohana Fuels Station. Located at Lahaina Minit Stop at 10 Kupuohi Street, the station is the first ever to offer  biodiesel in West Maui. B100 and B20 blends are both available.

"We are grateful to the fuel distributors who are taking positive steps toward a greener tomorrow by offering renewable fuels in their product mix," noted Beth Mathias, Director of Sales and Marketing at Pacific Biodiesel. "Our West Maui customers are excited to finally have biodiesel available nearby."

In addition to the newest Maui Ohana Fuels location, Pacific Biodiesel sells both B100 and B20 at our 40 Hobron Avenue, Kahului station and B20 is available at Paia Chevron.

For more information about biodiesel and where it is sold on other islands, please contact Director of Sales and Marketing, Beth Mathias at 808-877-3144.

State and Federal Legislative Updates
House Bill 2060 and Senate Bill 2197


This year we are again tracking proposed Hawaii state legislation which would create a state Biofuels Production Tax Credit. It has been submitted as companion bills SB2197 and HB2060. This legislation is important as it supports the expansion of the local biofuels industry and strengthens our state renewable energy goals. Both bills are moving through the process and we expect soon they will be consolidated into one bill, but we still have a way to go and the continuing support by employees, customers, investors and other supporters of sustainable renewable fuels has been truly extraordinary. 


The general sense in the U.S. biodiesel industry is that the Federal Excise Tax credit will be reinstated later this year. The good news is that Senator Ron Wyden of Oregon is now Chair of the Finance Committee and understands the importance of biodiesel to our environment, our economy and our energy security goals. Read more about Senator Wyden's position at: 


To read more on the biodiesel tax credit included in proposed tax extender package: 


For information on how to testify in support of locally produced, sustainable biodiesel in Hawaii, visit our Facebook Page!  

Makai Glass - A Commitment to Sustainability
Glass blowing extraordinaire brings the heat with biodiesel on Maui

When Justin Brown and Randy Schaffer decided to open a glass blowing facility in Haliʻimaile, Maui, they wanted to make their operation as sustainable as possible. Renowned for their unique sculptures inspired by the sea and volcanic formations, these artisans are creating a lot of buzz.


Owner Justin Brown uses the biodiesel powered furnace, which runs 24/7 on 100% biodiesel.

Brown, who drives a biodiesel-powered car, and his partner were

committed to using renewable energy to run both the gallery and the production facility. They now use B100 to power the industrial generator that runs a converted electric furnace. Inside, the ceramic oven contains molten glass which is kept at 2220 F, the same temperature as lava.  

"It may be a bit more expensive at times, but renewable energy is important to us," stated Brown. "The next step would be to farm our own oilseed crops and get Pacific Biodiesel to turn it into fuel for us. Now that would be sustainable!" 


Makai Glass is located at: 903 Haliimaile Rd, Makawao 96768
Open gallery and live glass blowing Monday - Friday 11 AM - 6 PM
For more information, visit their website at 

Zipping Along on Biodiesel!
Skyline Eco-Adventures operates vehicles on biodiesel

After a long wait, Skyline Eco-Aventures' new military transport vehicles have arrived! Last year, when General Manager Erik McLellan called Pacific Biodiesel, he wanted to make sure he could get B100 for the new vehicles he was purchasing for their Ka'anapali zipline operation.  Happily, plans were already underway for the new Lahaina Ohana Station, operated by the Hawaii Fueling network, to offer biodiesel.     


Skykine Eco-Adventures' passenger transport vehicle perched atop West Maui.

These 19-passenger

vehicles are designed with 6-wheel drive so guests can be shuttled from Skyline Eco Adventures' Ka'anapali store into the rugged valleys of Mount Kahalawai in West Maui. "This area is so beautiful and we want to preserve this special environment", said company rep. Gwen Arkin. "Biodiesel is a perfect fuel for us. Not only does the reduction in emissions help the air quality, our guests and guides don't have to put up with smelly diesel fumes."


Skyline Eco-Adventures' mission includes the preservation and perpetuation of the island's unique land and culture. In addition to using locally produced biodiesel, the company has donated hundreds of thousands of dollars to conservation groups and reforested thousands of native trees and plants. Pacific Biodiesel is thrilled to produce the fuel that is helping this company fulfill its mission.
Anaerobic Digester Project Changes the Way We Think of Waste
Renewable energy the focus of unique UH, Pacific Biodiesel partnership

Researchers from the Hawaii Natural Energy Institute (HNEI) at the University of Hawaii are working with Pacific Biodiesel to develop a way to make water from restaurant grease traps reusable. The collaboration is an example of a new type of partnership between local businesses and the state's public university.

"It is kind of a novel incubator way to bridge technology from the university into industry and vice versa," Michael Cooney a researcher at HNEI. 
Michael Cooney, a researcher with the UH Mānoa Hawaiʻi Natural Energy Institute, in his lab

Wastewater from dishwashing and cleaning kitchens would clog sewer lines because of the oil content. Restaurants are required to have grease traps to prevent this from happening and companies like Pacific Biodiesel remove and transport that wastewater to sewer plants. There is a higher fee to dispose of this wastewater since it takes more energy to treat.

Pacific Biodiesel prefers to recycle the grease trap water, which is 
better for the environment, increases the company's bottom line and reduces grease trap service fees for restaurants.

The technology HNEI are developing is technology that could have a global impact on the wastewater industry.

For the full article and a video with more information about anaerobic digestion and the partnership between UH and Pacific Biodiesel, visit: 

Pacific Biodiesel Logistics Rolls Out New Routing System
Increased customer service and efficiency the goal for the new routes

Always striving to improve customer service, Pacific Biodiesel Logistics has been rolling out a statewide routing software program. The goal of this new system is to enhance customer satisfaction through PBL's clean, reliable and sustainable waste oil collection services to restaurants and hotels on all islands. The system will also maximize the efficiency of each driver by customizing service for each food service location.  Continuously updated information is accessible to dispatch, sales and service teams, and translates to optimized collections during the most convenient times for customers.  

Pacific Biodiesel Director of Operations Michael Heinemann is excited about the new program. "This program will allow the company to expand on its excellent service for waste oil recycling throughout the state while decreasing miles driven and increasing our levels of service and growth. The more effective we are with our collections, the more biodiesel is available for use in our community."
US/Taiwan Energy Forum Visits Hilo
PBT hosts group from Taiwan interested in learning about renewable energy and community-based model

Pacific Biodiesel's Crushing Facility Manager Jamie Twigg-Smith, Crushing Mill Operator Chris Long and President Robert King (L-R), hosted a tour for the US/Taiwan Bi-lateral Forum on March 13, 2014. The tour was organized by Patrick Cross, Senior Project Specialist for the Hawaii Natural Energy Institute at UH Manoa, who was introducing the idea of alternative fuel to his associates from Taiwan.
National Biodiesel Day
Pacific Biodiesel and Big Island Biodiesel employees celebrate the holiday

Big Island Biodiesel Production Supervisor
Tony Pastrama and his family






















Pacific Biodiesel Technologies' Crushing Facility Manager
Jamie Twigg-Smith 
Big Island Biodiesel Plant Operator Doug Olds and his family


Thinking about biodiesel for your vehicle?  

Call Fuel Sales at: 808-280-5947   

Walking the Talk
Pacific Biodiesel's Director of Sales and Marketing, Beth Mathias, is powered by biodiesel


Finally! My very own biodiesel car!

From the first day I started work at Pacific Biodiesel, I've had my eye out for the perfect car to run on our renewable fuel. Easier said than done. I soon realized that there aren't that many passenger diesel cars available here on Maui, let alone diesel vehicles that fit my 4'10" frame and have a manual transmission. I thought a VW bug would be the perfect car but I discovered I'd have to have my legs lengthened in order to get the clutch engaged.


I'm happy to report that a couple of weeks ago I purchased a 2004 VW Jetta TDI. It was within budget and has a remarkably adjustable driver's seat and steering wheel! I'm thrilled to be fueling up with the best biodiesel available in the world and personally helping to reduce Hawaii's dependence on imported petroleum.  


It's a pleasure to say that I use our B100 in my own car and know that by doing so I am supporting the company's mission and the entire Pacific Biodiesel team.

Pacific Biodiesel Hires New Director of Operations
Michael Heinemann joins the team with years of experience in biodiesel production


PB Technologies' new Director of Operations Michael Heinemann 

Pacific Biodiesel Technologies and

Big Island Biodiesel are proud to  introduce our new Director of Operations, Michael Heinemann. Michael comes to Pacific Biodiesel with over 13 years of management experience and is well versed in quality control measures, raw material procurement and finished goods sold to customers. He began his work at Pacific Biodiesel's Oahu office in November of 2013 and has since moved to Hilo to focus on production at Big Island Biodiesel.


"For several years I have watched the growth and leadership of Pacific Biodiesel Technologies," said Heinemann. "The leadership comes from a team that is, and has been committed to an industry that strives to show a positive change in our nation's energy policy and way of thinking," Heinemann added. "I am very proud to be part of a team that is so rich with talent and passion, and holds a common core set of values for our country's future."


As production continues to ramp up at BIB every month, Michael plays a crucial role in ensuring that operations run smoothly at the 5.5 million gallon per year facility. Michael is also tasked with managing feedstock collection operations on Maui, Oahu and Hawaii Island and will soon be overseeing fuel sales.  


Pacific Biodiesel President Bob King is excited to have Michael join the team. "The Pacific Biodiesel and Big Island Biodiesel teams are looking forward to tapping into Michael's expertise in biodiesel production and grease collection," said King.  

Employees Joining the Biodiesel Team
BIB, PBT and PBL Welcome New Faces This Quarter

With the increase in shifts, many new employees have joined the BIB team, along with some new faces for PB Logistics and PB Technologies.

Big Island Biodiesel:
Danny Aoki - Plant Operator, Keaau
Ricky Brodo - Plant Operator, Keaau
Mason Garcia - Plant Operator, Keaau
Alfred Leung - Plant Operator, Keaau
Hunter Willett - Plant Operations Assistant, Keaau

Pacific Biodiesel Logistics:
Raydante Garo - Operations Assistant, Maui

Pacific Biodiesel Technologies:
Mae Gauvin - Customer Service Representative, Keaau

Headquartered in Kahului, Hawaii, Pacific Biodiesel was conceived in 1995 as a response to local concerns over unmanageable quantities of waste cooking oil being dumped at the Central Maui Landfill.  Since opening and operating the very first retail biodiesel pump in America, Pacific Biodiesel has built a solid reputation as a leading pioneer in the rapidly expanding biodiesel industry. Its research and development division located in Salem, Oregon, has designed and built biodiesel plants from Hawaii to Maryland. PB is committed to the community - based biodiesel model and to our mission of promoting a clean, sustainable energy future through local production of renewable fuels.
For more information please visit our website at:
or contact Beth Mathias at:
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