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October 2013  
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Service is Key to PBL
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Pacific Biodiesel Celebrates Top 25 Most Influential Status

Pacific Business News hosted their 50th Anniversary Gala on Thursday October 26th at the Hilton Hawaiian Village. The event recognized the most influential businesses and business people of the last 50 years. Pacific Biodiesel was one of only two energy companies on the Most Influential Business list.

We were extremely honored and humbled to be recognized among the giants of business and industry in our state.  It's both a heavy weight and heartfelt duty to carry our mission of community-based renewable energy and know that folks are counting on us to continue to influence Hawaii's environmental and economic future.  ~ Bob and Kelly King

We're Nuts About Sustainability
Pacific Biodiesel and Hawaii Pure Plant Oil host agriculture tour on Hawaii Island

On October 10, 2013, Pacific Biodiesel, Big Island Biodiesel (BIB) and Hawaii Pure Plant Oil (HIPPO) hosted a tour to exhibit the community- based biofuel production model that is developing on Hawaii Island -- a model that undeniably supports green jobs, local agriculture, the livestock industry and the community.


Guests representing various facets of the local community attended the event, from State legislators to farmers, ranchers and biodiesel

fuel consumers. Among those in attendance were State Senators Russell Ruderman and Gilbert Kahele and State Representative Richard Onishi, as well as a staffer from the office of Rep. Suzanne Chun Oakland. 



With many of the pieces now in place, farmers, ranchers and biofuel producers hope to garner State support of this expanding community-based production chain. State and Federal support will foster more local farming, ranching, production jobs and the involvement of the local community in sustainable, renewable energy creation, growing the local economy, keeping Hawaii green and working to achieve the State's clean energy goals. The tour was comprised of three segments.


The model starts with farming.


The Hawaii Pure Plant Oil (HIPPO) farm was founded in 2008 by father and son team Christian and Jamie Twigg-Smith who planted a total of 200 acres of Jatropha Curcas with the intent of harvesting its seeds and extracting the oil for biodiesel production. Now, five years after the farm's inception, the Twigg-Smiths have formed a direct collaboration with Pacific Biodiesel Technologies (PBT) under its federally funded Hawaii Military Biofuel Crop (HMBC) project. The project involves developing production models for jatropha and other potential biofuel crops such as sunflower, safflower and camelina, to share with potential biofuel crop growers throughout the state.


The missing link - a commercial crushing facility - has now begun to create the potential for biofuel farming by providing the processing to take biomass from field to fuel.  


Seed crushing in Hawaii is made possible by HMBC's recently installed seed crushing mill - the first of its kind in the State - which has the capability to process a wide variety of seeds and nuts from sunflower and soy bean to jatropha and kukui. Waste agriculture  

such as unusable macadamia nuts has also been incorporated at the request of local farming operations that are hoping to expand the market for their less-than-perfect produce. The by-product of this crush is a high protein meal that is already being sought after by ranchers as a feed supplement for Hawaii's livestock industry.


State of the art biodiesel production creates exceptional quality biodiesel.


Oil from crops crushed at the mill is sent next door to PBT's newest biodiesel production facility, Big Island Biodiesel (BIB). The facility boasts multi-feedstock processing technology as well as high vacuum distillation that enables production of the highest quality biodiesel in the world. By-products of the biodiesel refining process, such as glycerin, can be utilized locally in various applications.


Dirty Jobs and Pearly Whites
Pacific Biodiesel Logistics's drivers pride themselves on impeccable service in a very greasy industry
Tip of the day: "When smiling while pumping a grease trap, keep your teeth clenched together." - Ferd Ballesteros, Service Technician, PBL Maui

With production at Big Island Biodiesel ramped up to 24 hours a day, seven days a week, the demand for biodiesel feedstock at the facility is at an all time high. Thanks to the tireless and some may say, brave, efforts of Pacific Biodiesel Logistics' drivers, thousands of gallons of feedstock flow into the plant every single day -- a daily grind that is a lot messier than most. Despite the early hours and messy work, PBL drivers keep on smiling.

Here are some comments we've recently received about a few of our drivers:
"Ferdinand (pictured above right) was smiling the entire time he was servicing the grease trap. Thank you, and especially Ferd, for having such a professional and positive attitude while doing his job." 
- Colonel Patty, ROTC Baldwin High School  

"We wish to commend the technician, Armando, and his co-worker for their service in helping with an emergency call of overflowing grease trap. Armando and his co-worker were efficient, knew exactly what to
PBL Service Provider Armando Laronal
do, and given it was an emergency Saturday evening call, they were very pleasant and helpful.  He was able to explain what occurred, why and next steps. They power-hosed the area and helped us clean off the loading zone so that all was properly restored. We were deeply appreciative of his service and we appreciated the quick dispatch by Pacific Biodiesel.  We were so fortunate our Executive Director was able to reach your dispatch who responded in a very timely manner. Armando and his co-worker are to be commended for a fine job." 
- Lemongrass Cafe, Oahu   

"I want to compliment one of your employees. Yesterday morning in front of the Ohia, while my family and I were waiting in the dark for a tour bus, one of your employees was pumping out the old cooking oil.
When PBL investigated this location, the driver was identified as Rey Miguel.
The smell was bad and people walking by were cursing and complaining. Your employee was very tolerant of them. As he walked by us he spoke and wished us a good morning. I'm sure we looked lost and as he was leaving he asked if we needed any help. He was the only person to speak or offer help to us that we were not paying or was not trying to sell us something during our stay on Oahu. Your employee did not have the best or easiest job but he was cheerful and helpful. I don' know his name but if you do please let him know that he made our day by his kindness!" 
 - Visitor to Oahu
Keeping an Eye on a Snail's Pace
PBT's Penny Levin continues to help monitor a potential  slimy problem on Molokai
Earlier this year, a single, mature female apple snail, Pomacea canaliculata, was positively identified on Molokai, the only apple snail-free island in Hawaii (except for Kahoolawe). The unintentional introduction caused great concern to taro growers who know well how much damage the snails can cause. This month, Penny Levin, apple snail control specialist and Pacific Biodiesel's Project Manager for the 'Aina Mo' project joined Lori Buchanan, head of the Molokai Invasive Species Committee (MoMISC) and Molokai taro farmers in a survey of remote Wailau Valley to determine if this aggressive pest had established itself in the valley. Penny also provided taro growers with information on how to identify the snail, reduce the chance for further introductions, as well as how to eradicate and control the spread of new populations. She is happy to report that no additional snails were found and that Wailau is apple snail-free - a big relief for all!

Customer Feature: Marco Mangelsdorf
Long time biodiesel customer's fleet surpasses eight years on B100

Marco Mangelsdorf, owner of ProVision Solar, began using biodiesel in 2005 when the company bought its first diesel truck. They received tote loads of B100 for their Big Island vehicles. Currently, the Big Island fleet consists of three Dodge Rams and two Dodge Sprinter Vans.  


Marco has been in the renewable energy field since 1978. "

We are proud to be the only solar electric firm in the state operating our work vehicles on 100 percent locally produced biodiesel," said Mangelsdorf.  



Since starting with biodiesel in 2005, ProVision Solar has pumped over 16,000 gallons of fuel. "We made the switch not only because it smells better than diesel," he said, "but I also wanted the company to 'walk the clean energy walk'. " 

Pacific Biodiesel Technologies would like to thank Marco and the entire team at ProVision Solar for their commitment to renewable, sustainable community-based biodiesel.  


Thinking about biodiesel for your fleet?  

Call 808-280-5947   

Big Island Biodiesel Begins 24/7 Operation
PBT and PBL also Welcome New Faces

Big Island Biodiesel (BIB) recently came online 24/7. The plant produced its highest amount of fuel to date in September as Plant Manager John Griffith continues to oversee the expansion of production to an annual capacity of over 5 million gallons per year. With the increase in shifts, many new employees have joined the BIB team, along with some new faces for Pacific Biodiesel Logistics and PB Technologies. We are thrilled to announce:

Benjamin Buckles - BIB Plant Operator
Jason DeKemper - BIB Plant Operator
George Graciidis - BIB Plant Operator
Charles Moller - BIB Plant Operator
Jonathan Moreno - BIB Plant Operator
Waika Oliver - BIB Plant Operator
Tony Pastrama - BIB Plant Supervisor
Michael Sidman - BIB Plant Operator
Jason Quenga - PBL Driver, Big Island
Chris Long - PBT Crushing Mill

Headquartered in Kahului, Hawaii, Pacific Biodiesel was conceived in 1995 as a response to local concerns over unmanageable quantities of waste cooking oil being dumped at the Central Maui Landfill.  Since opening and operating the very first retail biodiesel pump in America, Pacific Biodiesel has built a solid reputation as a leading pioneer in the rapidly expanding biodiesel industry. Its research and development division located in Salem, Oregon, has designed and built biodiesel plants from Hawaii to Maryland. PB is committed to the community - based biodiesel model and to our mission of promoting a clean, sustainable energy future through local production of renewable fuels.
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