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July 2013  
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Pacific Business News Top 25
AD Unit Installed at Sand Island
Aina Mo` Taste Test
2013 Biofuels Workforce Summit
HMBC Crushing Mill Sets Sail
Distillation Attracts New Customers
Pacific Biodiesel Promotions
HFUU Unites for Independence Day
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Pacific Biodiesel

Pacific Business News Announces
Top Companies
Pacific Biodiesel named as one of 25 Most Influential Businesses in Hawaii in 50 years

Last summer at this time we were dedicating the new Big Island Biodiesel plant and celebrating Energy Independence Day. This year we were recently surprised and thrilled to learn that Pacific Biodiesel has been named by Pacific Business News as one of the Top 25 Most Influential Companies in Hawaii for the past 50 years! As one of only two energy companies on the list, it is quite an honor and also shows that we are making an impact with our sustainable, community-based model.  Many supporters have helped in that impact and we share this recognition and our gratitude with you.     


CLICK HERE to view an article published on June 14 that discusses the process PBN used for determining the companies and individuals named as most influential. Below is a complete list of those individuals and businesses chosen for this recognition. Thank you all for your support of local, sustainable, renewable fuel!


-Kelly King, Vice President


High Rate Anaerobic Digester Installed at Sand Island facility
Clean water 10x faster!
Installation of a High Rate Anaerobic Digester (HRAD) at the Sand Island, Oahu biodiesel plant site was completed this week. Pacific Biodiesel Technologies  partnered with the Hawaii Natural Energy Institute (HNEI) at the University of Hawaii at Manoa to design, build and install this system to evaluate new technology for treating trap grease material faster than previous methods. Grease trap contents can be separated into three immiscible phases: solids, an aqueous phase rich in organic contaminants and a water insoluble phase comprised primarily of fats, oils and greases (FOG). With this technology in place, Pacific Biodiesel is able to recover the oil for use as a sustainable feedstock for biodiesel production. The HRAD project provides for fast, cost effective and environmentally appropriate disposal of the aqueous phase (the largest portion of grease trap waste).

Aina Mo'First Taste Test Passes Muster
PBT soil amendment good for farmers and tasty taro

The Aina Mo' project just passed its 10 month mark of lab and field trials and preliminary results are promising. PBT's Aina Mo' Project was prompted by long-time members of Hawaii's taro farming community and has been developing a soil conditioner for wetland taro, and potentially for rice farming as well, from the local biodiesel processing by-product. Taro farmers are seeking more organic, locally-sourced soil amendments, particularly in areas where the crops are threatened by the apple snail, Pomacea canaliculata.

Since the project began, taro fields being tested have received a s
ingle application of Aina Mo' prior to planting and have had no other additions, not even conventional fertilizers. Plant growth has been steady and the vigor of the Moi taro has been excellent throughout.  Water quality tests show that the biofuel co-product and its nutrient components are almost undetectable soon after water is released from the field units.  Fish, dragonfly nymphs and water birds remain active in and around the field units after application of Aina Mo'. These are indicators that Aina Mo' is likely to have a negligible or no impact on the environment.


PBT marked a milestone in the study with the harvest of almost 300 pounds of Maui Lehua taro this month. Corm weights were slightly less than under conventional fertilization but maintained their standard density, a highly desirable condition for taro intended for poi


The team made a test batch of poi to evaluate whether Aina Mo' had any impact on flavor, texture, gumminess or density. Five initial tasters who rated the quality of the poi gave it a high score and a thumbs up!    

- Penny Levin, Aina Mo' Project Manager 

2013 Biofuels Workforce Summit
Oahu event highlighted benefits of the biodiesel industry on economy and green jobs in Hawaii
Photo Courtesy of Darren Miller Photography

Pacific Biodiesel hosted conference attendees at PBT's Sand Island facility in Honolulu. The event educated attendees on pathways for careers in the biofuels industry.

to watch a video about Pacific Biodiesel's contribution to the Hawaii's green energy workforce.


Crushing Mill Sets Sail 

HMBC preparing for the arrival of seed crushing facility in Keaau   


The next phase of the Hawaii Military Biofuel Crop project has officially set sail! Three containers full of seed crushing equipment have left PBT's fabrication warehouse in Salem, Oregon and are scheduled to arrive in Hilo the first week of July. During July and August, the crushing facility will be installed and wired with an expected first crush date in late August. This facility will have the capacity to process up to 20 tons of oil seed or nuts 

per day, including macadamia, kukui, camelina, safflower, sunflower 

Safflower demonstration crop on
Oahu's North Shore

and soybean.  


In the meantime, PBT has been stockpiling camelina seeds and discarded macadamia nuts, and anticipates harvesting 15,000 pounds of jatropha, 10,000 pounds of soybeans and 18,000 pounds of safflower seed.  


Distilled Biodiesel Attracts High Profile Diesel Consumers  

DHX among new fleet customers experiencing premium clear biodiesel at PBT's Maui pump station 


Distillation of biodiesel under high vacuum is a new approach to addressing the shortcomings of traditional biodiesel refining techniques when dealing with highly degraded feedstock. The biodiesel produced with the new process at Big Island Biodiesel is an extremely pure fuel - the highest quality biodiesel ever produced in the U.S.  


Due to this advanced technology and the efficiency of Big Island Biodiesel, laboratory test results from BIB distilled product "have been astounding," according to PBT President Bob King. King noted that the fuel quality is exceeding all of the individual biodiesel test benchmarks required to meet the American Society of Testing & Materials (ASTM) D6751 biodiesel standard. For example, the ASTM limit for sulfur content is 15 parts per million max and in one particular batch of fuel from BIB, sulfur content tested at 0.9 parts per million. The ASTM limit for total glycerin is 0.240 % of mass max and BIB fuel tested at 0.011 % of mass. These remarkable results were for biodiesel produced from a mixture of used cooking oil and grease trap oil with a 65% free fatty acid (FFA) content.  


Customer reaction to the increase in fuel quality has been impressive, especially on the part of fuel distributors and large fleet operators. Dependable Hawaiian Express (DHX) is among new Maui customer fleets that are now running on B20 biodiesel at PBT's Kahului, Maui fueling station. DHX is a great example of a local business with an environmental plan, reducing its dependence on foreign oil by operating office buildings on solar power and using

biodiesel in 20 of their trucks.  


Biodiesel is working for other diesel users throughout the State of  
Hawaii such as the City & County of Honolulu, Maui Recycling Services, Arizona Memorial shuttle boats, Pacific Coast Trucking and Fair Winds Big Island Ocean Guides.  
Plethora of Promotions
Pacific Biodiesel promotes three employees

Jenna Long
Supply Chain Manager

Jenna Long was selected for Pacific Biodiesel's first Supply Chain Manager position. This key position covers a wide range of responsibilities including material planning, feedstock procurement, tracking tanker movements, inventory control, and distribution. As PBT's former Fuel Sales Manager, Jenna was intimately involved in many of these duties and has proven highly qualified for the position.
As the Big Island Biodiesel (BIB) plant ramps up production, this newly created position will coordinate PBL, BIB, and PBT resources to ensure maximum efficiency in the supply chain process.  Director of Sales & Marketing Beth Mathias has taken over the Fuel Sales Manager responsibilities.    

Dino Mariani
Supply Chain Coordinator

Dino Mariani joined the team at Pacific Biodiesel in 2010 as a Plant Operator. He was later promoted to Operations Assistant and is now the Supply Chain Coordinator. In his new position, Dino will be responsible for coordinating and tracking inventory shipment between the islands while continuing to work closely with the operations department on day to day collections and deliveries.

Erin Wooldridge
Marketing Administrator

Erin Wooldridge has been with the PBT team just over a year as Marketing Assistant. In her new position as Marketing Administrator, Erin will be responsible for contract management and administration for both Pacific Biodiesel Technologies and Pacific Biodiesel Logistics in addition to coordinating outreach events and managing the companies website and social media.   

Farmer's Unite for Independence
Pacific Biodiesel offering fuel discount in July 
Pacific Biodiesel loves farmers! In an effort to help local farmers with their environmental impact and their fuel costs, Pacific Biodiesel is offering a month long discount on biodiesel at our Maui and Hawaii Island pump stations to members of the Hawaii Farmers Union United. The celebration of Independence Day means energy independence as well, and locally produced renewable energy will benefit the whole community even more if the folks who grow our food use it.  The ten cent discount off the pump price is for B100 pump sales for the entire month of July and is offered to all members of the HFUU.  Join now and support local, healthy food and fuel!! CLICK HERE to sign up today!

Headquartered in Kahului, Hawaii, Pacific Biodiesel was conceived in 1995 as a response to local concerns over unmanageable quantities of waste cooking oil being dumped at the Central Maui Landfill.  Since opening and operating the very first retail biodiesel pump in America, Pacific Biodiesel has built a solid reputation as a leading pioneer in the rapidly expanding biodiesel industry. Its research and development division located in Salem, Oregon, has designed and built biodiesel plants from Hawaii to Maryland. PB is committed to the community - based biodiesel model and to our mission of promoting a clean, sustainable energy future through local production of renewable fuels.
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